All of us know we should not impose our values on the past. Indeed. But looking at this sweet old man, I cannot but shudder thinking that he took 60 women with him to his grave by burning in rites of sati. Sixty. Looks different now, doesn't he? Each pretty picture has a story
...that sometimes is not as pretty (to our non-historical taste, of course).
Portrait of Raja Man Singh, friend of Akbar and Shah Jahan, from Harvard's Welch Collection  and from the Met (1982.174), ca. 1590, Mughal
Src: S.C.Welch, India Art and Culture 1300-1900, pg. 175. Welch probably took it from "Sati, a Writeup of Raja Ram Mohan Roy about Burning of Widows Alive". Raja Ram Mohan Roy (1772-1833). There are other sources, but I like to know if this is the oldest specifically re: Singh.
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