What brought about this insight was the "development" of a piece of semi-natural land I'd got to know intimately. When I raised concerns everyone was indifferent, saying "we've got to have progress and development" as if I was a stupid child who didn't understand this.
What I was certain of was that we absolutely depended on the natural world to sustain us, and that if we kept on systematically destroying what sustained us, then it would no longer sustain us, and therefore we would destroy ourselves.
Of course, people criticised "my child like simplicity", but it really is as simple as that. Fundamental truths, are fundamental whether they are seen and spoken by a child, or a great philosopher.
To check I was right about me insight, I immediately asked every adult I knew, "okay, you say we must have progress and development" and you seem to think this must involve the destruction of the natural world - "but when will it end"? No one appeared to have thought of this.
What I understood was something very simple, and very fundamental. If this "progress and development" was rational, and not just a suicidal impulse, there must be an end point. A stage of "development" where we stop systematically destroying what sustains us.
So I set out on a lifelong quest to understand firstly if there was any understanding and acknowledgement of this fundamental rule of sustainability, of if our modern culture was on a path to global suicide, and why?
You see, unless our culture and it's leadership, develop insight that the economic model of systematic exploitation of the natural world, set at the beginning of the industrial revolution is globally suicidal, we are locked into a global suicide pact.
To cut a long story short, these are my conclusions. Our society is led by a small and powerful clique of people who are far wealthier and more powerful than everyone, and this great wealth, power and luxury is obtained by the systematic exploitation of the natural world.
There is no envisaged end to this systematic destruction of the natural world that sustains us, because these people are addicted to wealth accumulation to the point where they don't think about anything else i.e. it is true addiction.
The core problem is that those with this wealth accumulation addiction control everything, our politics, the media, and everything else through their control of our politicians. Like the true addicts they are, they do not want to change. It is self destructive.
However, these wealth accumulation addicts are insightful enough to realise that most people would object to this globally suicidal course they have set us on. So they realise that continue to rule, they must give the appearance of wanting to address the problem.
Therefore this powerful clique controlling our societies tells the public that they do want to address the globally suicidal path they have set us on, just not quite yet (they want to accumulate more wealth first).
This is a common pattern with addicts most are aware of. The alcoholic, drug addict, who says there problem is under control, they are going to stop drinking, using drugs, gambling or whatever, just not now, in the future.
Again, it really is very simple. Our societies are run by wealth accumulation addicts who are behaving in the classic way hopeless addicts behave, by trying to convince people their habit is under control, when it isn't.
The big problem of course is that these are not some sort of wayward son, daughter, mother, father, this is the most powerful clique on Earth, which controls everything. What they want, they get.
As with all addictions, it is only going to be addressed, when the addict, and all those in their life, admit that they are an addict, and they need help.
Likewise, with our society, our modern culture, this is only going to change when we realise that the powerful clique ruling our societies, the very wealthiest and most powerful are hopeless addicts on a suicidal course and will take us with them, if we do not put a stop to this.
We the people have the power to do this, to call a stop to this. To say enough is enough. We are many, they are very few. They can only continue on this globally suicidal path if we keep on turning a blind eye to the pathological addiction of those who control our societies.
To solve a problem, you first need to admit that there is a problem, and what the problem is. As I explain, the problem and why it is not being addressed is crystal clear. We are relying on pathological addicts who don't want to change their ways, to solve the problem for us.
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