MOVE OVER HYDROXYCHLOROQUINE: Trump now pushing a new pill—dietary supplement oleandrin.

WH officials were recently pitched that “oleandrin cures #COVID19 in two days”. I won’t bother describing you the lack of randomized trials for this supplement.
2) “Behind the scenes: Senior officials familiar with the internal conversations around oleandrin have raised concerns about the way this botanical extract — pushed by Andrew Whitney of Phoenix Biotechnology — is being promoted at the highest levels of the Trump administration.”
3) “There is no public data showing oleandrin has ever been tested in animals or humans for its efficacy against COVID-19, but the extract has shown some evidence of inhibiting the virus in a non-peer reviewed laboratory study.” — not even human study! Not to mention P1-3 trials
4) “In an interview on Saturday, Whitney told Axios that oleandrin has been tested on humans for its efficacy against COVID-19 but said the study has not been published yet. He also said the lab study is in the process of being peer reviewed.”
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