Motivation - is what drives us to make things happen.

But staying motivated isn't always easy.

Here are some tips on how to get and stay motivated.


1️⃣ Set goals

- gives you a sense of direction
- something to focus on
- measurable start and end point

This really can help you to stay motivated on on track. Best place to start is by setting goals on what your looking to accomplish.
2️⃣ Chose goals that interest you

- more likely to say motivated
- easier to keep you interested in completing your goals

When your doing something you love it becomes a whole lot easier to keep on doing what your doing.
3️⃣ Find things that interest you even if the overall goal does not

In other words
- find the task in the goal that do motivates you and focus on that
- this will help you reach your target

"I hate math but it will make me a better builder which is what I want to do"
4️⃣ Make your goals public

- write them down
- tell somebody

This will hold you more accountable.

You have made a promise to complete them and now must work on keeping your word.

And your word is your bond.
5️⃣ Plot your progress

- you get to visually see how far you have came
- motivating to look back at your progress

Create something to visually show you your progress so you can see how far you have gone.

--> Seeing is believing!
6️⃣ Break up your goals

- start with easier tasks
- work up to harder challenges

By doing this you can have more manageable chunks and help to build your confidence.
7️⃣ Use rewards

- reward yourself for progress, no matter how big or how small

Rome wasn't build in a day.
As long as you are making steady and consistent progress towards your goals it is all worth it.
8️⃣ Don't do it alone

- Join a class
- find a friend, family member, spouse
- someone you can share the journey with

This will help you to stay on track and their encouragement can boost your motivation to complete your goals, especially when things get tough.
Overall motivation is the driving force that keeps us getting up in the morning and chasing our dreams and desires.

Make sure to stay motivated in everything you do.

This way you will be giving it your all and can leave it all on the table.
If you do happen to be struggling with motivation feel free to drop us a DM and let us know. We are happy to talk about it and help you find your spark again

Thanks for reading and stay motivated!

Have a great day and BEYOND‼️
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