California’s energy demands cannot be met with 100% solar energy. California makes enough solar power for 7.8 M homes. That’s not enough for every home, much less businesses.
That solar power provides only 20% of the state’s need. Also, Mt. Diablo nuclear plant, which is clean alternative energy, is being shuttered. Mt. Diablo made enough power for 1.7M homes.
Solar goes from producing 18% of the electricity on the power grid at 4:00pm to ZERO percent at 9:00pm.
Cal-ISO warned last year of upcoming energy shortages. Yet here we are, with the various players all pointing the finger of guilt at the other.
We are a state of 40M. We need a lot of energy. This week during the rolling blackouts, natural gas provided 60% of the energy. Our power needs cannot, and will never be, all compromised of green energy.
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