The game is rigged. Every single time there is a campus outbreak this fall and athletes, other students, and campus workers of all sorts get sick, the explanation will be individual moral failure to ‘act appropriately.’
We have decades of preparation for this moment. This is how we already understand health—healthism. It will work. Institutions and the admin who serve them will be exonerated. The healthcare industrial complex will profit. And, people will suffer and die.
Our various campus ‘compacts’ are not just waivers, they are interpellations of our own already-failures. We are signing up for the blame.
Here’s a nifty example of how concern for/regulation of the individual can be deftly deployed to absolve institutional responsibility for the wellbeing of the collective.
Here’s how the same logic of healthism is being deployed against college athletes by the chair of the ACC’s medical advisory group.
IMO the single most successful effort to fight back against the unsafe health and safety conditions this fall is the labor organizing of #WeAreUnited athletes in the PAC-12. Labor action shut it down.
The truth? Individuals are literally begging for help as these institutions walk them off the plank.
At UNC, faculty took to begging students to listen because admin were so determined to sacrifice everyone.
Presented without comment.
Listen to UNC Professor Jay Smith discuss everything faculty have tried to keep people off campus this semester.
This public health emergency is brought to you by the administration of the University of North Carolina.
I can't...
Here's yet another way in which universities are sloughing off responsibility for harm during the pandemic, in this case by suggesting that the risk of harm to athletes is not greater than for other students.
Students are blamed, but the university is creating the conditions for this by going F2F. This is what popular culture has told these students university *is*. The institution understands this—it is precisely why it has elected to go F2F. So who is responsible?
Don't let anyone tell you that any of this was the students' fault.
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