@realDonaldTrump wants to give a speech on his "environmental accomplishments"? Sure thing. Let's do this. #BidenCoalition @United4Joe #ClimateCrisis
@realDonaldTrump is boasting about clean air. This is correct. We do have the cleanest air we've had, but that's not thanks to him. In fact, Trump has been attacking environmental protections, removing over 74 major environmental regulatory rollbacks according to @BrookingsInst.
Bragging about the wall is not a great thing in this context. The wall will do nothing for environmental protection and in fact creates serious environmental harm for endangered species near the border.
In 2017, one of the first things the administration did was reverse offshore drilling bans in the Arctic and Atlantic Ocean. Arctic ecosystems are remarkably sensitive and major oil spills do huge amounts of damage.
That plan had to be blocked by courts.

Related to this, the Trump administration has been attempting to strip away any support for animals, especially endangered species.
Trump is trying to roll back the protections of the Tongass National Forest, which impacts not only one of the most important carbon sinks and biodiversity centers within the United States but also badly impacts the lives of the Tlingit. #IndigenousLivesMatter
@realDonaldTrump has removed restrictions on hunting trophies, which complicates problems around enforcing against wildlife trafficking.
He's opened up the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge to drilling for fossil fuels.
To switch over to public health:

Trumps admin has been trying to reduce the regulation and in turn the safety of the air you breathe, the water you drink, and the food you eat.
Trumps admin tried to avoid regulating lead paint and had to be ordered to do so by a court.
His administration tried to block the release of reports about the dangers of PFAS and PFOA, which are toxic substances. The study indicated they were dangerous at lower quantities than what is currently regulated,
Trump is literally the worst president of the last forty years on climate change. He withdrew us from the Paris Climate Agreement. He rolled back the clean power plan. He attacked the energy star program. He gave the fossil fuel industry openings to fill key agency positions.
As part of that effort, according to an interview from @frontlinepbs, Trump had asked Myron Ebell for personnel to appoint in order to help eliminate the EPA. @altUSEPA can likely tell you about that.
His claims about being the best president on the environment is just empirically wrong. Every single president since Nixon has been better than him on this topic, and that includes Reagan of all people. (Reagan signed the Montreal Protocol which is a BFD).
None of this had to happen. There are TONS of Republican environmentalists. He just didn't give them any power. He gave power to people in polluting industries and could care less about the environment and particularly animals.
He does, to give credit, on occasion like today give orders when they are politically useful to provide some environmental protections, but as this thread shows, they are the exception rather then the rule.
His claim that @JoeBiden would make the environment dirtier is just another lie. The #BidenHarris ticket is running on one of the boldest environmental platforms ever. I know. I supported @DNCClimate and others to convince them and the rest of the party to go bold on climate.
@KamalaHarris was one of the original supporters of the #GreenNewDeal in the senate and has historically been a climate hawk. @RL_Miller knows her record better than I do.
The @GOP doesn't even have a real climate platform to think of. Trump doesn't care if he poisons your drinking water if it makes his buddies a profit and keeps him in power. His move today, while welcome, is just a political move to try to improve his changes in FL, GA and NC.
Ultimately Donald Trump is the worst president on the environment that I know of since Grover Cleveland. I'm not even going further back then that because I want to avoid making any big historical errors.
Understand that his speech today is an attempt to cover up for the fact that his administration has been trying to kill environmental protection, stop us from stopping the #climatecrisis, and kill wolf puppies while they sleep. Thread
You know what. Fuck it. Not finished.
Trump has tried to stop the regulation of methane, a key greenhouse gas.

One of his key climate advisers, wasn't even a climate scientist! It was William Happer, a physicist who was kicked out of the Department of Energy in 93.
The admin went after efforts to promote energy efficiency including going after energy-efficient light bulbs and weakening fuel emission standards for cars and trucks,
Ok, basically at this point, you hopefully get it. The Trump admin is awful on this issue. Vote #BidenHarris and lets go save the planet after we put this dumpster fire out.
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