HAHAHAHAHA. Facebook is pretending to be the messenger for what is good for publishers. Recap:
Jan - FB CFO warns pre-covid expect deceleration due to data limitations ( https://twitter.com/jason_kint/status/1222647197717737474?s=20)
July - more CFO warnings here ( https://twitter.com/jason_kint/status/1289016054296064000?s=20)
What is missed in @JeffHorwitz piece is Facebook's data collection across apps and web for FB Audience Network isn't just for the ads it serves. A majority of Facebook's data collection happens across other company's services and feeds the mothership. https://twitter.com/jason_kint/status/1278316107238125569?s=20
Remember, this is what is happening to Facebook in the US. Meanwhile, European data regulators are under pressure to take action against FB and Germans have already outlawed Facebook's worst data practices. https://twitter.com/jason_kint/status/1255619263504830465?s=20
This point is spot on by @JeffHorwitz Strong advantage to Apple. “The announcement sharpens the clash between the two tech giants, with Apple standing for user privacy while Facebook defends the free flow of data that has long underpinned digital marketing.” And this...
“If Facebook loses the ability to gather user-level data from iOS apps, that delivers a serious blow to its user-profile enrichment process. If ad effectiveness suffers, it will limit the scale of ad spend on FB in the future, consequently limiting Facebook’s growth.” - @ratko
Lol. “Facebook says it will stop collecting Apple’s advertising identity data” actually means “Apple’s new move will block Facebook to continue to surveil and mine user’s locations and browsing history”... and aligns with consumer expectations. https://twitter.com/GarettSloane/status/1298654433874776067
Facebook buying big ads in big newspapers. 😂 We must be closing in on Apple’s move to limit Facebook’s ability to keep using IDFA to track users browsing, app usage and 24/7 locations. Facebook now lobbying hard this will hurt small business - not mentioning FB CFO warnings ⬆️.
Apple also rolling out its new App Privacy labels and Facebook’s received a lot of attention. Zuckerberg previously testified they don’t use cookies. This is a major disruption to Facebook’s surveillance of your browsing history, precise location...stop and think about that.
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