I'm getting very tired of seeing authors attacked for mentioning their Amazon deals. Yes, we know all about Amazon's failings: but they sell a lot of books, and authors need to make a living. It is not unreasonable for an author to point out where those books are available.
And although all the authors I know support indies, not all readers can afford to. Many buy from Amazon, not least because they don't have a local indie. It is the height of entitlement to expect someone who makes a living from books to turn away readers, or ignore their needs.
I also wonder how many of those who are attacking authors for making a living via Amazon also work for problematic companies, and see no irony in asking authors, in particular, to subsidize their principles.
Without wishing to minimize the serious problems Amazon cause, this kind of thinking is part of a general belief that authors aren't like other people: that they can afford to work for free, or just refuse to work at all because they don't like the way the company is run.
And by the way, how many of those attacking authors online for selling on Amazon are using an iPhone, or iPad?
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