This entire thread is full of cherry-picked verses to try to make Hindus feel guilty

This guy won't tell you that Brahmanas had red hot-wine poured on their body till it completely burnt or they died if they drank alcohol.

The verses in context of society then, are quite fine.
surāṃ pītvā dvijo mohādagnivarṇāṃ surāṃ pibet |
tayā sa kāye nirdagdhe mucyate kilbiṣāt tataḥ || 90 ||

A Brahmin having drank wine, through delusion, shall drink red-hot wine; when his body has been completely burnt by it. Therefore he is free from the guilt"
In the above verse, Medhatithi also quotes the Gautama Smriti (2.23) which says "Hot-wine should be poured on the Brahmana"

It says (red-hot means that it should be as hot as fire; as is clear from the phrase until he dies)

Wine is of course, banned for the Brahmin woman also.
He also won't tell you there were Shudra kings ruling in the lands then.

It says here "Other castes also, who may be living the life of the Kṣattriya, are entitled to kingship:—‘Whoever happens to be the protector of the people is regarded as the king, Lord-Protector"
Manusmriti also says "न शूद्रराज्ये निवसेन्नाधार्मिकजनावृते " (4.61)

"And do not dwell in the Rajya of a Shudra"

Of course, the Smriti considered this unoptimal but it acknowledges countries exist that are RULED by Shudras. Did you know this?
The goal of a Smriti is to prescribe injunctions to make people act certain ways, just because some verse said "cut off this guy's limbs" doesn't mean it was done. Do you think every Brahmin who drank wine was burnt to death? Reality as always, is nuanced.
And keeping in mind the time period when these Smritis were actually followed, I think Manusmriti is excellent.

Half of the world didn't even know what a "law-book" was then. Do you think Northern Europe was some pleasant merry present day Nordic society with justice? Lol !
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