Significance of AUM

A common teaching is that AUM represents all the major points of creation of sound. 

“A” comes from the guttural region or back of the throat for pronunciation. 

“U” comes from the palatal region or roof of the mouth for pronunciation.
“M” comes from the labial region or from the lips.
“A” represents the creation of sound, and pure consciousness.  “U” maintains the subtle essence of creation and power.
“M” represents the final manifestation of creation and completion.

These sounds also represent the three Vedic worlds:

Earth= “A”
Atmosphere= “U”
Heaven= “M”
AUM also represents the Vedic texts, with
“A” representing the Rg Veda. 

“U” represents the Yajur Veda. 

“M” represents the Sama Veda.
This has a practical application as one focuses or places the most emphasis on “A” this will have a more profound effect on the physical or earthly realm.
If a student places more emphasis on “U”, this will have a more profound effect on the astral body or emotional body.
If the student places more emphasis on “M” this will have a stronger influence on the spiritual realm and casual body.
From the Vedantic philosophy,
“A” can represent the waking state. 

“U” can represent the dream state. 

“M” can represent the deep sleep state.
From a yogic standpoint, AUM represents the three gunas or attributes of Sattva, Rajas, and Tamas.  Within later Hinduism, it can represent the Hindu trinity of Shiva, Brahma, and Vishnu.
From an Ayurvedic standpoint, it can increase lightness to the mind and body.  It can be used to cleanse and open the flow of the nadi’s of the body.  It is also energizing to the mind, and body.  Additionally, it can increase peace and clarity of mind.
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