How worried should we be about the single side effect seen so far in the @AstraZeneca #COVID19 #vaccine trial? My sources say the individual has inflamed myelin, the insulating sheets of the spinal cord -- key symptom = pain, and it can take 2 years to heal. MORE
There is no treatment for an inflamed spinal cord -- just the healing power of time.
On the other hand, 1 case could have been caused by other factors -- injury, an infection, even acute stress. How can @AstraZeneca prove/disprove that its #COVID19 #vaccine was the cause?
This clearly illustrates why Phase 3 #vaccine trials are essential, and must be carefully executed. It would be terrible to throw away a good vaccine because of 1 case, caused by something else.
AND it would be equally dreadful to release a vax that did cause such damage.
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