DeJoy’s former supply chain company XPO Logistics has been awarded 100s of millions of dollars in federal contracts, primarily through the Pentagon - including more than $14 million in defense contracts the month DeJoy stepped down, May 2018. Contracts all but stopped that month.
Another former Pentagon freight contractor, Bill Zollars, was confirmed to the USPS board in June. Weeks later, Zollars' former company, YRC Worldwide, received a $700 million federal bailout, despite being worth only $70 million at the time....
The numbers:

Graham: $5000 in 2014
James: $11,000, split between 2018 and 2020 campaigns
McSally: $8100 between ‘18 and ‘20
Tillis: Nearly $50,000 all told, from 2014-now

In 2014, when DeJoy merged companies, he gave Rove’s PAC $50K thru a nearly untraceable LLC for some reason
More DeJoy news coming fwiw
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