Advocating for people from traditionally marginalized communities - who historically have had little to no access to represent their *own* identity in their *own* voices - to be allowed the means & space to do so is NOT 'identity politics.' 1/5
Using your power & privilege to cherry-pick people from traditionally marginalized communities to parrot *your* views (or views you find palatable) is. 2/5
One of the many ways Capitalism reinforces racism is that groups who historically have had access to capital have access to the biggest megaphones, while groups who historically have been denied (or robbed of) access to capital do not. 3/5
This historical denial/robbing of access to means of representing one's own identity is an affront to our self-identity & consciousness leading to 'double-consciousness,' as W.E.B. Du Bois astutely put it 'always looking at one's self through the eyes of others.' 4/5
Righting this wrong by allowing space for voices that have historically been muffled or silenced - allowing the healing & self-love that comes with it - is a good thing.

Using power to manipulate which voices get heard or have access to the largest megaphones is a bad thing. 5/5
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