Hi there, coming at you live from the Justice Center at this absurdly early hour, where about 30 so-called Patriots have gathered to wave flags and shout at people

Stay tuned!

#PortlandProtest #PortlandProtests
There are rumors of violence today. Peaceful so far https://twitter.com/defendpdx/status/1294696451109294080?s=19
A handful of Black Lives matter counterprotesters stand across the street from this small gathering

The two groups currently shouting back and forth:

"Black Lives Matter!"
"Blue Lives Matter!"
Rumors of guns appear to be greatly exaggerated so far. We've got mace, baseball bats, paintball guns, and a sword cane
So far I'm seeing:

Haley Adams
Brandon Brown
Gregory Isaacson ("Bike Nazi")
Brandon Farley
In case you missed it, Farley is a huge Nazi--um, "cosplay" fan https://twitter.com/AFAbinx/status/1292163011294109696?s=19
Ok we DO have guns

We have a scorpion, which fires 9mm ammo. The gun is unloaded but he is carrying clips
We have a gentleman whose is concealed carrying a 9mm Glock. We had a nice conversation about 9mm vs .40. He tells me Washougal is a great place to buy guns and ammo right now
We have a gentleman carrying an unloaded M4
Tl;Dr: at least 3 guns and maybe more. Unloaded but they're carrying ammo

Skylor Jernigan and Alyssa Vinsonhaler spotted
Someone requests that @TheRealCoryElia step forward

I don't think he's here, but Cory, feel loved: they're thinking of you
Quincy Franklin spotted. He's crossed over to the BLM side
Fun fact: open carry is permitted in Portland only for people with a concealed carry permit

Concealed carry is not permitted at all

You think the cops are gonna check for permits? I mean, it seems like part of their job, right?
Skylor's gun confirmed https://twitter.com/stinkietheskunk/status/1294717755602554880?s=19
An older man on the BLM comes up and pokes me. "It says PRESS!" he says

Please do not do this
Snack van!!
Belay Skylor rifle thing: looks like a paintball gun
Murderhole opened and someone inside took a picture with their camera phone. I tried to get a shot of it and failed
Police still peeking out of the murderhole
A Black Lives Matter protester had walked over to the far right rally to display his sign

Some calls to "get him out of here" but no action so far
The protest is blocking the street

I'm sure the police will be here soon to tell them to stop, declare an unlawful assembly, and blast them with tear gas
Someone has started bitching about my presence on the chud side. I am fake-as press and also a piece of shit

Reggie Axtell makes a big show of photographing my badge, which is funny, because we've definitely met
(someday very soon I'm gonna have to talk about how a lot of people over here knows me pretty well--or at least, they thought they did. That's a subject for another day)
A dude in paintball armor, a martial arts shield, and a "US ARMY VETERAN" patch is yelling "Donald Trump is your president!!"

I've never understood why they yell this. I guess it's because of that lib "not my president" nonsense 3 years ago

Let it go, guys. We know
People starting to get confrontational. Isaacson comes across the street and gets in someone's face for reasons I missed. They've retreated for the most part but for sure things are escalating
"Black Rebel" spotted. He has made a sign requesting that people not stab him
The left is better at chanting. That's not bias, it's objective fact
Gentleman with the ridiculous armor is Alan Swinney. Thank you: my face recognition remains Not Great

He is carrying a paintball gun and a large knife

BLM counterprotesters occupy the Justice Center steps. Adams rally appears to be about to go on a march

"Bad idea to follow us!" someone shouts

I'm gonna follow them
"FREE COUNTRY" Alan Duncomb ("black rebel") yells

"We know! First amendment!" Someone yells back
Alan Swinney menaces protesters with bear mace
I stop to tweet for a second and Swinney maces the crowd. God damn it. Other people got the footage. No one is incapacitated, it was sort of a warning shot

Currently still moving, telling the counter protesters to stop following them

Free country
Swinney maces again. As soon as I cut the feed he shoots someone with his paintball gun
Sorry for the tweet gap, shit got intense

A lot of mace and "paintballs"

By paintballs, I mean whatever the fuck this is. It isn't paint. Hard plastic. Several people have examined it and agree
I'm going to upload a ton of footage shortly, once I'm sure it's over

Suffice it to say the counter protest followed the protest for several blocks. Alan Swinney shot and maced several people. He also got hit with silly string
They have retreated into the SmartPark at 4th and Yamhill. They shot many paintball rounds on their way up. Skylor shot a couple, but only once he was pretty sure no one could see it was him

No major casualties that I'm aware of
@Johnnthelefty tells the crowd: "This is Antifa! Just so you know. So stop badmouthing us!"
Alan Swinney shooting people. Strap in, this is now an "Alan Swinney shoots people" thread
Mace and shooting
People are starving for mace in the third world, Alan. And you're just shooting it into the air
Two live rounds fired from the blue car just now as it left the garage

Rumors they're circling
License plate, California, 8HCE842

Toyota Corolla

Contained Alan Swinney, Haley Adams, Alyssa Vinsonhaler

Thanks @PNWAntifascist
The counterprotest is currently camped out at the SmartPark, making sure no one else is up there

I'm feeling that burning sensation on my arms but it could be worse. @PNWAntifascist and @R3volutionDaddy got it right in the face. They're OK but I mean, mace sucks
Anticlimactic to post more mace and paintball but what the hell

This is Duncomb telling Swinney not to mace me. Not sure what I did to deserve this mercy but I am of course happy to not be maced. Maybe it was that conversation about 9mm vs . 40 earlier
Just now: more chuds climb the garage stairs. I don't k ow if you can see it but one dude is carrying what looks to me like an AR-15

Some people are following them up the stairs and I wish they wouldn't
The people who followed are now coming down. They're ok
Still waiting for them to come out

Here's some more of Alan Swinney wasting mace

My biggest fear is being a coward. How does he stand it?
Swinney and friends just unloading on someone
The Antifa terrorist attacks the brave Patriot with silly string

The brave American retaliates with mace
Swinney menaces counterprotesters. As he turns, someone hits him with a good shot. Please keep in mind he'd maced and shot multiple people at this point

He and his friends retaliate from the stairwell
More shooting from the stairwells
Someone remarks that the police sure do seem disinterested in live shots fired in downtown Portland. We haven't seen a single cop

Don't get it twisted. They aren't ignoring us because we want to abolish the police

We want to abolish the police because they ignore shit like this
Apparently Andy Ngo stole my video, which like, dude, at least unblock me you waste of carbon
Someone combed the building and it seems the chuds have left. Snuck out somehow. They'll probably come back for their cars later

Looks like things are winding down. Good. I want a shower beer and a nap before tonight
As I got into my car, I received news of the pipe bomb. What a cool sentence that is to type. Dropped it between 4th and 5th on Main

Just saw a DHS car drive by. You know he didn't stop
Pictures of a pipe bomb fragment
Picture of the shell casing from the shooting. 9mm

We already established earlier in the thread that's what most of them were packing
Look, at a certain point it's really hard to be confused as to who the fucking terrorists are
We've got a roof cop
And now we're getting reports of a sniper on top of a Smartpark Y'all I'm so tired what the fuck is this shit

In some parallel universe I'm applying to grad school right now

Hopefully not the case, people are jumpy as fuck. Sure hope no sniper. Going to investigate
Good news: SmartPark roof on 4th and Yamhill is free of snipers
(we checked it out in person I am 100% sure)
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