Thread: Deconstructing the 1918 “Spanish Flu” Pandemic

1) In this scathing indictment of the outrageously corrupt Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), I will methodically dismantle the highly dubious official narrative of the deadly influenza pandemic of 1918-20.
2) Since the 1918 “Spanish Flu” pandemic helped set the stage for the modern-day medical establishment, the process of dissecting it will yield valuable insights that can be used to unravel the fraudulent official narrative of COVID-19 that is being peddled today.
3) It turns out that “Spanish Flu” is a complete misnomer, as this particular outbreak was neither Spanish in origin, nor was it a “contagious” flu.
4) Spain was one of the few major European countries to remain neutral during World War I. The Spanish media, unlike that of Allied and Central Powers nations, was free and uncensored. Therefore, they didn’t suppress news of the pandemic, unlike other countries.
5) Other countries with a media blackout could only get detailed, in-depth coverage of the pandemic from Spanish news sources. Hence, many people incorrectly assumed the illness was specific to Spain, and it was dubbed the “Spanish Flu”—much to Spain’s chagrin.
6) Numerous articles and studies indicate that there is “uncertainty” around the 1918 pandemic, and researchers are still “unsure” as to the exact “origin” of the supposed outbreak.
7) According to Sino Biological, the cause of the 1918 influenza pandemic was a “vicious Influenza A virus strain of subtype H1N1.”
8) The symptoms were extremely severe and unusual, including “massive hemorrhages and edema in the lung.” The disease was initially misdiagnosed as dengue, cholera, or typhoid. Interestingly, the majority of deaths were caused by a secondary infection of bacterial pneumonia.
9) Sino Biological also indicates that influenza viruses are viral infections of the “respiratory and pulmonary system generally accompanied by fever.”
10) A CDC article published in 2006, entitled “1918 Influenza: the Mother of All Pandemics,” claims that an estimated 500 million people, or roughly one-third of the world’s population, were “infected” by the supposed virus.
11) The total deaths were estimated to be anywhere from 50 to 100 million.

“All influenza A pandemics since that time, and indeed almost all cases of influenza A worldwide (excepting human infections from avian viruses such as H5N1 and H7N7)…”
12) “…have been caused by descendants of the 1918 virus, including ‘drifted’ H1N1 viruses and reassorted H2N2 and H3N2 viruses.”

Note that since viruses are not alive, they cannot possibly have descendants.
13) The article continues: “Subsequent research indicates that descendants of the 1918 virus still persists enzootically in pigs. They probably also circulated continuously in humans, undergoing gradual antigenic drift and causing annual epidemics, until the 1950s.”
14) “With the appearance of a new H2N2 pandemic strain in 1957 (‘Asian flu’), the direct H1N1 viral descendants of the 1918 pandemic strain disappeared from human circulation entirely, although the related lineage persisted enzootically in pigs.”
15) “But in 1977, human H1N1 viruses suddenly ‘reemerged’ from a laboratory freezer (9). They continue to circulate endemically and epidemically.”
16) No proof is given for the far-fetched claim that “descendants” of the 1918 virus still persist “enzootically” in pigs. There cannot be such a thing as “cross-species transmission,” e.g., from animals to humans, simply because animal RNA/DNA is incompatible with human RNA/DNA.
18) According to the World Health Organization (WHO), “Seasonal influenza is characterized by a sudden onset of fever, cough (usually dry), headache, muscle and joint pain, severe malaise (feeling unwell), sore throat and a runny nose.”
19) The “seasonal” variety of influenza can be potentially fatal for people who are considered “high risk.” This includes children under 5, adults over 65, pregnant women, individuals with chronic medical conditions, and individuals with immunosuppressive conditions.
20) However, the 1918 pandemic affected a totally different demographic than “seasonal” influenza. The CDC article says, “Overall, nearly half of the influenza-related deaths in the 1918 pandemic were in young adults 20–40 years of age, a phenomenon unique to that pandemic year.”
21) This is very peculiar, since the article also claims that the 1918 illness was just a variation of ordinary, “seasonal” influenza. Once again, since viruses are not alive, it is preposterous for the CDC to claim that any virus has “descendants.”
22) A further examination of the literature regarding this pandemic reveals many peculiar inconsistencies, inconsistent narratives, and doublethink. This is compounded by the fact that death records were not consistently archived and saved in many parts of the world at that time.
23) Regardless, there is more than enough available information to form logical conclusions about the true nature of this pandemic, as well as to expose the ridiculous lies and needlessly complicated layers of scientific garbage the CDC, among others, have used to hide the truth.
24) The CDC, at best, can be described as an organization that is horrifically inept at performing its intended function, and at worst, a corrupt and heinous instrument of death—in stark contrast to the overly try-hard and “benevolent” purpose embedded within its ridiculous name.
25) The agency has dedicated a number of pages on its website to describing the 1918 influenza pandemic. It states that the pandemic was “caused by an H1N1 virus with genes of avian origin.”
26) Oddly enough, in the very same paragraph, the CDC admits, “Although there is not universal consensus regarding where the virus originated, it spread worldwide during 1918-1919.” Apparently, the virus was first identified in military personnel in the spring of 1918.
27) There were an estimated 675,000 deaths in the United States.

“The high mortality in healthy people, including those in the 20-40 year age group, was a unique feature of this pandemic.”
28) The CDC inexplicably claims, “While the 1918 H1N1 virus has been synthesized and evaluated, the properties that made it so devastating are not well understood.”

This statement sounds patently absurd.
29) If the virus has been “synthesized and evaluated,” shouldn’t the properties that made it so “devastating” already be well understood? This is grossly incompetent for such a lavishly funded institution. What exactly does the CDC mean by the words “synthesized” and “evaluated”?
30) There are supposedly four different kinds of influenza viruses classified as types A, B, C, and D. According to the CDC, “Influenza A viruses are the only influenza viruses known to cause flu pandemics, i.e., global epidemics of flu disease.”
31) “A pandemic can occur when a new and very different influenza A virus emerges that both infects people and has the ability to spread efficiently between people.”
32) The CDC indicates that 131 “subtypes” of the influenza virus exist. The organization follows an internationally accepted virus naming convention that was accepted by the WHO following a major revision in 1979.
33) Just from reading the CDC’s page on influenza viruses, it seems as if the organization finds itself caught in a massive, gruesome, and genocidal lie. It’s remarkable that there isn’t a single actual image of an influenza virus on this particular site—only colorful diagrams.
34) It appears as though the CDC has been slapping layer upon layer of scientific obscurity onto the initial lie until it becomes so layered with abstraction and absurd complexity that the average person is simply unable to grasp it.
35) Influenza A viruses are supposedly divided into subtypes based on two proteins that exist on the surface of the virus: hemagglutinin (HA) and neuraminidase (NA). There are 18 different HA subtypes and 11 different NA subtypes.
36) The two subtypes can be further broken down into different genetic “clades” and “sub-clades.”
37) I cannot emphasize enough just how recklessly stupid and dangerous it is to blindly leave your health and safety in the hands of these so-called “experts,” if for no other reason than the fact that human error is always a very real possibility in any given man-made situation.
38) Don’t forget that medical error is the third-leading cause of death in the United States. These people are not gods—not by a long shot.
39) When you add pervasive, filthy corruption to the mix, the medical establishment becomes a totally backwards, arcane, grotesque, and medieval nightmare of epic proportions—one that you don’t even remotely want to think about wasting any time with, unless absolutely necessary.
40) The CDC indicates that its “studies of the 1918 influenza virus were begun in 2004 with the initiation of testing of viruses containing subsets of the eight genes of the 1918 virus.”
41) For whatever reason, the agency waited all the way until 2005 to finally finish “discovering” and “reconstructing” the 1918 influenza virus. That’s 85 years to fully characterize the supposed cause of a devastating pandemic that killed an estimated 50 million or more people.
43) “The virus’ unique severity puzzled researchers for decades, and prompted several questions, such as ‘Why was the 1918 virus so deadly?’, ‘Where did the virus originate from?’, and…”
44) “…‘What can the public health community learn from the 1918 virus to better prepare for and defend against future pandemics?’ These questions drove an expert group of researchers and virus hunters to search for the lost 1918 virus, sequence its genome, recreate the virus…”
45) “…in a highly safe and regulated laboratory setting at CDC, and ultimately study its secrets to better prepare for future pandemics.”
46) “For decades, the 1918 virus was lost to history, a relic of a time when the understanding of infectious pathogens and the tools to study them were still in their infancy.”
47) In 1951, a Swedish microbiologist named Johan Hultin attempted to excavate bodies of Inuit Natives buried at a tiny ocean-side village in Alaska. This village was supposedly ravaged by influenza in the fall of 1918.
48) “The excavation took days…Two days in, Hultin came across the body of a little girl…Ultimately, Hultin successfully obtained lung tissue from four additional bodies buried at the site, but logistical and technological limitations of the time period would prove formidable.”
49) “Hultin attempted to inject the lung tissue into chicken eggs to get the virus to grow. It did not. In the end, perhaps unsurprisingly, Hultin was unable to retrieve the 1918 virus from this initial attempt.”
50) 46 years later, in 1997, Hultin came across the work of Jeffery Taubenberger, a young molecular pathologist employed by the Armed Services Institute of Pathology in Washington, D.C.
51) Taubenberger’s team had completed the “initial work to sequence part of the genome of the 1918 virus.”
52) “Taubenberger’s team successfully extracted RNA of the 1918 virus from lung tissue obtained from a 21-year-old male U.S. service member stationed in Fort Jackson, South Carolina.”
53) “From this tissue, Taubenberger’s group was able to sequence nine fragments of viral RNA from four of the virus’ eight gene segments. This work did not represent a complete sequence of the entire 1918 virus’ genome…”
54) Apparently, upon seeing Taubenberger’s work published in the journal Science, Hultin became “inspired” once again to try and recover the 1918 virus. I wonder where that “inspiration” was during the 46 years since his initial attempt? But I digress.
55) Hultin reached out to Taubenberger and got his agreement to attempt another excavation at the same Alaskan village. This time, Hultin was able to unearth the body of an Inuit woman whose “lungs were perfectly frozen and preserved in the Alaskan permafrost.”
56) “Hultin removed them, placed them in preserving fluid, and later shipped them separately to Taubenberger and his fellow researchers, including Dr. Ann Reid, at the Armed Forces Institute of Pathology.”
57) “Ten days later, Hultin received a call from the scientists to confirm — to perhaps everyone’s collective astonishment — that positive 1918 virus genetic material had indeed been obtained from Lucy’s lung tissue.” 😂
59) The article claims, “Pandemic influenza results when an influenza strain emerges with an HA protein to which few people have prior immunity (4). It is thought that the source of HA genes that are new to humans is the extensive pool of influenza viruses infecting wild birds.”
60) “How new HA genes emerge and where they adapt from their characteristic avian form to a form that successfully spreads in humans are not understood perfectly.”

This statement alone calls into question everything reported in this study.
61) The study utilized autopsy cases of 78 victims from the lethal fall wave of influenza that occurred in 1918. However, the authors make an interesting admission in the “Materials and Methods” section of their report.
62) “The majority of individuals died of secondary acute bacterial pneumonia, the most common cause of death in the 1918 pandemic (10); most of the samples taken from these individuals were not analyzed further, because they were extremely unlikely to retain influenza virus...”
63) No explanation is provided for why these samples “were extremely unlikely to retain influenza virus.” The researchers did, however, select 13 samples “from patients who experienced acute influenza deaths after clinical courses of less than 1 week.”
64) “In addition to samples taken from patients with early bronchopneumonia, samples from patients with acute massive pulmonary edema and/or hemorrhage were also selected, reflecting the unusual histopathology observed in 1918 (13).”
65) Note that bronchopneumonia is most commonly associated with a bacterial lung infection. 
66) According to a 1956 report, acute pulmonary edema is associated with “a great variety of conditions,” including pneumonia and bronchopneumonia.
67) Ultimately, it appears the researchers ended up using only three bodies from which to extract the supposed hemagglutinin gene of the influenza A virus. Let’s take a look at the report’s description of each of these bodies.
68) First patient: “During the autopsy, it was noted that he had a fatal secondary lobar bacterial pneumonia in his left lung, whereas the right lung showed only focal acute bronchiolitis and alveolitis, indicative of primary influenza pneumonia.”
69) “Formalin-fixed, paraffin-embedded right lung tissue was positive for influenza RNA [A/South Carolina/1/18 (H1N1)] as reported (2).”
70) Second patient: “The second patient was a 30-year-old male stationed at Camp Upton, NY…The autopsy showed massive bilateral pulmonary edema and focal acute bronchopneumonia. Formalin-fixed, paraffin-embedded lung tissue was positive for influenza RNA...”
71) “RNA templates larger than 150 nucleotides could not be amplified in these two cases.”
72) Third patient: “One of the victims, an Inuit female (age unknown) was influenza RNA positive [A/Brevig Mission/1/18 (H1N1)]. In this case, RNA templates greater than 120 nucleotides could not be amplified.”
73) The researchers used a hocus-pocus technique known as RT-PCR to amplify (copy) RNA templates. However, they were unable to amplify RNA templates larger than 150 nucleotides for the first two patients, and larger than 120 nucleotides for the third patient. Very poor.
74) According to the CDC, the influenza A virus’ genome contains eight gene segments that total in length to ~13,500 nucleotides. This is a far cry from the short RNA templates that were amplified, which calls into question the efficacy of RT-PCR.
75) Here is another key snippet from the report: “Analysis of the 1918 HA sequence permits alternative interpretations as to its origin. The 1918 sequences are phylogenetically distinct from current avian strains.”

This statement is so idiotic that it negates the entire study.
76) This pretty much tells me all I need to know about the sloppy, patchwork “scientific” techniques used by these researchers. And no, I don’t need to have a PhD in Virology in order to utilize some very basic logic and common sense here.
77) I won’t go into the rest of this shaky and embarrassing paper in detail, but feel free to read through it yourself in order to appreciate just how atrocious the junk science truly is. Nevertheless, let’s take a brief look at how polymerase chain reaction (PCR) works.
79) According to Kary Mullis, inventor of the PCR technique, “...the intended use of the PCR apply it as a manufacturing replicate DNA sequences millions and billions of times...not as a diagnostic tool to detect viruses.”
80) Talk about a massive fraud that invalidates virtually the entire field of virology. Nonetheless, let’s continue with the CDC’s description of its “reconstruction” of this “virus,” which culminates with a 2005 paper published in the journal Science.
81) We can clearly see the deceptiveness of this deeply flawed research article simply by examining some key passages.
82) “With the recent availability of the complete 1918 influenza virus coding sequence, we used reverse genetics to generate an influenza virus bearing all eight gene segments of the pandemic virus to study the properties associated with its extraordinary virulence.”
83) “Because the 1918 5′ and 3′ noncoding regions have not been sequenced, the genes were constructed such that they had the noncoding regions corresponding to the closely related influenza A/WSN/33 (H1N1) virus.”
84) Note that the preceding statement invalidates the entire study, since it is clear the researchers tried to fill in a missing gap here and simply glossed over this in their final results.
85) An esoteric process called “plasmid-based reverse genetics” was used to generate an influenza virus that supposedly matches the one that “caused” the 1918 pandemic.
86) A genetic analysis textbook describes this process as follows: “Reverse genetics starts from a protein or DNA for which there is no genetic information and then works backward to make a mutant gene, ending up with a mutant phenotype.” 
87) Continuing with the CDC’s “reconstruction” study, it is quite clear that the researchers didn’t isolate or extract any single fully intact virus, let alone in large amounts, from any of the preserved lung tissue that was analyzed.
88) This is evident from early on in the report: “In the present study, we generated a virus containing the complete coding sequences of the eight viral gene segments from the 1918 virus in an effort to understand the molecular basis of virulence of this pandemic virus.”
89) Instead, the researchers relied on using “genomic RNA of the 1918 virus” from different patients and utilized “plasmid-based reverse genetics” to merge the results together into a sloppy concoction that was nearly “identical” to the 1918 influenza “virus.”
90) They then attempted to “validate” their results by infecting mice, along with fertile chicken eggs, with this “reconstructed” virus. This is simply nonsensical on a basic, intuitive level.
91) The researchers are just trying way too hard to force-feed a patched together, “reconstructed” virus that almost matches the virus that supposedly infected a handful of patients who supposedly all suffered from the exact same malady over 100 years ago. What a mess.
92) The authors themselves admit, “The resulting strains were demonstrated to cause mortality in mice only at high infection doses (12, 13); however, the virulence of the complete 1918 virus has not been evaluated.” Ridiculous.
93) This study that the CDC tries to pass off as definitive proof of “reconstructing” the 1918 virus is nothing more than junk science meandering through a labyrinth of abstractions, intellectually dishonest shortcuts, and Frankenstein-style experiments. Absolutely horrendous.
94) Furthermore, there isn’t a single real image of the patchwork “reconstructed” virus; there are only photomicrographs of “hematoxylin and eosin-stained lung sections” from the mice that were subsequently infected with the “reconstructed” virus.
95) The fact that the CDC—a truly loathsome, disgusting, and two-faced organization whose evil knows no bounds—tries to pass this garbage off as “science” and as “evidence” of an infectious virus causing the 1918 pandemic is egregiously dishonest, not to mention deeply sinister.
96) The deception here is fairly straightforward to figure out. I find it astonishing how so many “well-educated” types seem to get lost in the rabbit hole of unproven pseudoscience, merely because it contains layers upon layers of abstract complexity that sounds “intelligent.”
97) Regardless, it’s more than just the CDC’s complete inability to simply demonstrate the entire intact virus in any supposedly infected individual without never-ending layers of excessively complicated abstractions, i.e., bullshit.
98) It’s also the CDC’s inability to explain how the majority of deaths resulted from bacterial pneumonia. The fact that most of the deaths were caused by bacterial pneumonia seems to correlate with the widely held opinion in 1918 that bacteria was the causal agent of influenza.
99) There are numerous articles and studies indicating that bacterial pneumonia was the primary cause of death during the 1918 influenza pandemic. However, they are all tainted with asinine claims of a viral-bacterial “coinfection.”
100) A “coinfection” occurs when a person is simultaneously infected with two or more different pathogens. In the context of influenza, it supposedly involves a mild viral infection combined with a more severe bacterial infection.
101) This article discusses how nearly all experts at the time of the 1918 pandemic agreed that deaths were usually a result of “severe secondary pneumonia caused by well-known bacterial ‘pneumopathogens’ that colonized the upper respiratory tract.”
102) Here is a 2008 CDC paper that describes the primary role of bacterial pneumonia during the 1918 pandemic.
103) “We have identified epidemiologic and clinical characteristics of the 1918–19 pandemic that are not readily consistent with the view that most deaths were caused by the direct effects of an inherently hypervirulent virus…”
104) “…and were clinically expressed as rapidly progressing, ultimately fatal pneumonitis. Our alternative hypothesis is consistent with known characteristics and firsthand accounts of the pandemic and contains implications for preparing for the next pandemic.”
105) Moreover, the paper admits that the bacteria most often recovered from 1918 influenza victims “were common colonizers of the upper respiratory tracts of healthy persons.” This is an important point to keep in mind.
106) Here is another paper that describes the role of “viral-bacterial copathogenesis” in the 1918 pandemic. This one is particularly notable, as one of its authors is none other than Dr. Anthony S. Fauci himself.
107) Dr. Fauci and his colleagues admit, “The majority of deaths in the 1918–1919 influenza pandemic likely resulted directly from secondary bacterial pneumonia caused by common upper respiratory–tract bacteria.”
108) “In the 68 higher-quality autopsy series, in which the possibility of unreported negative cultures could be excluded, 92.7% of autopsy lung cultures were positive for ⩾1 bacterium…There were no negative lung culture results.”
109) Inexplicably, the article also states, “The extraordinary severity of the 1918 pandemic remains unexplained. That the causes of death included so many different bacteria, alone or in complex combinations, argues against specific virulent bacterial clones.”
110) It may be tempting to take the position that the virus was nonexistent and that the pandemic was caused by an infectious bacterium (or several) instead. After all, viruses had not been “isolated” until the 1930s.
111) However, there’s a lot more to this than meets the eye, and the so-called secondary bacterial infection is nothing but a smokescreen for a much bigger deception than simply the lack of an infectious virus.
112) To solve this mystery, we should first determine where the pandemic supposedly began. This PBS article is one of many that reluctantly admit the “virus” may have originated in or around Camp Funston, a U.S. Army training camp in Fort Riley, Kansas.
113) The United States declared war in April 1917, and the U.S. military subsequently passed the Selective Service Act to raise a national army. They conducted a draft requiring all men age 21 to 30 to register with local draft boards.
114) Over 2.8 million men were inducted into military service from 1917-1918. This resulted in the fledgling pharmaceutical industry suddenly having a huge supply of human test subjects.
115) It was none other than the Rockefeller Institute for Medical Research (now known as Rockefeller University), based in New York, that took advantage of this huge new pool of human guinea pigs to conduct crude vaccine experiments.
116) The Rockefeller Institute for Medical Research is where the modern pharmaceutical industry was born. 
117) Interestingly enough, one of the Rockefeller Institute’s crude vaccine experiments was conducted at the Base Hospital in Fort Riley, Kansas—the same Fort Riley that numerous articles point to as the possible site of origin of the 1918 influenza pandemic.
118) The experiment was reported by Dr. Frederick L. Gates in a 1918 article published by Rockefeller University Press in the Journal of Experimental Medicine, and it involved the use of a bacterial meningococcal vaccine cultured in horses (horse serum).
119) “Following an outbreak of epidemic meningitis at Camp Funston, Kansas, in October and November, 1917, a series of antimeningitis vaccinations was undertaken on volunteer subjects from the camp.”
120) “In order to cover the two pathogenic types of meningococci and variants of them, it has become the practice in this country, following the methods of Flexner and Jobling and Amoss and Wollstein, to prepare highly polyvalent therapeutic sera…”
121) “…by the repeated injection of a number of representative strains with the object of producing a serum which would protect against any pathogenic strain that might be encountered.”
122) Dr. Gates conducted his vaccine experiments from January 21 – June 4, 1918. The vaccination schedule included “increasing doses of vaccine in a series of three injections at 4 to 10 day intervals according to the schedule in Table I.”
123) “The vaccine used was made in the laboratory of The Rockefeller Institute. 16 hour growths on 1 percent glucose agar in Blake bottles were washed off with isotonic salt solution, like strains pooled, and…”
124) “…the concentrated suspensions immediately heated to 65°C. for 30 minutes to kill the cocci and inactivate the autolytic ferment.”
125) A total of 4,792 men received the first dose. However, only 4,257 completed the second dose, and this dropped to 3,702 men for the third dose. Feel free to read through the report for yourself just to get a sense of the crude and reckless nature of these experiments.
126) The timing of The Rockefeller Institute’s vaccine experiments at Fort Riley seems to coincide perfectly with the start of the first wave in 1918.
127) Interestingly enough, a 1919 study published by Oxford University Press in the Journal of Infectious Diseases also describes a crude vaccination program. This one was used to “treat” approximately 5,000 influenza patients.
128) The researchers in this study attempted “the protection of the human against the infection with the specific protein of the freshly killed culture,” i.e., a bacterial vaccine for B. influenzae, using a stock culture from—you guessed it—the Rockefeller Institute.
129) “Approximately 5,000 persons were vaccinated, each receiving three separate subcutaneous injections of 1,000,000,000 organisms…Our intention here is to give only the points of interest which have a bearing in the establishment of a causal role for B. influenzae.”
130) The vaccination program was not the primary aspect of this study, however. The researchers’ main goal was to figure out the role of the so-called Pfeiffer bacillus in the influenza epidemic.
131) In their concluding remarks, the authors state, “The Pfeiffer bacillus is the primary cause of epidemic influenza for the reason that sufficient postulates in the recognition of its etiology can be fulfilled.”
132) In other words, the authors assert that the Pfeiffer bacillus is the “primary cause” of epidemic influenza. But what is the Pfeiffer bacillus, exactly?
133) In 1892, German physician and bacteriologist Richard Pfeiffer supposedly isolated what he believed to be the “causative agent” of influenza—a small rod-shaped bacterium isolated from the noses of patients “infected” with the flu.
134) Pfeiffer dubbed the bacterium Bacillus influenzae (or Pfeiffer’s bacillus). However, it is now known as Haemophilus influenzae.
135) By the time Pfeiffer had supposedly isolated the bacterium, most “communicable” diseases were assumed to be caused by bacteria. The word “virus” had been used for many years to describe a non-specific, hypothetical communicable agent.
136) As a result of Pfeiffer’s isolation of Haemophilus influenzae in 1892, medical practitioners focused on administering bacterial vaccinations during the influenza pandemic of 1918-20, since no viral cause for influenza had been detected at the time.
137) Consequently, more than a million doses of bacterial vaccines were likely produced during the pandemic years, according to the article below. The actual number may be much higher, though, considering there were an estimated 50 – 100 million deaths.
138) The article also quotes “renowned” vaccinologist Dr. Stanley A. Plotkin: “The bacterial vaccines developed for Spanish influenza were probably ineffective because at the time it was not known that pneumococcal bacteria come in many, many serotypes…”
139) “…and that of the bacterial group they called B. influenzae, only one type is a major pathogen.”

Of course, this statement from Dr. Plotkin—a nefarious individual known as the “Godfather of Vaccines”—isn’t quite accurate.
140) Speaking of Dr. Plotkin, here he is speaking under oath in a videotaped deposition for a case involving a custody battle between an anti-vax mother and a pro-vax father. In this video, he confirms the heinous process involved in the use of aborted fetal cells in vaccines.
141) Dr. Plotkin is a paid consultant to the four major vaccine companies (GlaxoSmithKline, Pfizer, Merck, and Sanofi Pasteur). The full text of his nine-hour deposition is available at the link below.
142) But I digress. Needless to say, the above video should give you enough of an idea as to what kind of a person Dr. Plotkin really is—which further indicates that his biased assessment of vaccines used in the 1918 influenza pandemic should be taken with a grain of salt.
143) What Dr. Plotkin and other compromised individuals will fail to tell you is that the crude, reckless, and lethal vaccines themselves were one of the primary causes—if not the primary cause—of the massive and widespread death during the so-called “Spanish Flu” pandemic.
144) In fact, it was so bad that at one point “seven men dropped dead in a doctor’s office after being vaccinated,” according to the book “Swine Flu Expose” by Eleanor McBean. I suspect that such an event was far from being a one-off occurrence.
145) The massive and wide-ranging effort to vaccinate the masses against a supposed bacterial infection from 1918-20 was severely misguided, not to mention horribly disastrous, as evidenced by the colossal estimated death toll.
146) In order to help illustrate why this was the case, let me draw your attention to an informative—albeit misguided—American Heritage article from 1976 entitled “The Great Flu Epidemic of 1918.”
147) This article also points to Fort Riley, Kansas, as the “source” of the “outbreak,” although—in what seems to be a fairly consistent theme with such articles—it conveniently fails to mention the Rockefeller Institute vaccine experiments conducted by Dr. Frederick L. Gates.
148) However, that isn’t really the aspect of this article that I want to draw your attention to. That distinction belongs to several other passages later on.
149) “Dr. Simon Flexner, brilliant head of the department of pathology and bacteriology at the Rockefeller Institute, directed one of his key researchers to devote all her attention to detecting the cause of the disease.”
150) “Despite a valiant effort, she and her colleagues were unable to isolate or identify the agent, concluding only that the epidemic was indeed influenza, caused by some unknown germ.”
151) The mention of Dr. Flexner and the Rockefeller Institute is noteworthy, although this passage falsely portrays a truly sick, deranged, and genocidal organization in a positive light—another common, yet expected, theme throughout all of the corrupt and controlled literature.
152) The article also mentions a peculiar—not to mention cruel—set of experiments conducted by Dr. Joseph Goldberger in 1918 at the naval prison in Boston Harbor’s Deer Island.
153) “Even attempts to verify the way the disease spread were frustrated…at the naval prison in Boston Harbor’s Deer Island, Dr. Joseph Goldberger, a public-health physician, stood before a thousand deserters, insubordinates, brawlers, and other delinquent sailors.”
154) “The doctor needed volunteers for an influenza experiment. The epidemic had stricken nearly a quarter of the total personnel and was on its way to taking the lives of 5,000 men.”
155) “Goldberger was blunt. Volunteers would first have to inhale a pure culture of Pfeiffer influenza bacillus into their nostrils. If this did not infect them, they would be injected with matter from the lungs of dead influenza victims.”
156) “Volunteers would next have secretions from influenza patients sprayed into their nostrils and eyes and swabbed inside their throats. Finally each volunteer would be assigned to a seriously ill influenza patient who would cough directly into his face.”
157) “In exchange for running this gauntlet with death all surviving volunteers would be pardoned and restored to active duty. Three hundred men volunteered; Goldberger took 62 of them for his experiment.”
158) “A week after the sailor guinea pigs had sniffed, been injected, had their throats swabbed, and 10 of them had inhaled the coughs of influenza victims, not one man had contracted the disease.”
159) “…as for the experiment itself, it failed to verify the one point that the doctors previously had thought they were sure of—how the disease was transmitted.”
160) Very interesting.

“A week after…not one man had contracted the disease.”

You can find a free e-book detailing Dr. Goldberger’s experiments, among others, at the link below.
161) Dr. Goldberger’s experiments at Deer Island are quite noteworthy. Shouldn’t at least a few of the people who were exposed to the “coughs of influenza victims” (in such direct ways, no less) have contracted the disease?

Yet reportedly, not even a single person was infected.
162) These experiments open up a huge can of worms with regards to so-called infectious diseases—especially the infamous “infectious” disease that was purported to be the driver of the 1918 pandemic.
163) In an ideal world where virtually all of the media isn’t corrupt and controlled, the fraudulent modern-day medical establishment never would have survived for this long. It would have been eviscerated long ago, thanks to experiments like the ones conducted by Dr. Goldberger.
164) Unfortunately, we do not live in an ideal world, which makes a thread like this akin to something along the lines of guerrilla warfare.
165) It was merely a few decades prior to Dr. Goldberger’s remarkable experiments at Deer Island when the rivalry between two of the preeminent microbiologists in modern history, Louis Pasteur and Antoine Béchamp, was reaching its apex.
166) The Frenchman Pasteur is considered one of the fathers of the seemingly infallible germ theory, which is the crux of modern medicine. The theory was very controversial when it was first proposed—rightfully so, I might add, in spite of the widespread claims of its “validity.”
167) Encyclopaedia Britannica defines germ theory as “the theory that certain diseases are caused by the invasion of the body by microorganisms, organisms too small to be seen except through a microscope.”
168) Pasteur is renowned for his “discoveries” of vaccination, fermentation, and pasteurization. He is also credited with “disproving” the doctrine of spontaneous generation, which is the notion that living organisms can arise from nonliving matter.
169) Oddly enough, Pasteur was inspired by a passage in the Talmud that said, “a person bitten by a mad dog should be fed a lobe of that dog’s liver,” according to a bizarre article entitled “How Coronavirus Makes This Rosh Hashanah More Meaningful.”
170) “According to one claim, this quote fascinated Pasteur, who began experiments that ended in his discovery that using a bit of an infection could set off an alarm within the body that caused it to produce antibodies to fight the disease.”
171) Here is the specific passage in the Talmud (Yoma 84b) that the above article apparently refers to, courtesy of Sefaria.
172) Pasteur’s reported interest in the Talmud is very peculiar; I suspect his fascination with such a nefarious and filthy text may have been much deeper than reported. However, delving deep into that rabbit hole would probably require an entire thread of its own.
173) But since we’re on the subject of the notoriously sinister (not to mention disgusting) Talmud, there’s certainly no harm in exploring this connection just a bit further.
175) “...less known is the fact that Pasteur owes his greatest discoveries to a chance reading of the Talmud, which, 1,500 years before he was born...advanced the notion that the administration of a weak form of a disease to humans could cause immunity to its virulent version.”
176) “The story begins with Rabbi Dr. Israel Michel Rabinowitz (1818-93), a Russo-French translator, essayist, and author of Hebrew, Polish, French, and Latin Grammars. The descendant of a long line of rabbis, he pursued his rabbinical studies in Grodno and Brest and…”
177) “…after earning his semicha, studied Greek and Latin and entered the University of Breslau, where he studied philology and medicine.”
178) “He went to Paris in 1854 to complete his medical studies, served there as a hospital intern, and earned his M.D. in 1865, but he never practiced medicine.”
179) “It all began when R. Rabinowitz, then living in Paris, showed his translation of the Talmudic Order Mo’ed, which deals with Jewish festivals, to his good friend, Louis Pasteur.”
180) “The biologist became fascinated by the Talmudic discussion on page 83b of Tractate Yoma where the rabbis accurately describe the five signs of a rabid dog: open mouth, dripping saliva, tail between paws, abnormal gait, and droopy ears.”
181) “He became intrigued by the rabbis’ ancient Hebrew wisdom, particularly their prescribed cure for a person infected by the bite of a rabid dog: ‘If someone was bitten by a mad dog [affected with rabies], one should feed him the lobe of that dog’s liver.’”
182) “(Even though a dog is a non-kosher animal, the rabbis considered eating the dog’s liver to be a legitimate cure to a serious illness and therefore permitted it to be eaten.)”
183) “Pasteur understood the Talmud to be teaching that the way to cure infectious ailments was to introduce small amounts of the infection into the organism, and he hypothesized that an infected body produces antibodies, which could then attack an invading infection.”
184) “To test his theory, he cultivated cholera bacteria in chicken broth, exposed a sample of chickens in a pen to the cholera, found that he could not thereafter infect them with fresh bacteria…”
185) “…and concluded that the weakened bacteria had rendered these chickens immune to the ravages of the disease.”
186) That sounds like an incredibly crude experiment, given the fact that there could be a variety of reasons as to why Pasteur was unable to infect the chickens with fresh bacteria after exposing them to cholera bacteria in chicken broth.
187) “Pasteur next applied this immunization method – he coined the term ‘vaccines’ for his artificially-weakened bacteria – to prevent anthrax, a feared killer of cattle, which is often fatal to humans who come in contact with infected animals or contaminated animal products.”
188) “He cultivated bacteria from the blood of animals infected with anthrax, injected a sample of the animals with the bacteria, and proved that the bacteria caused the disease.”
189) “When he was advised that the carcasses of sheep that had died of anthrax were buried in fields, Pasteur hypothesized that earthworms were bringing bacteria to the surface, and he was proven correct when his experiments found anthrax bacteria in the earthworms’ excrement.”
190) “After he advised farmers not to bury dead animals in fields, the spread of anthrax was significantly stemmed.”
191) “Pasteur next produced the first successful vaccine for rabies by growing the virus in rabbits, then weakened it by drying the affected nerve tissue. The success of all the cholera, anthrax, and rabies vaccines paved the way for the manufacture of many other vaccines, and…”
192) “…the ultimate result of Pasteur’s Talmudic knowledge was the development of a science that has saved, and continues to save, countless millions of lives.”

Needless to say, that is a horribly misleading statement.
193) “In 1887, Pasteur brought together leading scientists with various specialties spanning a variety of microbiological disciplines and commenced worldwide fundraising for what would become the Pasteur Institute – which many at the time called ‘The Rabies Palace’ – whose…”
194) “…stated purpose was ‘the treatment of rabies according to the method developed by M. Pasteur’ and ‘the study of virulent and contagious diseases.’”
195) “Construction of the facility was financed through national subscriptions and private donations, and the edifice, which included an apartment and research laboratory set aside for Pasteur, was inaugurated on November 14, 1888…”
196) Utterly sickening. This piece from the Jewish Press basically confirms my suspicions with regard to Pasteur, who was somehow influenced by the central text of rabbinic Judaism—and perhaps even Jewish mysticism, depending on the depth of his involvement with such doctrines.
197) Hence, the principles of modern-day medicine, which largely stem from Pasteur’s “discoveries,” are based on crude, bizarre, and idiotic ideas put forth in arguably the most abhorrent collection of religious teachings on the face of the earth—courtesy of Judaism. Appalling.
198) Two of Pasteur’s most celebrated “achievements” are his public demonstration of an anthrax vaccine on sheep in 1881 and the first “successful” use of his rabies vaccine on a human subject in 1885.
199) A noteworthy book entitled “The Dream and Lie of Louis Pasteur,” written by R. B. Pearson, describes Pasteur’s famous public experiment demonstrating his anthrax vaccine, which occurred at Pouilly-le-Fort, France, in 1881.
200) “It seems to me that we have now seen too many cases of deceitfulness, prevarication and deliberate fraud on Pasteur's part to place much confidence in his good faith under such conditions, and in fact one is justified in looking with suspicion on this experiment.”
201) “Here were 48 sheep - 24 supposed to be vaccinated, lived, while 24 not vaccinated, died. In such a number the treatment might be differentiated quite easily. He could have injected the unvaccinated sheep with a slow poison and he might have used pure sterile water, or…”
202) “…a syringe with a perforated piston, in a pretended injection of the vaccinated sheep! And his assistants might have believed such a trick harmless and justifiable! Or it might have been concealed from them!”
203) “This ‘miracle’, as de Kruif describes it, seems to be the only success in a long series of failures; the one result that gives the only real support to Pasteur's claims.”
204) “After all the double-dealing and fraud that we have proven elsewhere, are we not entitled to be sceptical of this? Does not his past conduct suggest that he could have been loading the dice? And he does not seem to have been able to repeat the success elsewhere!”
205) While the secretive Pasteur managed to deceive the public and the scientific community regarding the “efficacy” of his anthrax vaccine, that same “efficacy” could not be replicated in future tests conducted by other parties, as Pearson describes later in his book.
206) “De Kruif says of this fact (p.165):

‘Gradually, hardly a year after the miracle of Pouilly-le-Fort, it began to be evident that Pasteur, though a most original microbe hunter, was not an infallible god. Disturbing letters began to pile up on his desk…’”
207) “‘…complaints from Montpotheir and a dozen towns of France, and from Packisch and Kapuvar in Hungary. Sheep were dying from anthrax - not natural anthrax they had picked up in dangerous fields, but anthrax they had got from those vaccines that were meant to save them!’”
208) “‘From other places came sinister stories of how the vaccines had failed to work - the vaccine had been paid for, whole flocks of sheep had been injected, the farmers had gone to bed breathing “Thank God for our great man Pasteur”…’”
209) “‘…only to wake up in the morning to find their fields littered with the carcasses of dead sheep, and these sheep - which ought to have been immune - had died from the lurking anthrax spores that lay in their fields.’”
210) “In 1881 the Sanitary Commission of the Hungarian Government said of the vaccine viruses used in the anti-anthrax inoculation:

‘The worst diseases, pneumonia, catarrhal fever, etc., have exclusively struck down the animals subjected to injection. It follows from this…’”
211) “‘…that the Pasteur inoculation tends to accelerate the action of certain latent diseases and to hasten the mortal issue of other grave affections.’

Plainly it failed in their tests also, and the Hungarian Government forbade its use in that country.”
212) “It was not long before his vaccine was proven a failure elsewhere as well. In March 1882, a commission composed of members of the faculty of the University of Turin, Italy, undertook to conduct tests regarding the value of this anthrax prophylactic.”
213) “A sheep having died of anthrax, after the learned professors had vaccinated some other sheep with Pasteur's cultures, they inoculated both these vaccinated sheep and some unvaccinated sheep with the blood of the dead sheep.”
214) “All of the sheep, both vaccinated and unvaccinated, subsequently died, proving the vaccine utterly worthless.”
215) Considering Pasteur’s “groundbreaking” public demonstration of his anthrax vaccine apparently helped pave the way for modern medicine and pharmacology, it’s reasonable to conclude that both modern medicine and pharmacology are on extremely shaky ground, to put it mildly.
216) The “deceitfulness, prevarication and deliberate fraud” of Pasteur, as noted by Pearson, are certainly par for the course for a man who derived inspiration from a text as profoundly twisted, deceitful, and loathsome as the Talmud.
218) “By 1885, five years after starting work on rabies, Pasteur and his colleagues had developed a live viral preparation, which, Pasteur claimed, not only protected dogs from rabies infections, but prevented the disease from becoming symptomatic if administered post exposure.”
219) “Still, it was not without reluctance—or concern from his peers—that he agreed to administer a series of viral injections to the asymptomatic young Meister.”
220) “‘This will be another bad night for your father,’ wrote Pasteur’s wife Marie to their children during the treatment. ‘He cannot come to terms with the idea of applying a measure of last resort to this child.’”
221) “But it seemed to work—Meister didn’t develop rabies. And after starting treatment of another boy that October, Pasteur declared the vaccine a success before the French National Academy of Medicine.”
222) “The story became international news; even patients from America were soon shipped over to Europe to receive the miracle cure.”
223) Here is a link to a translation of Pasteur’s report about his rabies vaccine, which he presented to the French Academy of Sciences in 1885.
224) Obviously, using a single human as a test subject to validate a vaccine is deeply flawed science. Interestingly, even the mainstream media has hinted at Pasteur’s deceitfulness—without divulging the full truth, of course, while also predictably downplaying the entire notion.
226) “Princeton history professor Gerald L. Geison, a leading Pasteur scholar, unearthed ‘two examples of what might be called scientific misconduct’ in the public trial of a vaccine against deadly anthrax disease in sheep and the vaccination of a young boy against…rabies.”
228) It’s probably safe to say that Béchamp, who was Pasteur’s fellow Frenchman and bitter rival, didn’t incorporate anything resembling the dark, occult ideas in Jewish religious doctrine into his own work.
229) After all, it was the sick fraud Pasteur who ultimately became a “rock star” thanks to his allegedly stronger debating skills and his elite connections, while the forgotten genius Béchamp was relegated to the dustbin of history.
230) Béchamp’s far more coherent ideas weren’t anywhere near as profitable for the corrupt pharmaceutical industry as Pasteur’s, and thus, they were ignored and suppressed over time.

“The primary cause of disease is in us, always in us.”
– Antoine Béchamp
231) Béchamp proposed the idea that living entities called “microzymas,” or “tiny enzymes,” create bacteria as a response to host and environmental factors. This is known as terrain theory (also called host theory or cellular theory).
232) In terrain theory, germs are a byproduct of the disease; they are not the cause of the disease themselves. This is in stark contrast to the ridiculously flawed idea of germs as infectious agents that invade a host and cause specific diseases entirely on their own.
233) Béchamp claimed that microzymas could produce both enzymes and cells. Additionally, he indicated that under favorable conditions, these microzymas could evolve into multicellular organisms.
234) Béchamp denied that bacteria could single-handedly cause disease by invading a healthy organism. Instead, he theorized that poor host and environmental conditions led to a destabilization of the host’s native microzymas.
235) Once the host’s native microzymas are destabilized, they proceed to decompose host tissue via the creation of “pathogenic” bacteria, which essentially operate like scavengers.
236) Béchamp believed that a process similar to fermentation led to disease and sickness. He argued that disease and sickness resulted from an imbalance in the body’s internal terrain. Thus, he emphasized the environment in which the germs lived, rather than the germs themselves.
237) If the terrain is balanced, i.e., homeostatic, germs cannot thrive. However, if the terrain is imbalanced, germs will flourish.
238) The key idea here is that the germs being referred to are generated from WITHIN the body itself, and NOT from the outside environment.
239) Another way to put it is that Béchamp believed “germs were actually the chemical byproducts and the degenerative aspects of the unbalanced state of a body,” according to a well-intentioned but slightly misleading blog post by Darin Olien.
240) Béchamp’s terrain theory is objectively far more level-headed than Pasteur’s irrational and fear-inducing germ theory, particularly considering the fact that humans already have countless bacteria, viruses, and other microorganisms inside them and on their skin at all times.
242) “The adoption…of Louis Pasteur’s germ theory as the whole truth, without regard to the…deep insight of Bechamp’s [1] microzymian principle, represents one paraphrased: ‘There is no medical doctrine as potentially dangerous as a partial truth implemented as whole truth.’”
243) “Any medical professional, bioscientist, health care practitioner, or lay person for that matter, who wishes to gain insight into the origins and nature of infectious and chronic illness, against the backdrop of a marvelous view of the life process, must consider Bechamp.”
244) “And they must entertain one of the most important concepts to come out of his illustrious career—microbiological pleomorphism as it relates to disease and its symptoms.”
245) “Also perversely awe-inspiring is the fact that a person of Bechamp’s [1] extraordinary accomplishments has been written out of history books, textbooks and all encyclopedias.”
246) “It is sobering to consider the required degree of authoritarian control over key academic elements in our culture.”
247) “It is not my intention to belabor the politics, but as the wonders of Bechamp’s work unfold to the mind, the question simply arises, ‘Why is this not common knowledge?’ Yet, we must be grateful that his ‘erasure’ was far from complete.”
248) “…it is perversely awe-inspiring to see such bias having persisted for a century, supported by the structure of authority in bioscience, so that Bechamp’s principles have not yet (2015) been given fair examination in the mainstream.”
249) “Things may soon change—for a number of reasons, not the least of which is that research in the medical literature is now burning a raging blaze below the lofty suite in which the few powerful controllers lurk.”
250) “They will soon have to surrender themselves at the window, or be consumed by the flames.”
251) As the article says, Béchamp’s “erasure” was indeed far from complete. The “powerful controllers” that Dr. Young refers to will ultimately regret not completely wiping the history books clean of any mention of Béchamp. Very sloppy.

(((Their))) arrogance knows no bounds. ✡️
252) Dr. Young goes on to describe several main principles behind why Béchamp “had his ‘finger’ on the magic of life.”
253) “First, he demonstrated that the air is filled with microscopic organisms capable of fermenting any suitable medium on which they happen to land.”
254) “Secondly, the most profound conclusion to which Bechamp’s untiring and painstaking research led him is that there is an independently living micro anatomical element in the cells and fluids of all organisms.”
255) “This element precedes life at the cellular level, even the genetic level, and is the foundation of all biological organization.”
256) “Thirdly, he claimed that microzymas routinely become forms normally referred to as bacteria, and that bacteria can revert or devolve to the microzymian state.”
257) “(This is the principle of pleomorphism, which is central to understanding the appearance of ‘infectious’ and degenerative disease symptoms in the body.)”
258) “Fourthly, he explained that atmospheric germs are not fundamental species, but are either microzymas, or their evolutionary forms, set free from their former vegetable or animal habitat by the death of that ‘medium.’”
259) “Bechamp explained: ‘The microzyma is at the beginning and end of all organization. It is the fundamental anatomical element whereby the cellules, the tissues, the organs, the whole of an organism are constituted.’”
260) “He referred to microzymas as the builders and destroyers of cells. The quotation emphasizes the constructive aspect of microzymian activity and purpose, but it is the destructive aspect, or the ‘end of all organization,’ which concerns us in disease.”
261) “He always found microzymas remaining after the complete decomposition of a dead organism, and concluded that they are the only non-transitory biological elements.”
262) “In addition, they carry out the vital function of decomposition, or they are the precursors of beings (bacteria, yeasts and fungi) which do so.”
263) I highly recommend reading through Dr. Young’s brilliant article yourself in order to truly appreciate the forgotten relevance of Béchamp’s spectacular career. You can download a PDF copy at the link below.
264) While all of Béchamp’s theories may not have been entirely correct (which is a bit outside the scope of this thread), his philosophy on disease makes far more sense than Pasteur’s reckless and deranged ideas derived from Jewish esotericism.
265) Instead of killing germs, Béchamp advocated cultivating good health through factors within a person’s control, such as diet, hygiene, and exercise. If a person has good “terrain,” or tissue quality, disease will not manifest.
266) Unfortunately, it was the wrong side that ultimately won out, with the fraudulent germ theory becoming the cornerstone of modern medicine and disease treatment.
267) Pasteur himself plagiarized from Béchamp’s work, adding more insult to injury throughout their long and bitter rivalry, which mostly centered around what was the true cause of illness.
268) It is lamentable that monstrous corruption and fraud—which absolute snakes have deceitfully packaged as “benevolence”—form the basis of modern medicine and pharmacology. This has had a needlessly devastating impact on humanity since the time of Pasteur’s death in 1895.
269) Oddly enough, Pasteur allegedly recanted germ theory on his deathbed, stating, “The microbe is nothing. The terrain is everything.” However, this quote is originally attributed to physiologist Claude Bernard, a contemporary of Pasteur.
270) Another contemporary of Pasteur was Robert Koch, a German physician and microbiologist who is considered one of the founders of modern bacteriology.
271) Koch’s greatest scientific “achievement” was his supposed discovery of the tuberculosis pathogen in 1882, for which he received the Nobel Prize in Physiology or Medicine in 1905.
272) Pasteur and Koch were the two most influential figures in establishing acceptance of germ theory, although they were also bitter rivals—much like Pasteur and Béchamp.
273) Koch formulated a set of four criteria to determine if a specific pathogen causes a particular disease; these are known as Koch’s postulates. At first glance, Koch’s postulates appear perfectly logical, and they seem to make sense within the context of “infectious” diseases.
274) The problem is that Koch’s postulates have never been fully satisfied in the “determination” of the etiological agent of any disease.

Yes, that means every single “infectious” disease handled by the CDC is grossly misattributed to a symptom rather than the causative agent.
276) “Koch discovered asymptomatic carriers of Vibrio cholera and Salmonella typhi, yielding the important distinction between asymptomatic clinical colonization and infection. Thus the field of inquiry into the intricate host-pathogen relationship was born.”
277) What does the author mean by “the important distinction between asymptomatic clinical colonization and infection”?

This is just the use of fancy wording to hide the fact that healthy people already have these microorganisms inside their bodies.
278) Elaborate wordsmithing cannot sweep this truth under the rug forever. There is no “distinction” between so-called “asymptomatic clinical colonization” and “infection,” because there is no “infection” in the first place. This is atrociously bad science on a gargantuan scale.
279) Things start to get really shaky when you examine Koch’s career under a microscope, as revealed by a 2001 article entitled “Robert Koch and the pressures of scientific research: tuberculosis and tuberculin.”
280) It appears that Koch didn’t even satisfactorily pass all of his own criteria in his “discovery” of the supposed etiological agent of tuberculosis. In particular, Koch faced scandal with his proposed remedy of tuberculin, which was a colossal failure.
281) “In the mid-1880s Koch’s attempts to find a specific remedy against tuberculosis seem to have led him nowhere. That raises the question of how the work on the pathogen connected to the work on the cure.”
282) “In fact, Koch did not publish anything on the issue of tuberculosis until he made his sensational announcement of a remedy against the disease at the Tenth International Medical Congress, in August 1890, in Berlin.”
283) “The Initial publications from 1882 to 1884, and the papers on tuberculin from 1890 onwards, are thus separated by years of silence.”
284) “There are indications that these years should not be considered a period of fruitful investigation of other issues—on the contrary, they bear all the signs of a private and professional crisis.”
285) “Apart from all this, Koch was facing conceptual obstacles. His successes had so far depended more or less on spectacular identifications of pathogens. The application of this work turned out to be more or less confined to non-specific preventive hygiene, e.g. disinfection.”
286) “His way of revealing any of the secrets of tuberculin came close to deception. In his first publication, he gave a misleading account of his research strategy.”
287) “Placing tuberculin within the tradition of disinfection was misleading but useful: it employed the successful tradition of Koch’s previous work in order to lend the remedy credibility…”
288) “…and obscured what seems to have been a far-reaching modification in Koch’s investigative strategy some time between 1884 and 1890.”
289) “When serious doubts were raised about tuberculin’s therapeutic effect, he was unable to show the guinea pigs he had ‘cured’ with it! Simultaneously, there were reports of deterioration among patients undergoing treatment and even of fatalities. Tuberculin was finished.”
290) “The secrecy that had been part of the sensation in the first instance, now rebounded on its originator. Koch had developed tuberculin with the help of two rather minor bacteriologists, Eduard Pfuhl and Arnold Libbertz.”
291) “Both were, however, notably trustworthy—Pfuhl being Koch’s son-in-law and Libbertz a friend from Koch’s youth. None of his more prominent colleagues or his or his other assistants at the Hygiene Institut knew about the composition of tuberculin.”
292) “Testing in humans had initially been restricted to Koch himself and his 17-year-old mistress! In early 1891, it was shown that fresh tubercles could develop on the boundaries of tissues narcotized by tuberculin and Koch’s conception…was quickly refuted.”
293) What a mess. Virtually none of Koch’s work on “infectious” diseases can be taken seriously. It is an unbelievable shame that someone who engaged in this kind of embarrassing and sloppy science has been awarded a Nobel Prize and been placed upon a pedestal by modern medicine.
294) It is an even bigger shame that this crucial information is hidden from most of the public by corrupt interests that obscure everything simply via the use of cunning and manipulative language. This is hugely prevalent in the medical literature.
295) Despite the meticulous nature of Koch’s work, all the meticulousness in the world cannot overcome such a shaky foundation. The presence of a microorganism at the site of dead or damaged tissue DOES NOT imply that it is a causative agent originating from outside the body.
296) Perhaps unsurprisingly, there were significant Jewish influences that shaped Koch’s career, as was the case with Pasteur. These influences are described in an article entitled “Throughout history, Jews have been on front lines of fighting disease.”
297) “The 19th Century was a period of Jewish emancipation in the German lands as the old ghetto walls fell and Jews were able to participate in the scientific and cultural life of the wider society. They became innovators in many fields, particularly medicine.”
298) “Jewish physicians had been held in awe for centuries by the gentile population. But even the great Maimonides had had no inkling of the world of subvisible life. Now, the newly emancipated Jewish medical men set about pioneering the germ theory.”
299) “In 1840, the Bavarian medical doctor Jacob Henle, descendent of rabbis, published his ‘Pathological Researches.’ Using technologically advanced microscopes and deductive analysis of case histories, Henle declared to the medical world:…”
300) “…Contagion is matter endowed with individual life which reproduces itself in the manner of animals and plants, which can multiply by assimilating organic material and can exist parasitically on the sick body.”
301) “Humankind’s war against transmittable diseases accelerated rapidly in the second half of the 19th Century. In the German city of Breslau (today Wrocław, Poland) the botanist-microscopist Dr. Ferdinand Cohn published in 1872 his ‘Bacteria, the Smallest Living Organisms.’”
302) “As the undisputed master of the classification of subvisible life, Cohn elucidated that, while a microorganism of one disease may undergo various transformations, it remained the microorganism of that specific disease and not of another.”
303) “Robert Koch, a gentile student of Henle and protégé of Cohn, discovered the tuberculosis bacterium and revealed the mysterious life cycle of the anthrax bacillus.”
304) I decided to further investigate the overt Jewish influence on modern medicine. My research led me to an article in the Israel Medical Association Journal entitled “The Intriguing Story of Jews Resistance to Tuberculosis, 1850-1920.”
305) Koch is briefly mentioned here, due to his purported “discovery” of the bacteria that “cause” tuberculosis. However, the far more interesting theme in this article is the analysis of Jews’ unique resistance to this particular disease.
306) During the second half of the nineteenth century, tuberculosis was the most widely debated topic in the fields of public health and hygiene. Jews’ alleged resistance to the disease “represented a paradox and raised the attention of a number of Jewish physicians.”
307) “As several authors from Europe and America demonstrated…Jews were less prone to die from tuberculosis than non-Jews. How could this be explained?”
308) “Between the second half of the nineteenth century and the 1920s physicians and statisticians produced a corpus of work on the issue of the alleged Jewish resistance or ‘immunity’ to tuberculosis.”
309) I find it quite suspicious that Jews’ alleged resistance to tuberculosis “raised the attention of a number of Jewish physicians” during this time period. It’s probably safe to assume these Jewish physicians basically swooped in to control the narrative and do damage control.
310) Considering that germ theory appears to be a total fabrication of Jewish “physicians” and their gentile pawns—namely, Pasteur and Koch—it is incredibly fishy that “Jews were less prone to die from tuberculosis than non-Jews.” The implications of this are damning.
311) “Eduard Glatter (1813–1876), director of the Statistical Bureau of Vienna, inaugurated the discussion on Jews’ resistance to tuberculosis in 1856 in his comparative treatise on the life expectancy of Jews and Christians.”
312) “He stated that Jews were resistant not only to tuberculosis but also to other diseases of the respiratory organs because of their adherence to Jewish dietary laws (kashrut) and the associated ritual slaughter and meat inspection [8].”
313) “Later, Robert Koch rejected the idea of blood–milk contagion from cattle to humans in favor of inter-human aerial spread. In fact, the most feared pulmonary tuberculosis was transmitted from person to person…”
314) “…but the bovine strain of tuberculosis was responsible for the intestinal and skeletal forms [5]. Glatter’s argument was a cultural–environmental one that did not involve a ‘racial’ form of resistance.”
315) “At the same time, a debate started in the United States regarding Jews’ alleged immunity or resistance to tuberculosis. As Sander Gilman showed in 1874, in an exchange of letters published in the Medical and Surgical Reporter…”
316) “…physician Madison Marsh argued that Jews had a much greater tolerance for disease than did the general population…The Jews, he wrote, enjoyed immunity from tuberculosis because they were hardened by centuries of ‘calamities’ and by their ritual and hygienic practices.”
317) “In 1891 the U.S. Army statistician and surgeon John S. Billings stated that the mortality rate from tuberculosis among Jews was one-third that among non-Jews…”
318) “…and raised the question whether this was attributable to the habits and modes of life or to a particular ‘bodily organization [9].’”
319) “With regard to tuberculosis of the gastrointestinal tract, ritual meat inspection was reported by Billings to be a protective factor, whereas for the pulmonary form, from which Jews suffered less than non-Jews, an explanation was more difficult to formulate.”
320) Given what I’ve covered in this thread about the false notion of “infectious” diseases like tuberculosis, it is clear that something very sinister was going on here—hence the Jewish “physicians” need to jump in and prevent their massive deception from possibly being exposed.
321) Tuberculosis is not a contagious disease and is attributable to other factors, such as toxins in food or the environment. Diagrams like this are false. Nevertheless, feel free to read the article and draw your own conclusions about Jews’ alleged resistance to tuberculosis.
322) It is imperative to dig further to get to the heart of what happened in the 1918 pandemic—and who was really behind it. There is no doubt that the very same cult is behind the colossal COVID-19 fraud we are witnessing today, as the same pattern of deception is still in use.
323) Continuing further down this disturbing rabbit hole led me to a series of articles in the journal Hektoen International entitled “Public health measures derived from the Jewish tradition.”
324) “Jewish ingenuity has contributed widely to theology, philosophy, science, and many other areas of human endeavor. To the practice of medicine, influences from Jewish luminaries include Moses Maimonides, Sigmund Freud, Paul Ehrlich, and Jonah Salk.”
325) Without a doubt, this has occurred at the expense of the rest of humanity, i.e., non-Jews—devastatingly so, I might add, considering the systematic infiltration and takeover of these fields by deeply sick, degenerate, and pseudo-religious psychopaths.
326) “These include unique health measures apparently implemented at a time when the causes of diseases and their implications for public health were virtually unrecognized.”

How convenient.
327) “The very first public health measure in recorded human history could well be the description in the Torah of how to deal safely with lepers and other people with infectious disorders.”
328) “The lepers, as described in Leviticus 13:45-46, were placed in a separate camp far removed from the rest of the Israelites:

‘All the days that the affliction is upon him he shall remain contaminated. He shall dwell in isolation…outside the camp.’”
329) “This containment of the lepers prevented contamination with a potentially lethal infectious disease. Indeed, ‘leper colonies’ were a recognized method of separating affected patients in more modern times, and this concept was probably based on this biblical ruling.”
330) If you’re wondering where the utterly insane concept of “social distancing” originates from, look no further than the “holy” scriptures of Judaism.
331) “The Hebrew term used, ‘metzorah,’ is loosely translated as ‘leper,’ and is derived from the King James translation of the Bible…A precise translation of the term from the Hebrew remains ambiguous but some infectious disorder with skin manifestations may be implied.”
332) Note, per the WHO: “The exact mechanism of transmission of leprosy is not known. At least until recently, the most widely held belief was that the disease was transmitted by contact between cases of leprosy and healthy persons.” 
333) The level of dishonesty is simply astonishing at this point.

But it doesn’t end there.

“Another example provided by the Torah describes prohibitions against eating certain foods, yet another example of a preemptive public health measure.”
334) “The rabbinic law of ‘shechita,’ the techniques of Jewish ritual slaughter, includes descriptions of the many steps that prepare an animal to become fit for human consumption, to become a ‘kosher’ product.”
335) “Deuteronomy 12:21 states ‘Thou shalt slaughter of thy herd… as I have commanded…’

One of the ceremonies of the slaughtering process, detailed in the rabbinic writings known as the Mishna and the Talmud, include close examination of the lungs.”
336) “One of the steps, among many, is to inflate the lungs under water and to look for air-bubbles rising to the surface.”
337) “According to Jewish Law, submerged lungs that produce such air bubbles makes the animal ‘not kosher,’ and consumption of any meat from that source is prohibited.”
338) “We now know that these air bubbles reflect a disruption of what should be an otherwise intact pleural surface by pleural adhesions that most likely reflect Ghon foci from primary bovine tuberculosis by Mycobacterium bovis.”
339) “The infectious granulomas from this organisms form cavities in the lower zones of the bovine lung and when extended to the pleural surface cause pleural disruptions. A similar process occurs in humans, and is among the very early signs of tuberculosis.”
340) “As human beings are susceptible to infection from bovine tuberculosis, this particular ritual of being kosher, embodying the concepts of ‘kashrut,’ may well be the first documented recognition of tuberculosis as an infectious process, and acknowledges…”
341) “…the perils of consuming meat from a tuberculous cow.”

Very interesting. Was this really “the first documented recognition of tuberculosis as an infectious process”? Or was it the foundation of an elaborate, genocidal lie directed towards all the goyim, i.e., non-Jews?
342) The earlier article regarding Jews’ supposed resistance to tuberculosis comes to mind.

Very suspicious indeed.

Nevertheless, let’s continue with Jewish contributions to public “health” measures.
343) “It is for this reason, recognized many centuries later, that pasteurization of cow’s milk was initiated as a protection from cows with tuberculosis was initiated.”
344) “This was followed many centuries later by the studies of Louis Pasteur and also of Robert Koch, who discovered the tuberculosis bacillus in 1882.”
345) Unfortunately, pasteurization makes milk toxic for human consumption, because it destroys the milk’s nutritional integrity.
346) According to The Truth About Cancer, “It also functions as a cover for the filthy practices of large-scale dairy conglomerates that profit immensely from selling what can only be described as ‘swill’ to unwitting consumers.”
347) Count that as yet another significant Jewish contribution to modern-day public “health” measures. What a mess.
348) “Such contributions to medicine, documented in the very early Jewish literature, have often remained unrecognized. Additional examples may also be found in the vast Judaic literature, including the Mishna, Talmud, and other rabbinic writings, as well as from Old Testament.”
349) “They are important very early Jewish contributions to medicine and human health, some more than two thousand years old.”
350) I wonder why these Jewish contributions to medicine and human health “have often remained unrecognized.” To avoid drawing widespread attention to them, perhaps?
351) Regardless, let’s continue. The next installment in Hektoen International’s series “Public health measures derived from the Jewish tradition” introduces us to the ritual washing of hands.
352) “There are many forms of washing identified in the Bible and Rabbinic commentaries. The ceremonial washing of hands among the priestly class occurred before performing the rituals of the Temple in Jerusalem.”
353) “The washing of hands made them ritually pure, but it has an even earlier history (Figure 1) found in the Old Testament, Exodus 30:17-21, while the children of Israel were wandering in the desert.”
354) “Moses was commanded:

‘You shall make a laver of bronze and place it at the entrance to the tent of meeting’

so that Aaron and his sons could wash their hands before approaching the altar to offer sacrifices. (Figure 2).

‘…and it shall be for them a statute forever.’”
355) The article also describes the codification of hand washing.

“Reference to this ritual washing of hands before a meal, referred to as ‘netilat yadayim,’ is found in the Bible and is elaborated upon in the Mishnah and the Talmud.”
356) “It was further codified in various forms: by the Spanish physician Moses ben Maimon (1135-1204), better known as Maimonides, in the Mishneh Torah in the 12th Century, and in the Shulchan Aruch (The Prepared Table) by Joseph Karo (1480-1575) in the 16th Century.”
357) While there doesn’t appear to be anything inherently sinister about hand washing, the heavy emphasis placed on its role in “protecting” people from the spread of germs is interesting in light of its apparent Jewish origins.
358) “The thorough cleaning of the home prior to the Jewish Festival of Passover, or Pesach, was performed in order to remove all traces of leavened bread and fermented foodstuffs, known as ‘chometz.’ This is the original ‘spring cleaning.’”
359) “Jewish homes were not as affected by the Black Plague that decimated the population of so many European cities during the Middle Ages. It is estimated that a quarter of the population of Europe perished because of the Black Plague.”
360) “Less dirt attracted fewer rats, decreased the numbers of fleas brought by rats, and therefore reduced Yersinia pestis, the flea-transmitted bacterium that causes bubonic plague. (Figure 3)”
361) “The Plague may have started in the Middle East and then went on to Asia Minor. By 1346 it had reached Italian port cities such as Naples, Venice and Genoa, where it decimated the population.”
362) “Because of the lower incidence of Plague among the Jews, they were falsely accused of poisoning the wells, a conspiracy theory that persisted for centuries. This became transformed ultimately into the ‘blood libel’ accusations against the Jews.”
363) “These became more vehement around Easter time, corresponding to the Passover season.

Fear was so intense that many of the Jewish communities in France were massacred even before the arrival of the Plague.”
364) “Anticipation of the disease as it slowly moved north prompted what was assumed to be a preemptive activity, as if slaughter of the Jews would provide some form of protection.”
365) “In the Spring of 1348, as the Plague was moving north from Italy into France, all the Jews of Narbonne and Carcassonne were dragged from their homes and burned at the stake, even though the Plague had not yet reached these towns.”
366) “The assumption was that by killing the Jews, wells would be spared from being poisoned, the assumed source of the Plague. Similar excesses took place in Switzerland and in towns along the Rhine in Germany.”
367) Very interesting. Jewish homes were apparently “not as affected” by the Black Plague. How convenient.
368) I’m starting to sense a pattern here, first with tuberculosis, and now—looking further back in time—with the Black Plague. Does the Jewish community simply have better luck than its gentile counterparts every time a major “infectious” disease afflicts humanity?
369) Interestingly, it was a Jewish physician by the name of Ignaz Semmelweis who introduced hand washing into clinical medicine.
370) The Hektoen International article inexplicably claims that Semmelweis was non-Jewish. However, another article (link below) states that “He was the fifth child born to Teresia Müller and Josef Semmelweis, Jewish immigrants to Hungary from Germany.”
371) “Postpartum infections, also known as puerperal fever, is usually caused by Group A Streptococcus bacteria and was formerly a leading cause of death of new mothers.”
372) “In Vienna women preferred to deliver at home or in the streets rather than in the revered Vienna General Hospital (known in as the Allgemeines Krankenhaus der Stadt Wien) because of the high rate of infection within the hospital.”
373) “(1818-1865) a non-Jewish Hungarian physician working in Vienna decreased death from the disease from twenty percent to two percent by introducing the use of hand washing between patients.”
374) “He was severely ostracized initially by his peers for advocating for what was assumed to be such a bizarre practice. (Figure 4)”
375) “This reflects how little hand washing was practiced in earlier times. This may be in part because water spigots were not customary in homes until relatively recently, particularly in rural areas.”
376) “Water wells and pumps were located on the street at some distance from individual homes and had to be hand carried for washing and cleaning. Bathing and hand washing were arduous activities.”
377) “Because of custom, refraining from these practices continued long after water taps were introduced into houses and hospitals.”
378) “Semmelweis also proposed, for the first time in medical history, a connection between touching cadavers and a risk of infection. The Jewish regulation that a body must be washed prior to funeral and burial predates this concept by thousands of years.”
379) The article also describes a critical element of a Jewish burial known as the “tahara,” a ritual involving “the washing and dressing of the deceased body for its final rest.”
380) “This is considered a ritual purification until the Resurrection of the Dead, hamachayit hametim. The ‘tahara’ is a simple yet dignified ritual that allows the person to meet his or her Maker with respect and dignity.”
381) “Hand washing with soap is currently the single most effective and inexpensive way to prevent the spread of disease. Infantile and acute respiratory infections including pneumonia, are major causes of mortality among children under five years of age.”
382) “Taken together, they account for almost 3.5 million child deaths annually. Hand washing with soap before eating and after using the toilet saves more lives than any single vaccine or medical intervention.”
383) “Handwashing can also limit the spread of various forms of hepatitis, influenza (flu), streptococcus (pneumonia, strep throat), respiratory syncytial virus (RSV) and the common cold, and those spread through fecal-oral transmission…”
384) “This tradition of the washing of hands can be traced back to the Biblical era, to children of Israel wandering in the desert in the 14th Century BCE.”
385) “Ancient ritual purification rites derived originally from these very early Judaic concepts and continuously codified throughout Jewish history, predate the current concepts of hygiene and cleanliness by thousands of years.”
386) Again, nothing appears overtly sinister about hand washing, per se; regardless, that doesn’t mean such a seemingly benign public health measure cannot be weaponized in a multitude of ways—e.g., via the use of toxic antibacterial soaps and hand sanitizers.
387) Moreover, it’s possible that the Judeo-Masonic cult that runs the world engineered a widespread emphasis on hand washing to further entrench the germ theory lie in the minds of the masses.
388) The third and final article in the Hektoen International series “Public health measures derived from the Jewish tradition” describes Jewish ritual circumcision and hemophilia.
389) “References to circumcision occur in the Old Testament. According to Genesis, God told Abraham to circumcise himself and his household as an everlasting covenant in their flesh.”
390) “Genesis 17:10-14: This is my covenant with you and your descendants after you, the covenant you are to keep: Every male among you shall be circumcised. You are to undergo circumcision, and it will be the sign of the covenant between me and you.”
391) “For the generations to come every male among you who is eight days old must be circumcised, including those born in your household.”
392) The authors state that “the clotting mechanism does not mature until at least five days after birth.”

“Careful observation by the ancient Israelites probably established that ritual circumcision, referred to as the bris or brit milah, be delayed until one week after birth.”
393) “Hemophilia A is an X-linked disorder involving an error in one of the key steps in the clotting cascade. It is the most common of the human bleeding disorders, caused by a mutation in clotting factor VIII. These X-linked disorders are passed down from mothers to sons.”
394) “Hemophilia A was first described by the American physician John Conrad Otto. He described a bleeding disorder that ran in families and mostly affected the men, published in the Medical Repository in 1803.”
395) “John Hay of Massachusetts later published an account of a ‘remarkable hemorrhagic disposition’ in the New England Journal of Medicine in 1813.”
396) “Since there is a 50% chance of a son developing this X-linked disorder, before our modern concepts of genetics such a distribution would have been difficult to understand and predict.”
397) “Yet there is written evidence that the ancient Hebrews, through careful observation, perceived some pattern of familial distribution.”
398) Circumcision and hemophilia are also referenced in the Talmud.

“In the Talmud, in Tractate Yevamot 64B, it is taught: If a woman circumcised her first son and he died, and her second son and he too died, she should not circumcise her third son, so taught Rebbi.”
399) “Rabbi Shimon ben Gamliel stated that she should indeed circumcise her third child, but [if he died] she must not circumcise her fourth. Rabbi Yochanan said that there was once a case in Zippori in which four sisters had sons:…”
400) “…The first sister circumcised her son and he died, the second sister circumcised her son and he died, the third sister circumcised her son and he died, and the forth sister came to Rabbi Shimon ben Gamliel and he told her, ‘You must not circumcise your son.’”
401) “The Jewish ritual of circumcision, or ‘brit milah’ is performed on male infants on the eighth day following delivery. The clotting mechanism, immature at birth, reaches maturity at about that time. The Talmud recognizes that some bleeding disorders have a genetic basis.”
402) “This may be the first time in history that certain human disorders have been recognized as having a familial or genetic basis. This is a conclusion that could only have been reached through careful observation over many generations.”
403) The last point is interesting, considering the possibility that the healthcare industry is falsely attributing certain disorders to genetic causes in order to hide their true origins.
404) Here is the specific passage in the Talmud referenced in the article.
405) The bizarre ritual of circumcision—in and of itself—isn’t directly related to any of the public “health” measures used in the 1918 pandemic (and still in use today).
406) However, it’s worth pointing out just to highlight its sheer lunacy, which casts serious doubt on all the other public “health” measures derived from the Jewish tradition.
407) Upon closer inspection, most (if not all) of these Jewish-inspired public “health” measures sound more like the ravings of deranged lunatics—which is essentially what they are, considering they’re primarily derived from the ramblings of psychopathic rabbis.
408) The fact that such public “health” measures have been systematically incorporated into the healthcare system, particularly over the last two centuries, is one of the clear indicators of a society gone completely mad.
409) To make matters worse, a separate Hektoen International article describes the concept of communal or herd immunity and how the mikveh—a bath used for Jewish ritual immersion—can facilitate this type of “protection.”
410) I wouldn’t be surprised if the ridiculous concept of herd immunity somehow traces its origins back to the ancient Jewish tradition of mikveh ritual immersion.
412) The irrational public “health” measures used in the 1918 pandemic can largely trace their origins back to Jewish “ingenuity.”
413) Moreover, there is no doubt that Jewish elites—particularly the Rockefellers, who are Sephardic Jews—were orchestrating things from behind the scenes as the pandemic was unfolding.
414) Unfortunately, it seems the same story is playing out today. Similar public “health” measures are being used in response to COVID-19, indicating severe stagnation—if not deterioration—on the part of the healthcare system (by design, of course).
415) “Anti-Semitism is a disease–you catch it from Jews” – Edgar J. Steele
416) “The day will come when all nations amidst which the Jews are dwelling will have to raise the question of their wholesale expulsion, a question which will be one of life or death, good health or chronic disease, peaceful existence or perpetual social fever.” – Franz Liszt
417) “Use the courts, use the judges, use the constitution of the country, use its medical societies and its laws to further our ends. Do not stint in your labor in this direction…”
418) “…And when you have succeeded you will discover that you can now effect your own legislation at will and you can, by careful organization, by constant campaigns about the terrors of society…”
419) “…by pretense as to your effectiveness, make the capitalist himself, by his own appropriation, finance a large portion of the quiet Communist conquest of that nation.” – Lavrentiy Pavlovich Beria
420) While vaccines were arguably the biggest contributor to the massive death toll in the 1918 pandemic, there were other prominent sources of mass fatalities that have been largely overlooked.
421) It’s critical to highlight these, as they demonstrate just how devastating a corrupt medical establishment can be when it is equipped with a lie as monstrous as the Jewish-inspired germ theory.
423) Radio waves were apparently another major contributor to the death toll.

“The 1918 Spanish flu pandemic was caused by the sudden influx of radio waves all over the planet. During World War II the invention of radar triggered a similar death toll.”
424) Another article I found states the following about the summer of 1918: “The Navy Radio School at Harvard University in Cambridge reports the first cases of influenza among the group of 5,000 young men studying radio communications.”
425) Perhaps it’s no coincidence, then, that the widespread rollout of 5G has coincided with the COVID-19 pandemic.
426) The key takeaway here is that there was no “infectious” virus in the 1918 pandemic—and there isn’t one today, either. So-called “infectious” viruses simply don’t exist.
427) “COVID-19” is merely a catch-all term for various respiratory illnesses that are due to a variety of other causes, such as toxins in the environment, toxic pharmaceuticals, radio waves, etc.—similar to the term “influenza.”
428) This changes the entire way we think about the human body, which is apparently far more powerful than most people might imagine.
429) For one thing, it’s very empowering to know that invisible, predatory microorganisms aren’t just floating around everywhere in the environment, wreaking havoc and causing widespread death and disease—which is what the corrupt medical establishment would have you believe.
430) After all, without an enemy in the form of “germs,” there is no need to create weapons to fight that enemy.

The real enemy is the one creating all these useless (not to mention destructive) weapons, which are actually causing more disease themselves.
431) The mainstream medical cartel is working round the clock to manufacture “weapons” to fight their own manufactured “enemy”—invisible “disease-causing” pathogens like their COVID-19 “virus.”
432) This is a gargantuan scam of absolutely epic proportions. Microorganisms like bacteria and viruses are actually beneficial to our health—they are signs of healing. These “pathogens” are simply scavengers at the site of disease, generated by the human body itself.
433) Allopathic medicine is literally targeting and suppressing the very thing that is actually a significant component of the healing process.

Truly sickening, depraved, and unconscionable.
434) By targeting what is actually a symptom of healing and falsely labeling it as an external invader that causes disease, the healthcare industry is not only committing egregious fraud but also a grossly severe and ongoing crime against humanity that rivals anything in history.
435) So not only are mainstream medical practitioners completely ignoring the actual causes of disease, they are knowingly targeting a beneficial component of healing—which only creates further conditions of disease.
436) The healthcare industry is literally in the business of manufacturing diseases and exacerbating disease conditions.

In essence, they are getting away with murder on a grand scale.
437) So, what does all this mean with respect to bacteria and viruses? Béchamp determined that microorganisms such as bacteria and viruses were pleomorphic. In other words, they can change from one form to another; they are not separate, discrete species.
438) But was Béchamp all the way there in terms of having his finger on the “magic of life”?

As far as the general idea, yes, he was—even if he may have gotten some of the specific details wrong.
439) In fact, a remarkable set of experiments was conducted in 1910 by Dr. E. C. Rosenow at the Mayo Biological Laboratories, which he later published in the Journal of Infectious Diseases. These experiments are described in the blog post below.
440) “Rosenow demonstrated:

‘that simple bacterial forms like streptococci (pus germs) could be made to assume all of the characteristics of pneumococci (pneumonia germs) simply by feeding them on pneumonia virus and making other minor modifications in their environment…’”
441) “‘…And when Rosenow reversed the procedure and fed pneumonia germs on pus, they quickly changed into streptococci. Many other experiments were carried on…in every instance, the germs, regardless of type, changed into other types when…food and environment were altered.’”
442) Simply astonishing. This indicates that microorganisms such as bacteria are indeed pleomorphic, and further implies that there is an elementary unit of life (i.e., Béchamp’s microzyma) from which pleomorphic microorganisms emanate.
443) It’s absolutely disgraceful that the medical establishment hasn’t supported further research that expands upon the experiments conducted by Dr. Rosenow.

You can access the original 1914 article at the link below.
444) Many sources claim that viruses are in fact exosomes, which one author describes as “extracellular vesicles that are released from cells upon fusion of an intermediate endocytic compartment, the multivesicular body (MVB), with the plasma membrane.”
445) One such source is Dr. Andrew Kaufman, who has grown in prominence since the start of the COVID-19 pandemic. Here is a brief video of him discussing exosomes and the lack of evidence for a new COVID-19 “virus.”
446) The full video is available at the link below.

447) The following article, however, states that viruses are not exosomes but are actually “bodily cell protein fragments.” Nevertheless, the author still rejects germ theory and supports Béchamp’s ideas of pleomorphism and terrain theory.
448) “…what we call viruses are actually bodily cell protein fragments, generally somatids or microzyma, which sprout from the red blood cell membranes, as has been well understood and studied in the pleomorphic scientific understanding and put forth via the terrain theory.”
449) “Bacteria can become viruses, or morph into fungal forms depending on the triggers from the terrain or milleu of the body. They are meant to be of aid to the health situation of the body.”
450) “Somatids that are created to carry DNA or RNA (covered with a capsule) are designed to repair cellular genetic material and not meant to be pathogenic.”
451) “There are other cells of the body being mistaken for viruses, as many vesicles look similar in nature. For example, exosomes which help to move materials around the body, actually look identical to certain pollens and are often mistaken for ‘viruses.’”
452) Regardless, such specific details are mostly irrelevant in terms of the bigger picture.

The bottom line is that the mainstream medical cartel has duped the entire world with respect to how diseases work—to a staggering degree, I might add.
453) It’s outrageous that an entire industry has been created around the faulty notion of “contagious” diseases, while modern medicine almost completely ignores the effect of toxins or irritants in our environment—i.e., the actual causes of disease.
454) This is even more egregious in light of the fact that we already have trillions of bacteria, viruses, and other “pathogenic” microorganisms inside our bodies. How on earth did such a dreadful mix-up ever happen?
455) Simply put: pervasive corruption and propaganda.

Make no mistake—this has been the result of systematic infiltration of the medical establishment by cabalists obsessed with advancing their genocidal, maniacal, and Messianic New World Order agenda.
456) This is why Pasteur’s Talmudic connections and Koch’s mentorship by Jews—including a descendent of rabbis—cannot be taken lightly.
457) But is there anything further we can do to fight back against this agenda? Is there a way to prevent a vaccine debacle—like the one during the 1918-20 pandemic—from happening once again?
458) More specifically, has anyone expanded upon or gone beyond Béchamp’s discoveries? Is there any new information we can arm ourselves with in the fight against this worldwide medical tyranny?

Absolutely, yes—information that could blow your mind.
459) “As has been stated before, all medical and non-medical authorities on vaccination agree that vaccines are designed to cause a mild case of the diseases they are supposed to prevent. But they also know and admit that there is no way whatsoever to predict…”
460) “…whether the case will be mild or severe - even deadly. With this much uncertainty in dealing with the very lives of people, it is very unscientific and extremely dangerous to use such a questionable procedure as vaccination.” – Eleanor McBean, “Swine Flu Expose”
461) “The specific disease doctrine is the grand refuge of weak, uncultured, unstable minds, such as now rule in the medical profession. There are no specific diseases; there are specific disease conditions.” – Florence Nightingale
462) “…the erroneous belief that germs cause disease and must be controlled or eliminated before it can be cured is so widespread as to close the minds of many people to any other ideas on this subject.” – R. B. Pearson, “Pasteur: Plagiarist, Imposter!”
463) “If I could live my life over again, I would devote it to proving that germs seek their natural habitat, diseased tissue – rather than being the cause of the diseased tissue.” – Rudolf Virchow
464) “Doctors are men who prescribe medicines of which they know little, to cure diseases of which they know less, in human beings of whom they know nothing.” – Voltaire
465) “Contrary to the ideas promulgated by the medical establishment, the human body is neither a machine nor a bag of chemicals that is attacked by a ‘disease’. Instead it is an amazing self-regulating organism that has an immense ability to self-heal…”
466) “…The symptoms that are associated with ‘disease’ represent the body’s efforts to expel toxins, repair damage and restore health. As we explain in detail in our book, it is only the body that heals itself.” – Dawn Lester
467) In my research, I stumbled across a resource that is one of the most extraordinary websites I have ever visited—if not the most. It literally turns the entirety of modern medicine on its head.
468) This information renders allopathic medicine thoroughly obsolete—while revealing its truly barbaric, murderous, and genocidal nature.
469) The stunning website details what is known as German New Medicine, created by Dr. Ryke Geerd Hamer.

It has the potential to save countless lives immediately, simply by sharing it with everyone you know—and then letting them make up their own minds. 
470) The essence of GNM is that every so-called “disease” is in fact just a part of the body’s natural healing process, known as a Significant Biological Special Program (SBS)—i.e., “nothing in nature is ‘diseased’ but always biologically meaningful.”
471) GNM centers around five biological laws, which I will briefly summarize here.
472) First Law (“The Iron Rule of Cancer”)

Every “disease,” or SBS, is induced by “an unexpected, highly acute, and isolating conflict shock,” also known as a Dirk Hamer Syndrome (DHS), which occurs simultaneously on three levels—consciousness, brain, and corresponding organ.
473) First Law (“The Iron Rule of Cancer”) con’t

Each SBS is handled by the specific part of the brain that controls the function of the affected organ or body part. This can also be referred to as the “psyche-brain-organ” relation.
474) Second Law

Every “disease,” or SBS, runs in two phases, as long as there is a resolution of the conflict.
475) Second Law con’t

The two phases consist of a conflict-active phase followed by a healing phase. A “hanging conflict” occurs when a person stays in the conflict-active phase due to a conflict that has not yet been resolved.
476) Third Law

Embryology plays a central role in every “disease,” or SBS. The “psyche-brain-organ” relation is closely connected to the three embryonic germ layers from which all organs originate—the endoderm, mesoderm, and ectoderm.
477) Fourth Law

There is no such thing as “infectious diseases.” Microbes such as bacteria and viruses do not cause “diseases”—instead, they play a crucial role during the healing phase.
478) Fifth Law – The Quintessence

Every “disease,” or SBS, has a special biological meaning; the mind-body system is governed by an infinite intelligence, i.e., Mother Nature.
479) Additionally, these laws “have been tested and verified by several physicians and professional associations through signed documents.” The verifications, available at the link below, “attest to the 100% accuracy of Dr. Hamer’s medical findings.”
480) If this information resonates with you, I encourage you to share it with others as much as possible. GNM is highly empowering and has the ability to change a person’s life immediately—particularly someone suffering from chronic illness or diagnosed as “terminally” ill.
481) In conclusion, it turns out that all so-called “disease” conditions—no matter what the shockingly inept, archaic, and barbaric mainstream medical community might label them as—are nothing more than finely tuned “special biological programs” dictated by Mother Nature.
482) In particular, Béchamp’s discoveries, combined with the groundbreaking revelations from GNM, render an organization like the CDC (along with virtually the entire medical establishment) totally useless—not to mention destructive, violent, and abhorrent.
483) The human body is already more than well-equipped to handle “disease.” It is the disgusting Rockefeller-inspired medical cartel itself that has undermined the body’s ability to naturally self-heal, with its atrocious, sloppy, and across-the board misdiagnoses of “diseases.”
484) Armed with this powerful information, we can all do our part in chipping away at the grossly inhumane medical tyranny enveloping the world today. We can still avoid repeating a similar genocidal outcome to the one that occurred during the 1918-20 pandemic.
485) If not already, do yourself a favor and let go of fear—ditch the mask, stop social distancing, don’t quarantine at home, and share this valuable information as widely as possible. You have nothing to fear from any “infectious virus.” Fear is the real pandemic.
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