Why did Sripada's presence fail a brahmin who was exceptionally skilled in debating? The mantra he was using to invoke the goddess for his success left the brahmin. The entire debate none of his words were heard by the people present that day.
14th century!
Why? When the divine came as a 2 y/o with his father the brahmin asked him why a little boy is here!

The God, replied 'u had called me, so i came' ( he meant the shakti the b had invoked)

Added, 'if u want me to leave, i can'
The B said 'yes'
SripadaSriV left with his F!
The B was left speechless. The q arises why the B was unable to talk? Yes, bc the devi of the power of speech left the B to merge in Datta prabhu who every devi n deva respects n worships. No devi or deva pardons disresp to the un-manifested parabrahman - anywhere anytime!
The mantras one invokes for shakti / strength are in reality celestial forms whose presence gives the aura around the seeker.
Being egoistic all of us are, when GOD arrives in front of us this was an instance where a human could not recognise HIM; all bc his form was of 2 y/o
Aham Brahmasmi!
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