Time to be highly Alert :
If Chinese Army came with Spears and sticks, it's not because it doesn't have rifles, it's because it wanted to. This is the same Army which has one the most sophisticated arsenal in the world. Yesterday stunt, IMO:
1. Guage India's defences, locations..
..reaction time etc. Most importantly, how far they let the enemy come before they take action. Getting IA to fire, was a great achievement on part of Chinese.
2. PR exercise. Since yesterday Chinese media is busy propagating how it was just patrolling the area and Indian ...
..forces fired upon them. The image is soldiers without rifles helps their case.
3. Reaction from county. China very minutely judges Indian media and public’s response to any action. It’s media immediately catches on to things it can exploit to start anti gov propaganda ...
..to weaken our resolve to fight and create confusion. It’s great to see how Most of India stands behind its soldiers and armed forces.

And, now is the time to highly alert. Chinese counter attack will come very soon. They have been massively surprised by our pro active...
..actions to capture heights in the South #Pangong area. But it will not be easily digested by them. They will try and evict us before we turn these into permanent defences.

China and India both understand each other’s reluctance to start a full scale war. Hence both have ..
..certain room to exploit each others’ weaknesses without scaling the aggression level.
If China does not vacate us, and winter sets in, this will become the new normal. And we will have a solid control of these heights by the time next summers come. So if China has to try..
..it will be now.
In my opinion, there is a very high probability of a local skirmish. Both sides should be ready to bear losses. Violence is nasty business. The continuous failure of talks is taking us only in one direction. For China it is very critical because it...
Survives on bullying and scare tactics. If it loses to India on this, without as much as making an effort, the tables will turn against this bully within few months and Asia will see many new alliances coming up. It cannot lose face and reputation like that. Matter of image and..
..existence. So whatever they are planning, will come soon! Mostly within next two months as US will be exceptionally busy with elections and world is busy fighting COVID.
Let’s hope for the best and always stand with our brave soldiers. Jai Hind!
#IndiaChinaFaceOff #IndianArmy
For everyone saying , rifles are visible , try and get the bigger picture plz. And again, I just realised I’ll have to explain this to the same lot. By bigger picture I don’t mean a bigger frame of this picture. I mean bigger perspective.
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