Holy shit—Trump HHS is censoring the CDC’s @CDCMMWR for unflattering science?!?! Folks—the MMWR like one of the most holy sacred epidemiology texts that has ever existed!

Trump CDC is dead to me if they muzzle the MMWR. To kill the MMWR is akin to burning science. #COVID19 https://twitter.com/ddiamond/status/1304609701347328002
2) MMWR is like the weekly digest of all things public health and outbreaks from the CDC unfiltered. It is the NYT/WaPost equivalent daily periodical of the CDC. To muzzle and censor it is just one of the worst thinks you could ever do.
3) Who’s behind it? Former Trump campaign staffer turned HHS Assistant Secretary Michael Caputo... and he’s also... wait for it... former media consultant for... Vladimir Putin! Can’t make this stuff up. https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Michael_Caputo
5) I agree with @CT_Bergstrom - this MMWR censorship is full throated authoritarianism! https://twitter.com/ct_bergstrom/status/1304642837300965378
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