My caste story.

Me and my brother has studied from a Central government school. The story is when my father was posted in a small district of UP. The region is totally reserved for SCs so is my principal was a DALIT.

After 10th results my brother reached the school++
++on last day of admission date mentioned (due to my nana's death). The cutoff for science was 8.8 CGPA and my brother had 9.2 CGPA but my brother was denied admission. And the admission in charge( who was a relative of principal) told that, if he wants to take admission in +++
++this school he has to take Humanities( my brother is very good in maths). But still it was hard for us to understand why only my brother. Later on my father keeps visiting the school know the reason, then the clerk who was also of our caste told that+++
My brother was denied admission because of his surname, his caste. As the principal often has used the stage to spew venom against brahmins, it was not hard for us to relate all this.
Between all this many things had happened, even the admission in charge spat paan on my brother
++After knowing all this my father immediately filed the case and after two years we won the case but nothing was left. When i passed my 10th exam from same school and challenged him if they can deny me admission but they can't i was among the toppers.+++
Also a girl with 6.8 CGPA and another boy with 7.6 CGPA were given admission( we got this info through RTI) and what was common b/w them was they were Dalit. Okay just for your info reservation is applicable for admission in this school then.
++ this incident was just an incident for him as it couldn't affect his further studies but it is somewhere in our mind. Later my brother( after passing 12th) joined Indian Army through one of the off. entries and is happy now but whenever we talk about the school he gets angry.
So yes the caste based discrimination is not always one way we, the brahmins often have to face anti brahmin slurs like nanga brahmin, bhikhari and simultaneously privileged also and all, esp. the hate for brahmin on SM is on its peak.
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