An #OSINT thread on Foreign Funded Agents in Pakistan.
1. As a member of Pakistan's #OSINT community, I try to unearth grave threats to national security that mainstream sources refuse to discuss because of their own treacherous agendas. One thing I am increasingly concerned about is foreign money being used to recruit local agents.
2. In the ten minutes I spent on Google looking for evidence of these conspiracies, I was stunned to discover that actors working at the highest levels of government and policy have been taking foreign money for years!
3. Defenders of the status quo - all those supporters of dynastic parties and corruption - will not ask where all this money has come from! They will not ask what the people involved have had to do for all of this foreign funding! Thankfully, the #OSINT community is on the job!
4. It doesn't end there! With the help of Google, I have been able to unearth damning evidence of links between the country's top leaders and shady foreign actors. What is being discussed in these meetings? What plans are being concocted?!
5. For example, here's Imran Khan meeting known Indian agent Narendra Modi. IK claims to be a simple Prime Minister just doing his job, but why did he meet someone with known links to the Indian Establishment? What is he pointing at? Is it some secret new weapon? Maybe. Maybe not
6. Here's another picture it took 30 seconds to find. Why is Imran Khan meeting with Prince Charles, possible lizard-person and suspected member of the Illuminati? Was this meeting intended to lay the groundwork for a New World Order?
7. This is all damning enough but there's more. Look closely at this next picture. It may seem like an innocuous image from one of the PTI's rallies but there's more going on here than meets the eye.
8. Here's a section of that same image, magnified. What is that creature standing in the crowd?! It clearly looks like a member of an extraterrestrial species, possibly visiting earth to collect intel for a possible invasion! Why is this creature at a PTI rally?!
9. Wake up people! The mainstream media and it's bought journalists have laughingly referred to the 'khalai makhlooq' as being behind the rise of the PTI. Yet, while they've had people believe they were referring to the military establishment, the truth is even more sinister!
10. Foreign funding, meeting with enemy agents, collaborating with aliens?! Is this what Naya Pakistan is all about? The truth will come out. The people must wake up.
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