Rawlinson's quotes about "production hell," saying that rapid innovation is important early but you need to embrace process as you approach production, is exactly what I was talking about in #LudicrousTheBook: the companies that balance tech and manufacturing cultures will win. https://twitter.com/JCOviedo6/status/1305159855506944002
A lot of recent Nikola critiques prove that people are still focused on technology as if it's the only thing that matters. Inventions are not even half the battle in the car game. Turning inventions into innovations is where things get hard, and that requires a different culture.
Thinking that inventions are what matters is asking to be taken by scammers. People fake technology/inventions all the time. It's almost impossible to fake a strong industrial system. Anyone with experience can tell from your factory parking lot if operations are a mess.
But of course nobody listens to people with industrial experience because they are metal-bending dinosaurs who don't understand that it's all about technology now.

Until you want to build large volumes, and by then you can't get your culture to embrace process to save the firm.
For the folks mouthing the words as they read:

New technology = invention.

Industrializing new technology = innovation.

There is a huge difference. Learn it before you make a fool of yourself.
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