The entire world should be condemning Christianity & Islam for what they have done and are still doing. Condemning them for their institutionalized bigotry & hate. Bigotry & hate that is sanctioned by their GOD & enshrined in their religious texts against pagans & polytheists.
Pagans & polytheists who existed thousands of years before some bigoted men on a power trip gave their interpretation of GOD and creating religions that condemned pagans/polytheists to demonization, death and persecution.
Since these bigoted men wrote their interpretation of GOD down & formed their religions, Hundreds of millions of innocent human beings had been slaughtered, millions of women raped, universities, libraries & temples destroyed, entire civilizations destroyed & erased
This isn't just ancient history. Both these religions moved forward into our modern human society & still carry their bigotry & hatred for polytheists with them as it's enshrined in their Bible & in their Quran. Since both claim only they are right, they also target each other.
Today, for both these religions, India is their largest target. The stronghold of Hinduism (polytheism) from the ancient world. They've carried this bigotry for centuries & are focused on defeating their ancient biblical/quranic enemy. Sounds crazy, but it's really happening.
You even wonder why the God of Christianity & the Allah of Islam are jealous vengeful gods who target polytheists? Because the bigoted & jealous men who wrote these religions hated the polytheist of their time and the society they grew up in. They also hated the Jews.
These jealous bigoted men lived in a time on earth when the earliest advanced civilizations were forming, incredible cities being built, our universe being studied, education thrived, global cultural exchange & trade happening between these early advanced civilizations.
Egypt was flourishing building grand and marvelous cities, the Mediterranean civilization was flourishing as well. India, one of these great & advanced ancient civilizations was also flourishing, but these bigoted jealous men hadn't seen the polytheistic wonders of India yet.
In India they had advanced mathematics, metal work, astronomy, architecture, philosophy, understood the universe, medicine & early modern surgery, even had "medicare for all". They had advanced education for all & a beautiful, profoundly deep understanding of human spirituality
It was an age of discovery & advancement. The Medditranean with Greece, Rome & Egypt and to the east, ancient India. India had advanced Universities & Libraries renowned throughout Asia their libraries repositories of the vast wealth of the knowledge & history of ancient India.
Out of this early, flourishing civilization of men & women came two new monotheistic religions. The jealous men who created these religions were not wealthy, and they were angry at the society surrounding them. They blamed the polytheists & the Jews. They were bigots.
They created religions claiming God was talking to them & demonized polytheists calling them devil worshippers. When they gained enough followers, they began killing polytheists. Both being offshoots of Judaism, but claiming only they were right, they targeted & killed the Jews.
I know modern Christians love their religion. Perhaps Jesus meant well, but at it's root, Christianity claims only it's right, all who don't follow Jesus will burn in Hell, targets polytheists (Hindus) as devil worshippers and has a history of genocide against polytheists.
This wholesale hatred for polytheism & Judaism began with the Christians. They brought forth an age of destruction in their quest to exterminate polytheism from the world. Religious zealotry became the order of the day and as they gain followers the destruction & death increased.
The Roman Empire was polytheist, but seeing the growing following of this new Christian monotheistic religion, Constantine embraced Christianity thereby empowering these religious zealots, the Classic world fell & the age of Christian imperialism was born along with the Dark Ages
Developing later & separately from Christianity, outside of Mecca in Arabia, another jealous & bigoted man claimed God was talking to him. His name was Muhammad. He came from a family of Arab polytheists. He too hated the polytheists and the Jews and blamed them for his problems.
He started his career raiding the caravans of polytheists. When the polytheists objected, tried to reason with Muhammad and his new followers of Islam he attacked them. Muhammad and his religion Islam also claimed polytheist were evil, as were the Jews.
Muhammad claimed he was the final prophet of the Abrahamic god & all must follow his word as it was the final decree of God. He not only claimed polytheist worshippers of false gods/devils, but Jews & Christians were wrong as he was the final prophet, only his word valid
From this, he launched a campaign of wholesale slaughter of all non believers in his newly created religion. He attacked Jews & destroyed the native Arab polytheists creating Islam's most sacred place the Kaaba on place of the temple grounds of the Arab polytheists he destroyed.
Islam started as we see ISIS, Al Qaeda and all the other Islamic terrorists groups operating in the world today, by giving all who were conquered by the advance of Islam a choice to convert, pay taxes to muslims, or die. If you resisted or spoke ill of Muhammad or Islam, you died
Muhammad’s followers launched out on a campaign to expand Islam, looting, killing, raping, enslaving & converting every city conquered. Polytheists always the top target for slaughter, but all non believers had choices, flee, enslavement, convert to Islam, pay taxes or die
Muhammad never made it to India himself, but Islam has a prophesy that Islam will conquer India making it Dar al-Islam, the house of Islam. The period of Islamic invasion & Muslim rule over parts of India represent the must brutal chapter of our human history.
The Islamic invasion of India brought wholesale slaughter of Hindus, Buddhists, Jains & Sikhs, all of Dharmic & Vedic tradition. They tried to destroy what was arguably the most advanced civilization on our planet and they did it because of the religion they follow, Islam.
Low estimates put the number of deaths at 80 million. The Muslims did not value the men as they did not want polytheists reproducing so they were often executed en mass. Millions of women were raped, often publicly, millions of women & children enslaved.
The Isalmic invaders & rulers destroyed 10's of thousands of Hindu, Buddhist & Jain temples. They destroyed those incredible Universities & libraries of India. The world lost so much incredible knowledge, there was so much death & destruction we should all weep at the tragedy.
And this tragedy brought on by the Abrahamic faiths of Christianity & Islam didn’t stop there for India. Islam made it to India first, but soon the Portuguese arrived at Goa and they brought with them the religious zealotry and hatred of polytheism of Christianity.
They destroyed & looted temples, they held inquisitions, burned Hindus alive at the stake. Then the British arrived “discovering” India as if it didn’t exist before their arrival & so commenced decades of subjugation of the people of India under British Christian supremacist rule
The British still to this day think they helped India. No, the looted their country for the British empire. British colonial rule did little to help India but it did a lot of harm. Even today in British museums, looted treasure of India is on display such is their arrogance.
Islam continued it’s march against Hinduism. Multiple genocides all the way into the modern era. Partition of India was done because Islam is so bigoted with such hatred for polytheists, Muslims demanded their own country for Islam away from Hindus. Millions more died.
As we see in the world, even Muslims don’t get along. In the 1971 war, East Pakistan separated from Pakistan creating Bangladesh. Pakistan launched Operation Searchlight. The Islamic army of Pakistan slaughter some 2.5 million Hindus & raped hundreds of thousands of women.
Kashmir we hear of persecuted Muslims & evil Hindus. Pure propaganda. There have been multiple genocides/exodus of Hindus from Kashmir. In 1990 when Mosques announced from speakers, leave convert or die & Muslims started killing Hindus. 400,000 Hindus fled becoming refugees.
Today, left political parties in India are dominated by Marxists, Liberals, Islamists, & Christians. All of them continuing the centuries old war against Hinduism for Christianity & Islam and the Democrats in America are allied with those left political parties in India.
That is why we see all of this propaganda against Hindus in global western media and Islamic nations. In America, the Democrats have allied with Islam as well as Christians and we have the socialist/marxist uprising on the left. It’s all the same elements that attack Hinduism.
In India, what they call the RW is actually a centrist party and it is a predominately Hindu party. All the Christians & Muslims align on the left against them and call them fascists, nazis, terrorists. It's all religiously motivated propaganda and lies against Hindus.
In America, we have a right wing, the Republicans, they to have Christians who are bigoted against Hinduism, but they become the lesser threat to India because they are not allied with Islam against India. The Democrats absolutely are.
I do not know the solution to this millennia old bigoted demonization of polytheists (Hindus) that Islam & Christianity still embrace today. But I do know this. If the world doesn’t wake up, just as these religions destroyed the ancient world, they'll destroy the modern world.
I ask all, next time you see media propaganda against India. Next time you see politicians doing the same, passing resolutions against India & making false claims of persecution of religious minorities, learn truth. Understand why they are doing this. They are lying to you.
Hindus are not persecuting religious minorities in India. They're fighting to preserve their civilization & the nations of Islam & the Christian West are absolutely continuing their centuries old war against Hinduism. It’s in our schools, media & governments. It must stop.
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