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1) Now that frauds like Suburban Swamy and @nileshoak are getting widely exposed, one thing is becoming clear. If any crooked charlatan wants to gain a large Hindu following and also make money easily, there's any easy trick (contd)
(contd) All he needs to do is to condemn the "Aryan Invasion Theory".

Coming up with insane dates for antiquity of Hindu civilisation is an added bonus.

Gullible Hindus will queue up in the thousands to give their attention and money to any such frauds.
2. Vedanta and Bhakti have served their purpose for survival of Hindus. Slowly they're becoming outdated and becoming a burden. Unfortunately, over the last 100-200 years, a lot of "Sarva Garam Vada pav" movements have arisen out of Vedanta and Bhakti saints (contd)
(contd) Gandhi, RK Mission and other neo-Hindu movements and Gurus have promoted & are promoting sarva garam nonsense. This makes Hindu survival harder because it reduces the natural suspicion Hindus might have about the predatory Abrahamic cults. (contd)
(contd) Perhaps the time to revive karmakanda rituals on a mass scale is now. Ritualistic Hinduism makes people mentally sharp. There is not much escapism from the world in the name of Vedanta or being emotional "slaves" in the name of Bhakti. (contd)
(contd). Ritualists like Kumarila Bhatta were the ones who defeated the Buddhist nastika menace which threatened to destabilize Hindu society in the early medieval times
3) Threads on the history of ancient ancestry of Hindus. Much of this might make most Hindu nationalists uncomfortable. There is a need to acknowledge uncomfortable truths and assimilate them. Hindus will become stronger for having done so.
4) Over the years, AIT has been weaponised by various forces to create non-stop anti-Hindu propaganda. But this is not enough reason for Hindus to drop AIT. The anti-Hindu propaganda mainly comes from political forces and they need to be given a political answer. (contd).
(contd) No need for Hindus to spend countless hours coming up with "refutations" of AIT just because AIT is used by enemies. If a mosquito is biting our leg, we don't cut off our leg. The anti-Hindu political forces need a political solution, not intellectual gymnastics (contd)
(contd) Just examining the intellectual damage AIT has done, it is quite minimal. There may be some obscure Marxist justifying lsIamic and British colonialism based on AIT. But no one takes it seriously. Biggest damage by AIT is on political & cultural scenes. (contd)
(contd) How to politically defeat the various assorted anti-Hindu forces? Already, 5 years of Modi government has greatly weakened these forces. Modi must rule for more terms and Hindutva must become the ideology of India replacing secularism. This is politics (contd)
(contd) In cultural field, high quality Hindu Rashtra themed films and TV need to become the new standard. Other culture like dance, drama, music must also be promoted. Political activism should be banned for academics, students and teachers. This is how culture is won (contd)
(contd) Those who have profited most from playing AIT politics are Dravidian chauvinists, anti-Hindu Ambedkarites, missionaries, leftists etc. Hindus need to politically & culturally defeat these forces. Instead, Hindus spend 10000s hours intellectually "refuting" AIT. (contd)
(contd) If based on the evidence, AIT has been confirmed to be the most valid explanation, Hindus should grasp it and intellectually assimilate it into the Hindutva narrative. If AIT is confirmed to be wrong, still no harm done. Hindutva does not rise or fall based on AIT.
Rig Veda 3.2.20 talks of old and new hymns that are addressed to the Deva, Agni. Agniis described as the Ancient One. The sacrifices are offered to Jatavedas (Agni) who establishes himself in all those who are born.
This indicates that Vedic verses were not viewed as static or unchanging during the Vedic age. The mantras evolved with newer hymns replacing old ones. It might be that, after Veda Vyasa arranged the Vedas into 4, the mantras became the "apaurusheya" frozen form we know of today
5) There is one feature common to both the mleccha Indologists and the Hindutva anti-AIT crowd. Both implicitly assume that the coming of the Aryans was a negative, destructive event which ended the urban civilisation of the Harappan Sindhu-Sarasvati Valley. (contd)
(contd) The mleccha Indologists besmirch the Aryans as a "destructive" force. But the Hindutva anti-AIT activists want to divert the attention from such baseless accusations. So, they deny that any Aryans ever invaded! Instead, they claim that Aryans originated in India. (contd)
(contd) But there is a 3rd alternative view which is actually supported by the archaeological, linguistic and genetic evidence. It is likely that certain factions of the Harappans actively collaborated with the Aryans and facilitated the invasions. (contd)
(contd) This means that the Aryan invasion actually positively contributed to the development and growth of the late Sindhu-Sarasvati civilisation. After the drying of the Sarasvati, the old Western urban centers collapsed, marking the end of the Bronze Age. (contd)
(contd) The center then shifted East towards the fertile Ganga-Yamuna region by around 1000 BCE. This marks the beginning of the Iron Age. The archaelogical remains of the Sindhu-Sarasvati does not show any large-scale destruction, although this is not conclusive evidence (contd)
(contd) Indo-Aryan borrowed many words like karpasa from the old extinct languages of the Sindhu-Sarasvati. The Jati system might have been a feature of the Harappan society. The Aryans introduced the Varna system. DNA evidence shows that most Indians have mixed heritage (contd)
(contd) The maternal lineage of nearly all Indians, indicated by the mitochondrial DNA, has not changed for more than 10,000 years. However, there is a distinct paternal lineage for many Indians. This is indicated by R1a Y-chromosomal DNA. (contd)
(contd) This lineage is more pronounced in Indo-Aryan speakers. But this paternal lineage is also seen in Dravidian speakers, indicating that there was always intermixing among these groups. This paternal lineage is commonly seen in other Eurasian populations too. (contd)
(contd) This paternal lineage is dated from about 4500 years before present. This is consistent with the commonly accepted date of the Aryan invasion. Given all these factors, the Aryan invasion appears to have greatly strengthened the late Sindhu-Sarasvati civilisation. (contd)
(contd) After the the Sarasvati dried, the Harappan urban centers collapsed as the populations moved East towards the Ganga plain. But a cultural continuity was maintained. The Harappan languages wither became extinct or might have moved south in the form of Dravidian (contd)
(contd) The living Hindu civilisation of today thus has diverse contributions from both the Aryan and the Harappan cultures. This remarkable cultural and religious continuity is further proof that the coming of the Aryans to India was a net positive event. (contd)
(contd) The architecture of Ellora & Ajanta, the literature of Kalidasa, the rich philosophical darshanas, the deep tantric ritual, the scientific achievements of Bhaskara, Sushruta, Aryabhatta etc. All these became manifest thanks to the Aryan civilisational contribution (contd)
The Positive Sciences of Ancient Hindus by Sir Brajendra Nath Seal
पुराणमित्येव न साधु सर्वं न चापि काव्यं नवमित्यवद्यम्।
सन्त: परीक्ष्यान्यतरद्भजन्ते मूढः परप्रत्ययनेयबुद्धिः॥

purāṇamityeva na sādhu sarvaṃ na cāpi kāvyaṃ navamityavadyam.
santa: parīkṣyānyataradbhajante mūḍhaḥ parapratyayaneyabuddhiḥ.

- Kalidasa in Malavikagnimitram
A thing does not become correct just because it is ancient.
A thing also does not become inferior just because it is new.
The wise pursue something only after critically examining it.
Foolish minds are led by the explanations offered by others.

- Kalidasa in Malavikagnimitram
Thread on "controversial" verses of #ManuSmriti
Hindu Stockholm Syndrome
The process of Sanskritisation or Aryanization is an important concept to understand when it comes to ancient pre-history of the Hindus.
Cyclical and linear view of history and time are not really mutually exclusive.
Many charlatans have been hailed until now as "founding fathers" of Bharat. Here are some true heroes of the Hindu struggle against British imperialism
Response to a pro-AIT article
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