OK, listen up Folks !! I owe all of you an apology.. I left ya hangin on the subject of The Plasma Event coming up on December 21st.. Right now I'm going to explain a few things about Earth before I continue telling you what to expect, and how to get prepared for it..cont
First a disclaimer. This research is meant to bring people together who have questions so it will open the subject up for discussion about your perceived reality. Before I begin, I want to stress the importance of you having a complete understanding of the construct of your..cont
Geocentric electromagnetic Universe..If you're not familiar with this model, you need to get familiar.. Otherwise what I'm about to present, will not make much sense.. You can either type it directly into your address bar, or in YouTube's search box. Once completed..cont
Return here and find this class in my archives most likely located on the Timeline unless you wait too long... To begin with, Earth is not a ball.. Far from it..Earth consists of four concentric rings of physical land beginning and spiraling out from the zero point axis..cont
At the Center of the plane, just like a drop of water that falls into a larger body of water, therefore creating a ripple effect beginning from it's point of impact, concentrically expanding outward.. The very middle of this vast Earthly plane, is what's known as..cont
"The Zero Point Axis". This is what's referred to as "The Magnetic North Pole".. This central pole is not just a symbolical metaphor, but an actual physical marker, set to be a magnetic pillar, sometimes referred to as "The Holy Mountain" or "The Tree of Life"..cont
OK, I'm goin to get heavy on ya early.. No time to try and give it to ya gradually, there's too much material to cover.. Beyond all these dimensional fields of energy, from where you are now, in the Northern and Southern extremities, there is other Terrestrial Land..cont
Inhabited by other beings. they are usually referred to as Outer and Inner Space Extraterrestrials from outer and inner Earth...Besides being an endless landmass on the surface, it is also hollow.. No, don't start shaking your head.. I've only just started to blow your mind..cont
Each of the four dimensional rings of Earth, have their own eco, lunar solar systems and seasons, and their own Sun and Moons which would be your current "7" wandering stars.. Saturn and Jupiter being the Solar Sun and Lunar moon, of the outermost ring, domain, or realm..cont
Of Earth. Mars and Venus being the Solar Sun and Lunar Moon of the next concentric domain of Earth inside that.. This Mars and Venus Domain would be the main realm beyond your Southern Antarctic boundary, and the Aurora Australis Electromagnetic Field. Then of course..cont
You have your own Solar Sun, Apollo, and Lunar Moon Artemis, in this domain.. And last but not least.. Mercury, within the inner central realm beyond your Northern Arctic boundary, and Aurora Borealis electromagnetic field.,. The inner star, Mercury, is androgynous..cont
Both a Solar Sun and Lunar Moon in one.. Sometimes referred to as "The Inner Earth Sun", or "Black Sun", or even "Planet Nibiru", or "Planet X".. The full expanse of your Earthly plane, with all the different realms, is what the Ancient Greeks referred to as "Mother Gaia..cont
The Ancient Egyptians called it "BenBen", or "Mother Gab".. In this class, I am going to explain how the spiral expansion of space, time and matter began, and continues.. All over the world are different variations of clocks, and calender's. many ancient cultures, ..cont
Civilizations, Mystics, and Researchers, have created and depicted, various cosmic clocks and calender's over the ages.. Some simple, others complex,. But one thing is for certain, They all knew that time operates in a cyclical pattern. They knew that everything in Creation..cont
Has a beginning, a middle and an End.. Birth, Experiences, Growth, and Death.. Sunrise midday, Sunset, Midnight.. Spring, Summer, Autumn, Winter.. Iron, Bronze, Silver, Gold.. Are ya followin me ?? So your Cosmic Calender of Time is a Macrocosmic and Syncretic..cont
Mirror reflection of those observable Microcosmic clocks, calenders, cycles and seasons of time.. These statements are based on "Natural" and "Observable", Everyday Reality.. By the end of this class you should be thoroughly versed on this subject, and how different ages..cont
Races, Civilizations and Realms, have come about over time within your Electromagnetic Cosmic Egg Universe.. And so you'll understand this better, I'm going to break down what's known as your "Epoch". Your Epoch here is going to be 24,000 years for one full cycle..cont
What is the definition of an "Epoch"??. It's a division of time that is itself a subdivision of a larger period of time.. Think of seconds to minutes to hours to days to months to years. These are good examples of an "Epoch".. They are also subdivided into Ages...cont
Corresponding to a series of Chronological changes or events.. An Epoch can sometimes be referred to as an "Era Age Period, Time, Eon, Span, Stage, or point in History.. Universal Epochs are also referred to as a "Platonic Year", or a "Cosmic Day".. Just like a Clock..cont
Striking Midnight and starting another Cycle, or Day.. So your Epoch is 24,000 years, reflective of your natural 24 hour day and clock. 24 Hours in a Solar Day, 24,000 years in a Cosmic Day..You'll need some pencil and paper for this next part.. I want you to draw a typical..cont
12 Hour dial, or clock face.. On the same piece of paper I want you to indicate the 12 months of the year. A small calendar if you will in a circle outside the clock.. Then one more ring depicting the 12 Zodiac signs, matching up to each month. The next ring will ..cont
Represent your four seasons, Spring, Summer, Autumn and Winter.. The ring representing the Clock, needs to have 6pm being represented at 12:00. The next ring is your "Meridian". You'll have Midnight, quarter past, half past and quarter to.. Almost done.. Inside that ring..cont
Four concentric land, era's, ages, Civilizations and Solar Systems... You've already had four Epoch Cycles, and you are currently a quarter past the 5th.. Just as there are 4 Earthly Physical Realms, there are also four "Physical Humanoid Root Races", associated..cont
With the creation of each realm.. Thew four root races are "The Hyperborean", "Lamoreins", "Antlanteans", and "Aryans". But there's also a 5th race of beings that live in the center, or Mount Meru of Earth..Polariens .. Not forgetting the various species of Aquatic Beings...cont
That inhabit most of the Sea Floor and in of the Hollow Earth... Polariens are considered the Master Root Race, unlike the other four including the Aquatic beings, Polariens are Ethereal, or "Not Completely Physical Beings..They do not have a definitive skin pigment..cont
Size, Color Or Race. Even so, they are often depicted as being somewhat "Indigo Bluish Translucent Beings"..The very middle or Central point of Earth is where the Celestial Plane and the Terrestrial Plane meet.. This is where the Creator and staff reside.. The entire..cont
Entourage uses this location as a central marker.. The Polariens are thge only ones who can transverse between the two worlds.. Well, if you include the Hollow Earth and The Aquatic Nations, you've got 4 worlds. Each one evolving and experiencing their own dimension..cont
The Heavens and Spiritual Realm above and Earth/Physical Plane, down below.. Polariens show up the same time Human Beings did.. The other 4 root races were seeded by The Polaryans.. Hence the term Master Race.. Polaryans are also referred to as "The Guardians Of The Earth"..cont
OK, It's past my bedtime, I'm going to Hit the Rack !! Good Night, I'll continue this tomorrow....
I left off discussing the different beings that inhabit Earth.. The 4 Epochs already experienced, and the 5th we are in now. The Polaryans were the very first beings to manifest on this plane. The other root races were seeded by the Polaryans... The first Cosmic Epoch...cont
Centered around "The Tree of Life", was regulated by the Grand Heavenly first and largest Solar System, Neptune and Adonis. The highest and first two wandering stars, Sun and Moon, of the Universe. Albeit SemiEthereal in Nature, and, at the end of their Epoch, the Polaryans..cont
Completed their first cycle or circle of Cosmic Time, 24,000 years of experience.This was the end of their Epoch. At this point, The Polaryans created their first physical manifestation, and so, the Hyperborean Realm and Root Race are created. A new physical paradigm emerges.cont
Unfolding out of the North Polar Center Axis, aka, the very first ripple of life.. This process is referred to as a "Pole Shift" .. People have the misconception of the Earth as a ball, therefore getting the wrong vision of what this actually is..No, the Earth does not flip..cont
Over... That's ridiculous..It's a shift in the landmass at the center or "North Pole Point". The new realm comes complete with it's own Solar System to regulate the physical space, time, and matter. The very first Sun and Moon are also created.. Jupiter and Saturn...cont
However, at this stage, they are androgynous, they are one, they are not separated.. They only separate at the end of their Epoch. This is the first domain to experience fully physical Earthly space, time, and matter, all regulated by the very first Earthly Solar System..cont
This realm that unfolded out of the center pillar was the first "Garden of Eden". This area surrounded the Tree of Life at it's center.. Keep this in mind for the rest of this discussion on the Creation process.. Every time a new ripple emerges, it is the new Garden of Eden..cont
During the following 24,000 years, The Hyperborean Realm was gradually pushed outwards away from the center, as a new realm and physical root race was created. This is a continuous process, repeating every 24,000 years.. With each new realm comes another Solar System to ..cont
Regulate it.. With each new root race that's seated emerges another new paradigm.. Each time the old realm is pushed outwards away from the central pillar.. This is also where Saturn, aka Chronos and Jupiter, aka Rhea, separate, and start their orbit.. The second realm,... cont
The Lemurians, also get their own Sun and Moon, which is at that point, also androgynous, they are one. In 24,000 years they'll be known as Mars and Venus. During this Epoch, The Lumerians are the Garden of Eden. Keep in mind that the Lumarians were seated by the Polaryans..cont
The master root race, and not the Hyperborean going inward. The Atlanteans were the third root race to emerge after 24,000 years. Mars and Venus separate and begin their orbit. Meanwhile The Atlantean Realm has it's own androgynous Sun and Moon that after 24,000 ..cont
Years will become the Sun and Moon you see today.. The Sun being Apollo, and the Moon being Tamizh.. The Atlantean realm is currently the one you all inhabit. You are considered an Atlantean..Atlantis sank when the great Deluge happened, reseting you from the center ..cont
To where you currently are, setting Apollo and the Moon into their orbit.. After 24,000 years, the Aryan root race was created and seated out from the fourth and most recent pole shift..It is the current Garden of Eden.. To give you an idea of where we are on the timeline..cont
The Aryan root race and ROM, were seated approximately 6000 years ago.. As the "Fractal" patterns continue, just like the realms before it, the Aryan realm was birth with it's own solar system.. Mercury, it's androgynous Sun and Moon.. In summary, there have been 5 Epochs.cont
According to Ancient manuscripts and other literature discovered, there are two more Epochs due to happen in the future. Currently on Earth are four main races. All races mixed in between are mixed races of the sub and root races.. the Black races have their DNA lineage..cont
From the very first root race, The Hyperborean's .. All native Black Cultures of this realm, predominately have their cultural beliefs handed down by the Hyperborean root race, sometimes referred to as the Anunnaki.. The Oriental Asian races have their DNA lineage..cont
From the second root race, The Lumerians..Their beliefs and practices were handed down over the years by the commonly and mistakenly referred to as The Reptilians.. The third root race, the indo-asian races, have their DNA and lineage from the Atlanteans.. Again..cont
Their culture has been handed down from the Atlanteans.. This means the Indo Asians or Vedic Indian races, are the original root race lineage of this Atlantean realm.. The White races have their DNA and lineage from the most recent realm of the Aryans...cont
OK folks, I'm taking a break to grab some lunch.. I'll continue shortly...
Before I continue, I want to point a few things out that you need to be thinking about.. Number one is getting healthy and removing metal toxins from your system.. If ever there was a time for this to happen, IT'S NOW !! Because the force is supposed to be so strong..cont
Metal toxins will cause you Hell during this event... Even though in this realm you all appear to be different races within your sub and mixed race lineage and traits,. you are actually one race.. This is due to mixing of genetic codes over time.. You are all predominately..cont
Atlantean Humans, only with slight genetic variances most notably skin pigmentation, hair structure, eye color, and cultural and religious programs. In fact, most of the racial divisions and wars fought today have their roots seeded from past wars between the four root races.cont
Atlanteans in this realm inherited your predisposed prejudices of one another from outside influences.. The Earth is an endless landmass with probably thousands of different races, in different realms and domains, across the entire plain of Earth... All the different..cont
Civilizations divided and separated from each other by the various toroidal electromagnetic fields, aka, The Van Allen Belts.. These electromagnetic belts do open and close, or weaken and strengthen dependent on the various universal and cosmic cycles, seasons and ages..cont
This periodically happens to allow the sharing or rebalancing of conscious energy, technology and knowledge, between all the different Earthly dimensional realms.. We are fast approaching the next opening of these electromagnetic barriers.. This opening event will be a ..cont
Revelation that will impact every living soul in this realm collectively and individually.. You can already see the birthing pains of this cosmic event with the so called conscious awakening and unusual weather patterns.. You must remember, the physical constructs..cont
You call bodies, are just that.. They are bodies, vehicles, avatars, that carry the real living paleri conscious energy, or spirit being within it.. It is this conscious energy within you that is here experiencing, learning, growing and sharing what some might call a soul..cont
That is the real you..Your soul, your conscious energy.. You all know, I've mentioned it several times, that electricity cannot be destroyed and never dies. It has no color or race or nationality.. Just polarity..Positive energy and Negative energy which need to be balanced..cont
As such, the Human Race is just part of a temporary physical journey, individually and collectively.. What many in modern times term as "The Matrix", or what the Ancients called "The Maya", or "The Illusion".. Next I will explain exactly how Cosmic Epochs and Ages work..cont
I want you to return to the drawings you made with the circles. This is the Mayan Epoch calendar.. You should have outside rings with the months of the year and 12 Zodiac signs lining up with the corresponding month. The 12 solar months are actually a microcosmic..cont
Reflection of the 12 Zodiac Constellations. These Zodiac Constellations are the Heavenly Cosmic Clock, rotating above us. As it rotates, each Constellation has it's own energies that subconsciously influence and help guide you consciously..
These 12 months are further divided into your seasonal sections.. Spring, Summer, Autumn, and Winter, which in Cosmic Terms are known as the "Four Seasons" of "Conscious Evolution". These Cosmic Seasons are what the Greeks called "The Four Ages of Man", and..cont
Vedic Scriptures called "The Yuga Ages".. The four Yuga Ages are, "The Golden Age", or "Satya Yuga", "The Silver Age", or "Terra Yuga", "The Bronze Age" or "Dwapara Yuga", and "The Iron Age", or "Kali Yuga".. A full Epoch, 20,000 years, is broken up into eight "Yuga Ages"..cont
Folks I need to step out for awhile.. I will continue this later... For those complaining about the length of this thread, this knowledge is more important than anything else in your life right now.. PAY ATTENTION!! I'll return shortly..
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