When @California_ISO calls a FlexAlert, every rooftop solar project that has been permitted, built, and is just waiting for interconnection approval should be allowed to turn on. Speeding up interconnection by just ONE day would add 3MW of local solar to the grid #EveryWattCounts
Interconnection is the right to connect your solar to the grid. Solar arrays wait for utilities to give them permission to turn on after they are built. It takes PG&E 8.8 days to approve solar on homes & 28.1 days for non-residential solar. In SDG&E that is 1.2 and 1.9
Just getting PG&E to do interconnections as quickly as SDG&E would add megawatts more solar to the grid, relieve pressure on the grid, and help with flex alerts
You can download the database of EVERY interconnected solar project in California here. You can pull the stat of how much solar got interconnected on any given day. On April 30th (the last day we have the stats for) 2.9MW got interconnected. https://www.californiadgstats.ca.gov/ 
You can also view the interconnection timetables there
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