Those of you following my threads on Dido Harding's husband John Penrose's & colleagues 1828 Committee Manifesto for the new Britain

There was on online Libertarian 'Friedman 8' 24 hour conference on July 1th 2020

Look at the list of speakers 
..including one of the 3 co-authors of the 1828 Manifesto - Far Right Libertarian Australian Matthew Lesh - head of Research at the Adam Smith Institute, colleague of Chloe Westley, felow of the notoriously right wing IPA -Institute of Public Affairs (Australia)..
Also speaking at this virtual conference was everyone's favourite 'cuddly Libertarian', former NRA Director/Nixon Campaigner,Apartheid supporter/ Reagan designated President of Americans for Taxpayers Reform & boss of Sarah Elliott, Grover Norquist...and...
..of course, what Libertarian conference would be complete without everyone's 'Favourite European', Dr Barbara Kolm - who we should maybe call Barbara 'Clone' as she spends so much time doing Free Market Roadshows & other 'interesting things' all over the world!..and
..also speaking was the lovely CEO of the'less than lovely' Far Right Libertarian Atlas Society - Jennifer Anju Grossman...and
What Libertarian conference would be complete without our very own fascist, neo-colonialist, Brexit Troika member- Daniel J. Hannan, who has earned himself the distinction of being catastrophically wrong about literally EVERYTHING he has ever said about ANYTHING..and.
Here's maybe a new face for you.. former Brit, now American Iain Murray (who seems to have forgotten his 'work' on Climate Change on his CV) and also that he supplies American Funding to Matthew & Sarah Elliott & the Tufton Street Mafia & much much more. Naughty Iain
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Then there is Norquists colleague Paul Blair - Director of Strategic Initiatives at Americans for Tax Reform... I am sure you will agree that the people speaking with the 1828 Committee's Matthew Lesh are a veritable smorgasbord of Libertarian Fundamentalists ..
THREAD 11/19
..also worth noting is Julie Borowski because....? 🤔
THREAD 12/19
..then, presumably to ensure the the White Male dominated Libertarian demographics are not ruined..the one and only Eamonn Butler - director of the Adam Smith Institute
THREAD 13/19
(I don't know about you but I'm starting to think the 1828 Manifesto, championed by Dido Hardings husband John Penrose MP & Crispin Blunt, MAY have been influenced from outside the UK by some unscupulous, greedy people that want to annihilate Socialism & Social Care?
THREAD 14/19
..and how could I forget Professor Gigi Foster - whose questionable comments on COVID created serious controversy and anger in her native Australia
THREAD 15/19
And then there is Dr Tom G. Palmerof Atlas, who seems to have a bit of a chip on his shoulder about what he calls "Authoritarian Populism" - I presume he is referring to Trump and Boris Johnson et al. ?🤔
THREAD 16/19's a new name for you-Gloria Alvarez-Guatemalan darling of the MANNKAL Madrasas, whose books include:
How To Talk To A Progressive: why socialism harms the poor
How to talk to a Conservative: why Libertarianism is better than conservatism at the battle of ideas
THREAD 17/19
..and here we have Johan Norberg senior fellow at the Cato Institute (they wrote the new US/UK Trade Agreement plan with Daniel J. Hannan btw )....
THREAD 18/19
..and of course..there is David Boaz - executive vice president of the Cato Institute..need say I more?
THREAD 19/19
..OK I will let you click on all the rest of the speakers at this Conference, read each BIO & make your own judgements whether you think that the 1828 Committee are ;
a/Acting in the best interests of the country or
b/Barking mad opportunists 
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