http://SZ.CN  which is a huge Chinese project by @HPB_Global CEO Xiaoming Wang, provides a revolution in #ecommerce and #blockchain integration in China!

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Its entered 15 major Chinese cities and its growing fast. Just one of the merchants that are signed up to #SZ, is beyond huge.
"Big Player" is the merchant, they provide entertainment services to 100million Chinese people.

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http://SZ.CN  at present, there are millions of transactions per month. With the addition of more partners, its revenue is expected to increase significantly. The next goal is 5 million.

#SZ $HPB #ecommerce #blockchain #China  is a key ecological project of HPB and will use the @HPB_Global MainNet. Initial plans for blockchain integration are set for the Second Quarter of this year.

#ecommerce #blockchain #databusiness #crypto #china #WeChat  goods, assets, transactions and rights will be recorded on the HPB main chain, thereby increasing the number of HPB main network transactions and users. #SZ didn’t occupy any of $HPB Foundation public funds.
By 2030 middle class will grow by 1.3 billion people, 87% of growth comes in Asia. The middle class is what drives consuming, investing and so on.  is getting started prime time in this economic growth since its targeting China, maybe Asia in general after?
#SZ is a decentralized social commerce toolkit for merchants seeking a lower-cost marketing route to new customers in an online community. This is for the business that values enhanced social reputation and customer retention and wants to become more adaptable and agile.
http://SZ.CN  founders believe that, in future, “whoever creates value, will have value”. So, #SZ encourages #merchants, #consumers, #freelanceprofessionals and partners to come together for mutual benefit.

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