I get a LOT of people asking to volunteer with us- people in the security industry WANT to do good things and it’s so awesome to see.

The absolutely BEST way that anyone in this field can assist victims of online crimes like stalking or image abuse is surprisingly easy.
Call/write your local prosecutors, detectives, advocates, and judges, and offer to teach them basic internet literacy and online evidence collection. Teach them about IP addresses, OSINT, and exif data.
There are so many “basic” concepts that aren’t being taught to the legal system, and as a result, criminal cases are being thrown out, protection orders are being denied, and victims are seeing no justice.

Bridging the educational gap is THE BEST WAY to volunteer.
I’ve personally seen cases thrown out because the judge didn’t understand how IP addresses tie to an identity. I’ve met police officers who don’t know how to send a subpeona to a website. I’ve seen a magistrate deny that phone spoofing is even possible.
I wish I could say these anecdotes are one-offs, but they aren’t. Our entire legal system is fraught with older folks who just plain DONT understand how the internet works.

Do good, bridge that gap. Teach everyone the basics.
And there are so many ways to do this: hold a free workshop, create easy to follow write ups, offer to assist as an expert witness, or go into the courthouse and work with them one on one.
Have patience, it can be frustrating, but it’s a way to do good that has a HUGE impact
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