Part of what makes conspiracy theories like Q-Anon so appealing is that the sheer magnitude & scale of these theories match people's lived experiences of pain, alienation, indignity & oppression.

Centrism's 'business-as-usual' could NEVER compete.

But could the left? 1/26
The people backing RW conspiracy theories are not stupid. They are targeting the disillusioned & alienated & giving them targets to place blame for how oppressed they feel.

Of course, their theories blame everything but the *true systematic sources* of people's suffering. 2/26
And that's exactly why the wealthy & powerful love & benefit from them.
● Deflect blame away from themselves
● Deflect blame away from the systems that benefit them
● Keep people distracted/running in circles
● Provided a pipeline to white nationalism/fascism etc. 3/26
They take advantage of the fact that millions of people are seeking grand answers as to why their lives are so full of anxiety, alienation, indignity, etc. & are not finding suitable answers from mainstream sources: MSM, the political establishment, etc. 4/26
Studies on the shared characteristics of people who fall for these conspiracy theories found that they tend to feel 'alienated' & 'powerless' but lack a theoretical/mental framework to help make sense of those feelings. (i.e., Better the Devil You Know by Moulding et al.) 5/26
If, as studies suggest, people who fall for RW conspiracy theories tend to feel alienated, powerless & disillusioned and are *correctly* not satisfied with mainstream answers as to why their lives are as they are, it begs the question:
What if the left had got to them first? 6/26
After all, unlike RW conspiracy theories, the left not only accurately identifies the *true* systematic & institutional sources of people's pain & alienation, we offer truly liberating, fulfilling & potential-realizing revolutionary changes. We'd blow them out of the water! 7/26
If we are self-reflective, I think we would conclude that our current predicament is, at least in part, because we have failed to reach many 'alienated' & 'powerless' with a theoretical/mental framework based in the *true* institutional/societal sources of their oppression. 8/26
AND if we on the left were serious about winning revolutionary change, we need to look at this failure seriously and urgently course correct.

Frankly, if we want to win a better world, we need to do a better job of reaching outside our comfort bubbles. 9/26
If we think about it, this massive void makes sense as many on the left have long ago summarily written off huge segments & demographics of society: Whether it's the South, White working-class, religions, etc. it's a fatal mistake. 10/26
The fact is we can't win without critical mass. And, if we are serious about winning radical change, we need to grow. And to grow, we need to reach outside our comfort zones & social bubbles. Each one teach one. 11/26
Of course, it's not always easy. And, of course, it's not for everyone. And, of course, we should do regular mental health self-checks to prevent burnout, etc.

But the point is we need to do a better job of consciousness-raising among *all* the "alienated' & 'powerless.' 12/26
This might mean reaching out among our own families, friends, coworkers, classmates, religious organizations, or members of our communities.

Don't waste time & energy with those not willing to have an open & honest conversation.

There are plenty of people who are. 13/26
Start by listening empathetically to people's experiences of oppression & injustice. Then help draw connections between those experiences to their systematic & institutional sources depending on what they are: i.e., Capitalism, authoritarianism, racism, sexism, etc. 14/26
Though we reach people through the oppression closest to their hearts, it's critical we connect their oppression to all oppressions since, in reality, all oppressions *are* connected & true liberation requires the liberation of all. 15/26
Remember that none of us were born with a wholistic intersectional framework. Likely, we started with a systematic left critique of an injustice close to our hearts, or that affects our own community & from there, we saw the various interconnections with other oppressions. 16/26
Most of us on the left understand exactly how the corporate-owned duopoly 'play us' by stifling democracy. But doesn't that mean that EVERYONE lacking real power is being played – regardless of party affiliation?

And if so, why hasn't this fact enlightened our organizing? 17/26
For example, in the below thread, I discuss how alienation is pervasive across the ENTIRE political spectrum. Almost everyone, including self-identified Democrats, Republicans & Independents, feels like their voice doesn't matter. 18/26
Across the spectrum, 77% say their representatives don't represent their interests. 76% saying the government is controlled by & serves the interests of a tiny few. 73% say corporations & 77% say the wealthy have far too much power.

Alienation & powerlessness IS the result 19/26
Imagine what could be accomplished if we organized around alienation: The 80% who feel 'alienated' vs. the systems that alienate us!

Ignore people's stated political affiliations within a BS system meant to 'play us.'

Instead, speak to the oppressions in people's hearts. 20/26
Contrary to the econocentric view of some, we can't, a priori, know a persons' path to the radical left. Some come from anti-imperialism, some from anti-racism, from anti-sexism, from environmental movements, etc. 21/26
What matters most is not *how* one becomes radicalized, but that we convey a leftist framework that connects the dots of all oppressions, and that links our liberation with the liberation of others. 22/26
As I write this, here in Southern California, it looks like the apocalypse outside my window – record-shattering heat, clouds of dark orange smoke & ashes falling from the sky.

We don't have a lot of time. 23/26
The lungs of the planet are burning, the arctic is burning, the streets are on fire from our racist 'justice' system, authoritarianism, fascism & white supremacy are on the rise.

Consciousness-raising & moving folks into left activism has never been more important! 24/26
Some might find the below thread helpful in their consciousness-raising: A left framework that connects the dots of all oppressions, while exposing the systematic oppression of Capitalism, authoritarianism, racism, sexism, homophobia, etc. 25/26
This thread, Sociology for Revolutionaries, in conjunction with the above, might be helpful in presenting a wholistic liberatory leftist framework. 26/26
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