Oh dear that escalated rather brutally and quickly.
FTR I‘ve previously whipsawed through State AG Coalition re @USPS lawsuit

Re AG Stein’s statement:
From a jurisdictional standpoint DeJoy should be absolutely terrified about what the NC AG
That’s all
AG Stein is thorough & deliberate
He's one of the more pragmatic AGs
8/21/20 AG Coalition -see previous tweet

9/3/20 filed a PI seeking to immediately halt unlawful operational.. “time is of the essence”
9/1/20 absentee ballots >591,379
9/3/20 >643,400👇🏻
I rarely retweet or amplify Senator Schumer (it’s a personal thing) notwithstanding on this particular issue he is absolutely correct both on substance and sovereignty
-straw donors highly criminal people go to jail
-if DeJoy’s co was public yikes <—>SEC
I say NC has dual sovereignty thats deliberate
subtext of Schumer & AG Stein statements:
NC LAW §163-278.14
No contributions in names of others; no anonymous contributions; contributions in >$50; no contribution without specific designation of contributor
I also need to be 100% clear I do not condone doxing
FEC records are public but you won’t see me tweeting actual pages sans redactions
mark my words DeJoy(lees) is super fucked
Like how fucked?
Like 336 ways fucked
Like >$1.3+M fucked
Remember how I said if any of the Cos filed SEC then DeJoy(lees) is fucked
It doesn’t matter that he’s no longer overseeing day to day Ops. He retained a board position
XPO Logistics Supply Chain, Inc. (f/k/a New Breed, Inc.
Once you land on the SEC Radar
My guess —> Attorney General Barr will tell @TheJusticeDept to stand down

And that’s why dual sovereignty is a good thing - the cherry on top of DeJoy(less) Straw Donor shitsundae is Trump can’t do a goddamn thing about State Prosecution https://twitter.com/File411/status/1302800919654957061?s=20
-I gave you step by step instructions on how to obtain org docs
-that’s me saying “hello - there’s some there there”
-I am tired of seeing people lift my research either attribute or be known as a plagiarist

👇🏻I said what I said👇🏻

I will never understand people who
-intentionally withhold documents
-portent like they know “insider shit”
-consistently engage in plagiarism
-spewing false hope
-corrosive disinformation
-traffic in soft porn counterintelligence mystic
I said what I said
2019/2020 Election Cycle;

DeJoy(less) 47 transactions
Of which 2 were refunds

JAMES FOR SENATE -12/27/2019 ($2,800.00)
RNC -01/15/2020 ($35,500.00)
Donated > $1.47M sorted —> highest denomination

I don’t understand why people withhold documents

2017/2018 cycle aka midterms
You’ll note the increase in denomination & transaction
It’s best to read this report from the bottom up - that way you can see the data & pattern
DeJoy has >5 “employers listed” its best to run a search on his name v employer
DeJoy’s universal FEC search you’ll note that 2006-2015 he was a “modest” donor
In mid 2016 you’ll note a significant untick in frequency & $ amount
The link below is the universal FEC search
I don’t understand withholding documents
It’s Manipulative AF https://twitter.com/File411/status/1302803071974678529?s=20
FTR you can disagree, Congress subpoenaing DeJoy IMO isn’t the correct course
subpoena XPO & New Breed, payroll co & Sr Mgmt
DeJoy donated to NC Gov
“State Board chair, or in the chair’s absence, any two State Board members, may issue subpoenas when necessary to gather evidence”
Which goes directly to my point from last night
you can read the NCSBE FAQ
If you understand how subpoenas are used, you’d know you subpoena people/Orgs around the target then the target

You can read the specific NC statutes
When I say basic
investigatory work
Target is in the center
Investigators subpoena everyone one in the circle
After you have the evidence
then bring the target in and/or issue a subpoena
In law you do not ask a question that you don’t know the answer too that’s basic law “stuff”
FEC filings are public records
Notwithstanding I refuse to be viewed as doxing
1/15/20 $8,900
1/15/20 $58,900
4/03/19 $33,900
4/03/19 $64,300
2/08/18 $33,900
6/06/17 $2,700
6/06/17 $2,700
Link to FEC DeJoy Trust donations
Why Is DeJoy still the @USPS Master General
Highly irregular selection
S. David Fineman former Chairman
USPS Board of Governors
“DeJoy’s selection process was highly irregular given his financial conflicts of interest and would not have been tolerated under previous admins...”
You need to understand that when it was discovered that Louis DeJoy’s nomination & background check was “highly irregular” this was me being a screaming goat -screaming you need to listen to @RepRaskin questions
As further elucidated in yesterday’s hearing
Yes I know I’m being redundant but I’m trying to help you understand the arch of this and what the House OverSight committee has done.
Both in terms of hearings & Documents
Dejoy(less) nomination & selection was flawed & unethical AF.
Get it👇🏻🚨👆🏻 https://twitter.com/File411/status/1303002550858395650?s=20
You can disagree with me on the margins but as a whole
I want Duncan deposed
I want Barger deposed
Scratch that I want all of the USPS Board of Governors deposed.
Assholes are stonewalling Congress
And don’t get this twisted, we are not having a theoretical debate
The @realDonaldTrump @USPS board of Governors committed crimes by the “highly irregular” DeJoy Nomination
See 18 USC §208: Acts affecting a personal financial interest
People need to go to JAIL for this
Dejoy didn’t go through the normal process - to date I can not find any OGE waiver
But more importantly no one in Congress can find a waiver which means the USPS Board of Governors & Dejoy likely violated 18 USC §208...

Far more pernicious is Dejoy wasn’t required to:
Divest his interest in XPO Logistics, Inc. or Amazon
Particularly the XPO a current @USPS contractor
The corruption & lawlessness the @realDonaldTrump administration is nothing like I’ve seen in my 3 decades in DC. It’s EGREGIOUS
Postmaster General DeJoy slowed mail service across the country. Every Postal Service District in the country saw a decline in on-time delivery of First-Class mail, including steep declines in Detroit, Honolulu, central Pennsylvania, and parts of Northern Ohio and the Ohio Valley
“Accounts from USPS workers contradict DeJoy’s statements about the status of certain operational changes, including limitations on overtime – and the Postal Service has still not answered questions...”
Executive Summary
“..results of my investigation clearly show that Postmaster General DeJoy’s carelessly instituted operational changes to the Postal Service resulted in severe service impacts that harmed the lives and livelihoods of Michiganders and Americans,” @SenGaryPeters
“his actions have had consequences for many of my constituents and people across the nation. My report shows his decisions were reckless and caused significant harm to the American people. The Postmaster General must immediately cease any actions that continue to cause delay...”
Good GAWD Almighty... @SenGaryPeters has done us a great service - on the record⬇️
“...accounts from Postal Service employees are provided with permission from among the over 7,700 submissions individuals have shared with Senator Peters...
From August 7th
Until today’s Senate Minority Report - I don’t think any of us really knew the totality & perniciousness of DeJoy(less)
And don’t you dare bring “mob” into this - I’ll name check you
It’s so adorable how some are suddenly the subject matter experts
Where were you in April?
This reads like a 39 page indictment of @realDonaldTrump @GOP @USPS Post Master General’s criminal behavior
-delays to our Vets is ducking enraging.
-unlike some I want my followers to have the original documents
Have a mtg in <3 minutes
Link to report⬇️
Like I said where were you in April?
Some of us spent a lot of time tracking down the reports, reading them and extracting pertinent information
Did you think I was being a drama llama in April?
I can assure you I was not
Not everything is “mob” or Russia https://twitter.com/File411/status/1248392244102488066?s=20
I mean we have talked about the NCGOP, right?
FEC ID C00685123
do NOT DOX donors - I see it I’ll call you out & shame you
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