Seems like a lot of folks wanna talk about socks.
Sock puppet accounts are fake accounts on social media- not to be confused with alts, sock accounts are meant to be disposable and not a lot of work goes into them (usually).

So what are they used for?
Well, plenty.
Socks can be used as methods of sharing things that one isn’t comfortable sharing under ones name.
They can also be used to observe spaces that aren’t available to someone- to bypass a block or just filter feeds.
They can also be used to harass- anonymity has the unfortunate side effect of bringing out the worst in people.
But it needs said that not every sock is malicious. Not every fake account is meant for harassment or nefarious purposes.
For instance, one might use socks to tweet about varying interests that might not overlap- especially if they’re involved in one or more “twitter communities.”
They could be someone who just doesn’t want their followers to see how many porn accts they follow.
Or it could be someone who wants to express their opinions without concern about their coworkers finding out.

No need to panic if an obvious sock follows you.
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