Perhaps people are missing the gravity of this.

POTUS tweeted a photo (most will interpret as having been taken at yesterday's presser mask incident) which is actually from Q-drop 4222, way back on May 12.

He's giving us an OBVIOUS confirmation!


Is it by accident that POTUS retweets Q-4222's photo (4222=46) on a day when QClock is also at [46]?

6/7:55:53 tweet time EST/EDT.
#QAnon #QClock #JFKJR?
ALSO, does that Q-drop 4222:

Cameras on = masks on
Cameras off - masks off

also mean some version of 1st pic related?
Remember, "They Live" was called a "Documentary" by many of those closely involved.

When Q says "expand your thinking," we're talkin' multiple levels.


Q-4222 on May 12, 2020 was...

wait for it...

119 days ago



#QClock at [47] which is [mirror] opposite of [17].

Aligns w Q-drop date (5-12-20) of POTUS' tweet yesterday about the reporter who takes his mask off when camera off—AND the 7-11 date in Noah's Ark Flood
Biblical Account (graphic).

HRC due in court today
POTUS has tweeted "Law and Order" exactly 23 times

20 Law & Order (orignl) seasons 1990-2010
30-yr show anniversary 9-13-20
2 days post 9-11

23 tweets

Adam Schiff role played in 1st episode!
Ice-T (Law & Order SVU) tweets #QAnon

All coincidences?
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