Here is a little thread on white women's fear. Nothing that hasn't been said before, but COVID has really made it clear just how much of white supremacy is maintained by white women's fear.

My Facebook feed has been a non-stop parade of white women's fear.
We talk a lot about how white women can weaponize our tears and cause injury and violence to racialized people, but more important is how white women seem to be afraid of .... everything .... and how social policy grows out of this constant and non-stop fear.
This fear drives policing. It drives the economy. It drives politics. White women's fears become society's collective fears and we divert from the real issues; the real fears that people should have.
What's so frustrating is that white women happily play this role while at the same time ignoring what is actually the greatest threat to us: violence from someone they know.

And now with COVID, the parent narrative really is driven by white parents (pods, complaints...)
White women who find this disgusting need to challenge white women's fear when we see it. Give sense to your friends' fears -- either explain how they are being played to help in the maintenance of white supremacy or look critically at what is driving the fear.
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