Here are 20 smaller companies (under $5 billion market cap) with explosive growth potential that I’m watching closely.

I’m hoping to add some of these very soon with more due diligence and attractive technical setups.

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1) $API = developer platform for voice/video/messaging applications

2) $APPS = mobile advertising

3) $GRWG = sells farming/cannabis growing supplies

4) $CELH = fitness/energy drinks
5) $OTRK = tech/AI enabled healthcare platform

6) $ZYXI = non-invasive medical devices to treat chronic pain and injuries

7) $IIPR = leases warehouses to cannabis companies

8) $GWPH = using pharmaceutical grade cannabis to treat chronic diseases
9) $TWOU = online learning for colleges

10) $LRN = online learning for K-12

11) $NLS = home fitness equipment

12) $PGNY = fertility benefits
13) $FTCH = ecommece platform for luxury fashion

14) $EVER = online insurance marketplace

15) $RDFN = online real estate services

16) $CRNC = AI powered voice and hand gesture recognition for automotive and autonomous driving
17) $CYRX = provides cryogenic logistics services

18) $NVTA = provides the software and tools to process and analyze DNA samples

19) $FVRR = marketplace for hiring freelancers

20) $SDGR = computational platform to accelerate R&D for pharma and biotech companies
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