This argument is highly flawed. Christians brought civilization destruction & genocide in the name of their religion. They destroyed our past, burned libraries, ran inquisitions, committed genocides, brought us the Dark Ages. Christian society took from others, giving no credit.
Through Christian doctrine of colonialism, they wreaked havoc on the globe claiming “superiority” over all they encountered, and when they found a society equal or more advanced that their own as with India, they called them heathens based on skin color & non Abrahamic faith.
Like Islam, Christianity’s history's filled with destruction & death. They still believe polytheists are devil worshippers their Gods demons, seeking to end polytheism/paganism in our modern world. Please tell me you are not so naive as to believe this Dark Ages/Medieval nonsense
India pre Islamic invasion was one of the most advanced civilizations on our planet. Universities known throughout Asia & beyond. Highly advanced in sciences, mathematics, astronomy, philosophy, architecture. The west took knowledge from India for centuries, giving no credit.
Islam destroyed that committing the greatest holocaust in our human history. 10’s of millions slaughtered, 10’s of millions enslaved, millions raped, 10’s of thousands temples destroyed, universities destroyed, country looted, millions of historical documents burned, lost forever
Then came the Christian Europeans doing the same starting in GOA, destroying temples, looting, converting & killing polytheists (Hindus), holding inquisitions. All this in the name of their Abrahamic God.
Colonial invasion by British continued the assault on India. They claim they helped, no, they did more damage, continuing the process of looting, enforced a rigid caste system India still suffers from, ran prostitution, caused massive famine starving millions, so many issues. . .
Islam has driven continuous chaos/violence in India. When the British pulled out, they broke the Hindu homeland for Islam creating Pakistan. Millions more died. They've instigated countless genocides all the way into modern years.
Islamic violence against Hindus even govt sanctioned by Pakistan who during the war for Bangladesh in 1971, launched Operation Searchlight, mission kill Hindus, rape Hindu women. 2 million Hindus slaughtered 8-10 million refugees fled into India.
The reason I’ve responded, the religion based Abrahamic Western/Middle Eastern assault on the Indian people over their truly ancient polytheistic faith has never stopped. They both, per their archaic religious doctrine, feel it’s some God given right of theirs to end polytheism.
They almost wiped out the most ancient & advanced civilization on our planet in India & still look at polytheists as “Devil worshippers” right now in our modern world. Christians spend billions today in India trying to end Hinduism, they call India a Godless country. It’s absurd
Understand, when you start praising Christianity, I take serious valid issue. India is not the Christian west, or the Islamic Middle East. India is the far more ancient Dharmic civilization and it’s long overdue that this Abrahamic supremacism & bigotry against their people end.
India was a highly evolved civilization interrupted by brutal Abrahamic religions, first Islam then Christianity. These religions did more to set humanity back than advance it. Even now they remain backwards in global view & on our environment so they are still setting us back.
We will never know how much ancient knowledge was lost to the hands of Christian & Islamic zealots in their civilizational destruction & rampage against humanity in the name of their Abrahamic God. No, we lost far too much & neither of these religions has really advanced humanity
In modern India, the three main drivers of violence & death are Marxism, Christianity, and Islam. Same three ideologies that have led to the largest genocides in our history. Marxism(communism), Islam & Christianity.
The reason Hindus are so upset today is valid. These religions are still causing chaos in their homeland, Christianity & Islam still carrying the same backwards demonization & bigotry against India’s ancient Vedic/Dharmic religions as they have throughout their history.
Even now, the Christian west & Islamic nations of the world, left political parties globally aligned with Islam & joined by Christians & Marxists, engaged in a propaganda war against India/Hindus, we've all seen it in left media, many believing their lies against India/Hindus.
I've been observing this closely, for every one of the multiple acts of violence committed by Muslims/Islam, they are blaming Hindus. The Christian west is helping cover for their sister Abrahamic faith as they both continue their assault against Hinduism.
All should be a voice against this Abrahamic bigotry. It's gone on for 2,000 years via Christianity, 1,400 years via Islam. This is the nature of these supreamcists religions claiming exclusivity to God. Time for their never ending assault against the people of India to stop.
It's time for Christianity & Islam to reform, remove the offense texts against polytheism from the Bible & Quran and join the modern world. Hindus are our brothers & sisters, not our enemies, not devil worshippers. Time to evolve and leave the dark ages.
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