As soon as Boris Johnson spoke about the possibility of just "taking it on the chin" and the term "herd immunity" arose, I immediately knew what the thinking was and said so at the time. Johnson's government is dreaming of a competitive advantage over the rest of the world.
In other words the dream is that whilst the rest of the world economy is tied up with COVID-19, that the British economy would be able to operate normally, and have a global competitive advantage.
However, as with "herd immunity" this has not been thought through properly, and like it, it will almost certainly not work.
It is really indicative of this government, that it is betting the whole house on crackpot gambles, which will likely not pay off.
For a start, we face an unaddressed climate and ecological emergency, which Boris Johnson is totally ignoring. This sort of spending would be far better directed towards that.
This sort of spending on an initiative to address the climate and ecological emergency would yield certain results. Whereas putting it all into a programme, which according to experts, has a high chance of not yielding anything at all, is reckless in the extreme.
This is the sort of nonsense spewed out, when you put a crackpot like Dominic Cummings in charge of government strategy.
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