among other things, i'm always just generally suspicious of "protesters" who wear giant SECURITY signs on their tac vests in small, organized teams
Evans is soft pedaling it here. "the people who habitually hang out by the JC" here means the weird gang that pretends to be protesters, continuously assaults people to this day, and took over riot ribs at gunpoint
looks like the narrative is slowly getting around. not quite whisper networks, but given that it's just folks with small accounts saying it (my loud mouthed self excluded, obviously), the effect is the same
gonna just start collecting these as i find them, i guess
this is actually getting rather specific. good
this matches my own understanding of the situation on the ground as well
also accurate, to my knowledge
i think, obviously, police like the chaos the gang is causing, the endless stream of bad press that they then claim is the result of the protests themselves

so they're not doing anything about it either. but to be clear, neither are the protesters.
there are already dozens, approaching hundreds, of these stories, spread out all over the internet and hard to collate because of the unprecedented and complicated social nature of the situation on site
unconfirmed but holy shit this is spicy
to be clear, the salient point here is that it is now a matter of public record that the group, whatever you want to call it, is coherent enough to be recognizable to different outfits of protesters, and most importantly - THE LEADERSHIP IS A KNOWN QUANTITY, to specific people
so we are now talking about a distinct organisation, with recognizable membership and roles here, which can be identified in detail, pinned down, and disrupted the same as any other

amorphous talk of "troublesome teens in a park" is over, point anyone pushing that to this thread
[tosses another one on the pile]

this one came in from the DMs just now
[deep, exasperated sigh]

at a certain point we have to grapple with the responsibility shared by those who donated to riot ribs and the riot ribs creator and staff themselves, sorry folks, for fostering an environment that directly led to the situation in the first place: the 300k 
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