Brahmin warriors and commanders: A 12 post THREAD

In this thread, I will list out the military activity of brahmins while listing alot of unkown Brahmin commanders to the public. This thread is not to demean any community, but to inform others about mine
Since Rajputs were Kshatriyas, they mainly did the fighting (which they did a wonderful job in), but the practice of Brahmins joining military was not uncommon.

Various Hindu Texts like the "Baudhayana" and Kalhana's "Rajatarangini" make note of Brahmins fighting (2)
Below, I have compiled a list of unkown Brahmin warriors and commanders to the general public.

1. Prithvisena was a Brahmin officer in Kumaragupta (Gupta Emperor's) army. He was the chief of forces. His father, Harisena, was Chandragupta II Vikramaditya's minister: (3)
2. Skanda II was a Brahmin commander in Prithviraja III's army. He "killed the Turushkas continually" and helped out Hariraja in his rebellion. His ancestors, Skanda I and Sodha, were valiant ministers of Prithviraja's father, Someshavara Chauhan: (4)
3. Parkhu, or Purushottoma Pant was a Kumaoni Brahmin commander in the army of Rudra Chand. He is described as the "queller of the haughtiness of Doti (west Nepal)" and a learned scholar. He assisted Rudra Chand in many of his conquests and met his valiant end against Garhwal (5)
4. Chandradeva Thakkura was a Brahmin from Mithilia and was a commander for the Mithilia king, Harisimhadeva. He won wars in Nepal and repelled and invasion of a Turkic general: (6)
5. Alla was a Brahmin fortkeeper for the great Rajput Emperor Mihir Bhoj Parihar. He served in the Gwalior fort:
6. Ruka was a Brahmin general in the army of the great Rajput king Arnoraja Chauhan. He finds mention in Hemachandra's "Dvyashraya Kavya" as leading Arna's (Arnoraja) army. The "Dvyashraya Kavya" is an important source of history of this time period. (8)
7. Guaravamisra was a minister of the Pala King, Narayanapala, and is said to have been a valiant warrior. Narayanapala was known to have reconquered Bihar from the Parihars, so it is likely that this Guaravamisra was instrumental in this (9)
8. Purohit Garibdas was an "excellent general in the army of Raj Singh of Mewar" and played an important in the Rajput rebellion in 1680, which saw the Rajputs beating Mughal armies in Arvallis. (10)
9. Raja Chhatrasal was an intrepid Rajput warrior of Bundelakhand that carved an empire in the middle of Aurangzeb's Mughal Empire. He had 4 brahmin officers: (11)
10. Misr Diwan Chand was a brahmin officer in the army of Maharaja Ranjeet Singh (the Sikh Raja). He recieved the title "Zafar Jang Bahadur- Brave Victor of Battles" and conquered several areas for the Sikh empire.
^^wiki article is well sourced (12)
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