The best way to grow your business is to know to the questions you should be asking yourself to have it grow!

You can’t track what don’t measure!

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One of the best ways to grow and scale your business is to work ON your business not IN your business.

Below are some questions to ask yourself to help you see the strengths and weaknesses of your business/company/ brand
or career!

Let’s jump in!
What initially got you started in your business or career?
—> What motivation, occurrence or reason?

Who is your target market? What type of clients are you trying to get?

Why do clients buy from you? What perks do you offer?
Do you have a USP? ( Unique selling proposition )

In marketing, the USP is the marketing strategy of informing customers about how one’s brand or product is superior to its competitors.

It is a way to get client to know about you and the service you offer!

Do you have a USP?
Do you test different marketing strategy to see what brings you the most success?

Where do my clients come from? What niche?

Who else benefits from your success, excluding your clients, and family members?
—> Is it the clients family member? Charities? Other people?
When you get a new client for your business or profession, who else can directly benefit from the client?

What’s your business philosophy or morals?

What is the biggest complaints that clients tell you about your product or service? How do you address / handle criticism?
Who are your competitors and what do they do or offer that you do not?

What steps can you take to offset their advantage?
Are the steps you taking working?

How do you reach a larger market of your target audience?
What’s your best source of new business?

What is your best marketing tactic? How can you expand on it?

After you make a sale are you the type of person that communicates with the client afterwards to ask about their expirences?
These questions are good questions to ask yourself to better understand your business and what you are trying to sell.

To be the best at what you do you need to know your strengths / weakness and everything in between.
The key is to work ON your business not IN your business!

This will help you see the big picture!

By seeing the big picture instead of the day to day you will learn ways to go parabolic with your business / brand!

Thanks for reading‼️

Have a great day & BEYOND‼️
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