Debunk of Trevor Milton's lies regarding Nikola’s ability to fuel its hydrogen truck in ~10 minutes

Nikola has "developed" an amazing fueling protocol in the same way a child writes an amazing wishlist letter to Santa!

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Who is this group Trevor Milton claims Nikola has created, championed, & chaired, that has already developed a heavy-duty 70 MPa high-flow hydrogen fueling protocol (H70HF)?

It's called the PRHYDE project: http://prhyde.eu/ 

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As of 23 April 2020, the project hadn't even determined the specifics of this hydrogen fueling protocol: it was still in the process of establishing the concepts behind a prospective protocol

$NKLA #NikolaGate

As of 23 April 2020, the project had only begun assessing the shortcomings of commercially available fueling hardware and estimating the possible challenges & risks surrounding high-flow 70 MPa hydrogen fueling

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Earliest estimate for when the project believes it can settle on a final protocol?

— September 2021

After which, the protocol will still have to go through an homologation process to become a standard before the hardware can begin to be manufactured

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What is Nikola's role in the project?

— Testing hydrogen tanks at different pressure levels

When is Nikola scheduled to begin testing according to PRHYDE's 10 August 2020 report?

— End of 2020

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According to PRHYDE's 29 July 2020 preliminary simulations, rapid high-flow 70 Mpa hydrogen fueling presents major technical challenges: filling a 350 L container with 70 MPa hydrogen (i.e. only 14 kg of hydrogen) in 15 minutes results in overheating

$NKLA #NikolaGate

From Nikola's 11 June 2020 promotional video:

1.086 – 1.031 = 0.055 kg in 1.5 sec = 2.2 kg/min

Even if the initial high-rate of flow could be kept constant throughout the fueling cycle (which it can't), it would take 36 minutes to fuel 80 kg of hydrogen!

$NKLA #NikolaGate
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