Now is the time to be *extra* careful with Covid safety. More so than March (remember those days?)

If you're not convinced, consider what's happening in Pune: /1
We have already reached the stage where doctors are having to let older patients die because the ventilators are needed by younger patients who have a higher chance of survival.

ICU beds are difficult to get if not impossible /2
Not surprising, since we are #1 in the country in new cases. And that is in a country which is itself #1 in the world in new cases.

And if you believe these numbers are a fraud of some sort, consider this: /3
It is tempting to believe that the government is inflating the numbers because of some money that World Bank is giving per patient.

This is neither true, nor does it match reality /4
If you think this is all some sort of a fraud talk to some doctors who are seeing dead people. All the time. /5
If you think Covid numbers are fraudulent, where did you hear this? If there are practising doctors who believe in this theory, I would like to know. Because the doctors I know are scared. Some of them are doing their patient rounds via WhatsApp instead of in-person /6
Relatives of people I personally know are dying every day. This is not a fraud.

And herd immunity is just a fancy phrase for let the weak die. Have you made a list of your relatives that you're willing to sacrifice for herd immunity?

Be careful people. 7/7
And to add to all of this, there is now an oxygen shortage, which can make the death rate much worse.
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