Want A lesson in WEALTH

Recently, I have been spending a lot of time viewing, absorbing, engaging & learning from


From them I've learned = MOVE FORWARD

These guys are not your average twitter accounts

📌They tweet from experience & true realisation/struggle

Not just "Lockdown Luck"

i.e. they didnt just get furloughed/laid-off then spend hours on twitter to become "experts"

(Sorry, not sorry)

But one thing i have noticed from these accounts

They always encourage TAKING ACTION

Often TAKING ACTION is thought of as

- Scary
- VERY difficult
- Time consuming

📌But from MASSIVE action, comes MASSIVE results

Then I came across an IG post from @elonmusk

Elon says

"Stop being patient and start asking yourself

💥How do I accomplish my 10-year plan in 6-months

You'll probably fail, but you'll be a lot further than the person who simply accepted it was going to take 10-years!"

Similarly, those tagged accounts have a similar mindset

(if you don't believe me, check their content)

and they all have the track record to prove it too!

The reason it works is because of human psychology

Again something these accounts are big on

If you know you have 10-years to achieve something, you will take 10-years.

If you reset the timeline to achieve it in 6-months, your enthusiasm will enable you to achieve it in 6-months.

You will be laser focused!

📌By creating urgency, you are actually creating opportunity and giving yourself a better chance

These accounts all teach that same mindset principle


❌ If you are not following them
✅ Go check them out

If you ARE following them

⬇️Comment below what you have learned from them⬇️

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