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NO ****ING WAY! - #FreeTibet is a 🤡 cover!!!! #OverTheTarget #DalaiLama received $$$ from sex trafficker #KeithRaniere of #NXIVM, owned by the #Bronfman’s & had a similar scarf ceremony with #Hillary & #DiFiChiSpy #DianneWeinstein wowzas!
OMG, #Obama, #NancyPelosi, #PaulRyan, #LadyGaga, #RichardBlum. #China was ALWAYS their vehicle to push the one world order. This is why they sold us out to #China since Bushes-Clinton-Obama presidencies. Subversion. 😳
Looks like those trips to the #CCP are really paying off for the Chinese. @realDonaldTrump reversed the huge inroads made by the #CCP since 1990. Sold out quite literally with the sole intent to tank the #UnitedStates while they control the world threw China’s totalitarian model.
Smack dab in the middle of #Hillary’s stint as #SecretaryOfState this travesty happened. They were selling SAPs off her unsecured server like the locations of CIA operatives. No coincidence they all died in China during this period.
This makes #JoeBiden’s candidacy extremely risky as his son is embroiled in a massive scandal where his business partnership w/ the #BankOfChina just invested in a company whose employee was just arrested for selling nuclear technology to the #CCP!
Harvard bigwig #CharlesLieber, who was also arrested earlier this year for assisting the #CCP has a patent which can fire killer viruses out of a nano-canon. What country did #Covid19 come from? China! #DOD & #DARPA funded 9 of his patents. Coincidence? 😬
I’m not sure if my brain can handle this revelation right now. So #CharlesLieber came up with the concept of neural lace that #ElonMusk is trying at #NeuroLink. This is their attempt at merging the human brain to the Internet of things. DARPA>China!
If anybody wants to know why none of this is on the “news” is because those people in the thread above...that sex trafficking #Bronfman family & the #CCP own huge positions in the #MSM. Are things making sense yet? It’s time to #WakeUp & tell your friends.
Yikes, Nancy looks...not well in her ceremony. Puts #California into perspective as many of us already have known w/ #GavinNewsom being related to Nancy & the Getty family. This is #DomesticTerrorism. Is there any question who they work for now?
Thx fren
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