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Financial astrology in the Age of Technology

How do different grahas (planets & luminaries) give wealth?

Business case studies + astro yogas + simple remedies anyone can do

Jyotish doesn't teach you about your fate but how you can change it or react to it
Before you start understand this very fundamental principle of Jyotish as illuminated by Sri Yukteshwar Giri and Paramhansa Yogananda.

Our Puranas are full of stories of fate vs freewill - how Savitri saves Satyvan, Markendeya Muni stays alive etc.

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Change in wealth creation - Then & Now 

I think the way wealth creation happens has changed drastically over the last few centuries. Most Indian astrologers love to say that without good Jupiter how can you create wealth which is partially true but also partially incorrect
because our ideas haven't adapted to the changes in the modern financial and economic institutions. This change should also be reflected in modern astrology. Jupiter signifies that wealth creates wealth and this was more true in the past coz one needed money to buy land, labor
and capital. But in the modern world due to the internet, wealth creation has been revolutionized because resources are democratized to a large extent. There are asset light business models like Uber which run a transportation business without actually owning a single car, Amazon
sells without owning a store. Capital has become more easily available and accessible through GoFundMe, private equity and venture capital. Labor has been rendered obsolete for things that can be done via software. Thus my point is that today one can start businesses with
almost little to zero capital and become the richest person. This wasn't possible before and thus many nuances are missed out. Similarly legally slavery is abolished but it still proliferates via things like consumer debt. The history of finance fascinates me and so does Jyotish.
And putting the two together resulted in some interesting insights for me.

Debt in modern times vs ancient times and how it relates to Mars

Mars - Classically speaking Mars is symbolic of debt however I believe that the way the modern world has changed and especially with
people's attitude towards consumer debt I believe that consumer debt is not related to Mars at all.  

There are 3 types of debt broadly -

A) Good debt - Debt taken for liquidity purpose to buy something that generates stable cashflow. For example business X generates monthly
profit of $1000, if they buy a machine for $5000 which lasts for 10 years their profit increases to $1100 per month. So they buy the machine and pay the interest because the overall cahsflow is positive despite paying interest. This debt may be signified by Mars but it involves
minimal risk. I think something like this is also very Mercurial because Mercury has the intelligence to understand cash flow equations and think in terms of cash flow patterns etc. Thus a person with good Mars & Mercury would be very good at taking loans on cash flow
generating assets and profiting from it.

B) Venture capital - In ancient times money was earned through daring feats and explorations. Things which involved massive amount of risk. Very short but superb article that explains how modern financial systems originated through
whaling expeditions esp with respect to modern venture capital and private equity. Once you read it the Martian aspect is so obvious. Thus debt taken for rational and risky pursuits is Martian. https://www.economist.com/finance-and-economics/2015/12/30/fin-tech
Not Mars related debt 

Mars likes to be free and independent thus a planet which likes independence should absolutely abhor debt but Mars loves taking risks, exploration thus only if debt facilitates a risky expedition it is worth it and will a Martian person take debt.

debt apart from the above is definitely not related to Mars. Debt which enslaves can never be Martian.

C) Consumer debt - Worst kinda debt, taken to fulfill temporary and unnecessary desires. Consumer debt is an institution of slavery thus it is most definitely signified by
Saturn, also consumer debt means a person wants to sacrifice long term happiness for short term pleasure which obviously is a sign of a really malefic Saturn. Malefic Saturn also implies that a person is absolutely unable to grasp the power of compounding thus in colonial India
landowners would exploit farmers by charging interest on interest because the zamindars understood compounding the poor either didn't understand or were desperate and helpless. Being desperate and helpless is also very Saturnine coz it makes one acutely aware of their own

D) Student loans - I think student loans are also an institution of slavery but it involves Jupiter and Saturn thus for the most part if done thoughtfully and correctly (good Jupiterian wisdom) then one actually would benefit from it instead of losing out.
Wealth creation through different planets

Moon - Wealth through ideas but moon alone won't give wealth because ideas have to be translated to reality thus moon will need to be supported by Mars (hence the classical yoga of Moon + Mars is called Chandra Laxmi yoga because one
not only great ideas that would earn wealth but also the drive, courage, self motivation and self direction to attain it). 

Moon + Venus - Wealth through building/creating a brand because a brand is an intangible asset whose value is determined by the perception of others. Also
art, because not only does the artist see the art first in his mind he also has to use his senses (Venus) to manifest it. Crafting beautiful experiences (event management), luxury (luxury brands have insanely high value because of perceptions of the customers, moon + venus means
one knows how to craft such a perception and create a thing of beauty that has way more value than just comfort). 

In ancient times the best items would be given to the temples and kings. The peasants didn't have access to luxury. In today's world where even luxury is
democratized a peasant can feel like a king even if it means selling their kidney to buy an iPhone. Add to that something like social media which constantly allows us to feed our narcissism, then brands become very valuable because they become a tool for self expression and a
desirable experience we really want. Also interesting to note is the fact that in ancient times wealth primarily came from resources but in today's world brands are more valuable than resources. A regular bag can be bought for $10 but a luxury bag will be worth anything between
$1000-$5000. This shows how much people are willing to pay for branding in the age of TV and social media.

Rahu/Ketu - Nodes independently don't generate wealth. It amplifies certain things. However rahu signifies futuristic innovations and Ketu signifies uncommon and very deep
insight. In finance there is a concept of assymetry of information, which means that one party has greater material information than another thus resulting in gain for them. Ketu signifies a deep insight visible to you that might not be easily visible to others.
Sun - Wealth through political connections, geopolitical understanding. Still trying to find out more about this. I also feel Sun is related not to wealth creation but to wealth distribution and facilitation of wealth creation. A good king makes his country rich not because he is
good at wealth creation but because he knows that only the bare minimum interference is required in capitalistic pursuits and he is very good at maintaining that bare minimum regulation so society functions well and businesses thrive. Sun is great for power not for wealth. I feel
sun isn't too concerned with wealth or poverty. A person with a good sun will live a dignified life even if poor but on average would know how to be self sufficient irrespective of how much money they have. Sun is more attuned to power and fame rather than wealth. People with
good sun never "feel" poor, money is just a tool for them and wealth creation isn't the most important pursuit but just a means to an end. In ancient India exiled kings or defeated kings lived in forests but their kingly attributes never changed. When Maharana Pratap didnt have
his army and empire, he lived in the forest and raised an army with tribals. This is what a true king does, even if you take away their empire and army they're still going to be noble and kingly. Thus sun represents a beautiful internal stability that is unchanged irrespective of
turbulence in the outer world. Come to think of it kings had the most unstable lives fraught with constant political machinations and Shudras (servant class based on Varna not birth or caste) instead had stable lives with stable salaries. However Sun still represents stability
because it is the inner stability - Atma bal. I'd read somewhere that people with a good sun would never commit suicide and I think it is precisely because of the inner stability. 

Jupiter - Jupiter is about understanding what needs to be done to achieve what one wants as
explained in the Jupiter video (link below in sources in the end). It is like having a set formula for wealth creation. Those with a good Jupiter believe in a formula they have - could be anything like I need to invest X in Y assets and they consistently and repeatedly do those
things to create wealth. Classically Jupiter is knowledge and nobody can create any wealth without knowledge thus I feel wealth is primarily connected to Jupiter. But I feel Jupiter is very rewarding if one makes the correct effort. So if a person with a bad Jupiter reads books
on wealth creation and tries to put effort in understanding the process of it then they're likely to succed. Being connected to rituals, Jupiter is also very process oriented.

Saturn - Wealth through patience, self control, persistence and long term vision. Nobody can be
successful at anything without a basic degree of self control. Saturn also involves a very good understanding of long term goals and how to translate that into reality.

Mars + Saturn - Signifies wealth through mines, oil wells, minerals etc. Wealth from resources almost always
involves conflicts/wars and also themes of oppression. Almost all of our smartphones require cobalt, and almost all cobalt for all companies comes from the labour of little oppressed children who work in mines all day. I don't understand why resource related wealth has
connotations of slavery and violence. Maybe it is a perversion of Kaliyug. Still researching.

Jupiter + Saturn - Not understanding how long term and short term are related. Not understanding the power of habits, consistency, compounding, coupled with lack of self awareness (bad Saturn) and thus listening to really bad advice (bad Jupiter). If
you have a decent Saturn (self awareness, ability to criticize oneself) then even if you have a really bad Jupiter chances are you'll fix it because you'll eventually gain awareness of your bad habits and then work on it and try to get good knowledge.
Jupiter + Moon - I personally feel this is the worst combination of poverty and also the hardest to remedy. Bad Jupiter and bad moon means that you've surrounded yourself with extremely bad advice and have created a mindset that is extremely averse to wealth creation. Poverty
mindset would mean a person constantly blames others, depends on and blames fate. Negative wealth patterns. Rich people are evil mindset. This is like a vicious circle. Bad advice creates a bad mindset and bad mindset seeks bad advice for validating itself because good advice
would break the illusion and it would be too painful then.

Venus + Saturn - Get into consumer debt because of uncontrolled desires. Addictions.

Saturn - Fateful events beyond control that cause massive and irrecoverable losses. Stuff like this happens to make one aware
of their own limitations.

Mars - Laziness, no drive, inability to take any risk.

Saturn + Moon - Depression, fear of failure. Pessimistic mindset.

Mercury - Inability to understand basic cash inflow and outflow principles. Lack of awareness about the flow of wealth.
Inability to see patterns of wealth creation and depletion.

There are 3 basic ways to create wealth -

Arbitrage (Mercury, Jupiter, Moon) - Buy something cheap and sell it at a high price. This is basically a very Mercurial thing. Trade is Mercury related. Also involves Jupiter
because one has to have knowledge of both markets and how to connect them using Mercury's traits. Low risk and low value. This can become high value if one is exceedingly good at sales (Moon).

Value creation (Moon, Mars, Venus) - Have a great idea, create something beautiful,
put effort in it. Create a brand, create a restaurant, create consumer goods etc.

Systems & processes + economies of scale (Jupiter, Saturn) - Retail chains, restaurant chains, manufacturing plants etc. Things which requires processes and systems (Jupiter) to be in place to
create and profit from economies of scale (Saturn). Things which are categorised as "too big to fail" because so much investment happens to create something that allows for economies of scale. Economies of scale allow for enduring long term growth.
Massive long term wealth can come only if atleast 2 ways of wealth creation come together.

This means that one sells commodities (arbitrage) but with exceedingly good systems and processes and economies of scale. Stuff like this results in the Walmarts and Amazons of the world
Another example is Uber which has basically connected suppliers (drivers) and customers using a platform to create network effects thus generating massive wealth without asset ownership. This requires creating a marketplace (Mercury) with insanely efficient systems and processes
+ innovative mapping technology, GPS (Rahu + Jupiter) which result in network effects (Saturn).


If one creates a really valuable brand by crafting a beautiful experience (value creation) with excellent systems and processes and economies of scale. This results in brands
like Zara, luxury fashion houses or even a brand like Starbucks. Brands like Zara and Starbucks are valuable because not because they sell clothes or coffee but because they sell experiences supported by great processes and systems of which clothes and coffee are an important

I finally came to the conclusion that for wealth creation all planets have to meet a certain baseline requirement. If all planets are meeting the baseline requirement and then there are 2-3 key planets then one should focus all effort on creating wealth through those 2-3
key symbolisms coz that represents your true talent. You don't need all planets to be exalted, you don't even really need 2-3 planets to be exalted, what is more important is that all planets are at least functioning at a basic bare minimum level and thus one can create wealth.
By baseline requirement I mean having healthy self esteem, good wealth mindset, being good at basic arithmetic and basic pattern recognition, desires that are aligned to your goals, good knowledge of wealth creation, drive, self discipline and patience. I also feel that bulk of
the things in life are fixable and dependent on free will alone. I think we have way, way more free will than we believe. If people were given good education about finances in school I'm quite certain that nobody would be homeless at least. Certainly being a billionaire or even a
millionaire might be destiny but to have enough to live a dignified life is certainly in our hands 99.99% of the times, at least I would like to believe that.

Remedies I think everyone should do to alleviate poverty/financial problems - 

1. Sun - Have a stable conception of self. Very hard to do but not impossible. I struggle with this coz I don't exactly have a great sun but I always thought about how
stable Shri Ram is even though his fortune changes in a moment. From being crowned a prince to being exiled the next day. This always inspired me to try and develop a stable sense of self. If we find inner stability we get confidence and that becomes the foundation for other

2. Moon - Develop a wealth consciousness. See what beliefs wealthy people hold vs beliefs of poor people. Use affirmations, mantras. Use words very, very carefully. 2 things I learned from the book "Rich Dad, Poor Dad", were to never say "I can't afford this", instead
always say "how can I afford it?" and to never say things like "because I've kids (limitations/responsibilities) I'm poor" instead say "because I've kids (limitations/responsibilities) that's why I must become rich". Thus use your limitations and responsibilities as a driving
force instead of being burdened by them.

3. Mercury - Understand patterns of wealth creation and patterns of poverty. If all your income is funding expenses then you'll always be poor. But if your income funds an asset which in turn generates more income then you'll become rich
Understanding basic math like how compounding works, how leverage, debt, equity work.

3. Mars - Workout every single day. Exercise teaches you to suffer so learn to endure suffering with a smile everyday. Watch motivation videos. Listen to motivational music. Read/think about
people who were courageous. Take small, smart risks and learn to be happy even when they don't payoff because that is just an experience from which you learn. This helps build courage.

4. Venus - Purify your desires. Before every expense ask if you really need it. Understand
that a trip to the shopping mall won't make you as happy as going to the park for a walk and watching flowers bloom. Understand the beauty of small things. Be aware of the beauty in nature. Also just because something is beautiful doesn't mean you have to possess it. Look at how
beautiful the dress in the store window is, absorb the details, appreciate the craftsmanship but there's no need to possess it right now if you don't have the means to buy it. Possession and appreciation of beauty are completely different things. True happiness comes from the
latter while the former only feeds our narcissism.

5. Jupiter - Understand how processes and systems work. How financial institutions work at a basic level. How wealth creation happens. Understand why corporations pay less taxes despite making more money. Understand how legally
the system favours wealth creation via corporations so as to encourage risk taking and entrepreneurship. Read good books on wealth creation, finance - Rich dad, poor dad, Black Swan. Understand why rich get richer, poor get poorer. This happens with almost everything in life.
If you excercise everyday you feel more motivated to exercise. If you take drugs you keep falling deeper into the abyss. Everything has its own momentum. To understand this principle watch the video on Dhanistha I've put the link in the end. Success begets success. Thus create a
small success and slowly scale it.

6. Saturn - Rich people have habits that make them rich over the long term and poor people have habits that make them poor in the long term. At the same time wealthy people with poverty habits will deplete their wealth in the long term and
poor people with wealth generating habits will create wealth in the long term. Develop self control, discipline, patience and endurance.

7. Pay special attention to planets which are connected to Rahu/Ketu because that indicates something you've been working at for several
lifetimes. It could either be a persistent bad habit which you need to rid yourself of or a very strong talent or even both.

8. Learn basics of jyotish and ayurved. Especially understand both to learn life lessons and not for short term gain or material happiness.

9. Don't be
desperate, obsessive and overly attached to wealth because that clouds your intellect and will in effect keep you from achieving those goals which you could easily obtain.

10. There's no such thing as a bad planet. Planets are symbolic of your own karma. If you used fire to
cook food vs burning other people that is your karma. Understand and fix your weaknesses while playing on your strengths.

Thank you for reading 🙏
Additional references

1. Dhanishtha video - To understand why rich get richer and poor get poorer and what to do about it
2. Go through this series on remedies from Brihat Parashar Hora Shastra based on Rg Vedic Mantras with explanation
3. Any Vaishnava Shastra you read be it Ramcharitmanas, Bhagvad Gita or Srimad Bhagvatam it will certainly revolutionize ALL aspects of your life MATERIAL AND SPIRITUAL. So always read those too.

Jai Shri Ram 🙏

Ask if you've any questions.
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