The 2020s are the Remote Work decade

A few more predictions of what is likely to emerge

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🤖 personal RPA: robotic process automation will transform work for individuals

No-code tools that enable workers to built bots that automate menial parts of their roles will be huge
🚀 UI-Less Tech: friction while working remotely is one of the biggest communication problems for remote

Instant communication which isn’t distracting, disrupting or about surveillance will be super important
💀 Death of HQ: the office is dead but offices will persist. They’ll be used less frequently then hardly at all

Co-working, subscription clubs, will emerge that let workers who prefer that mode of work to operate from there
🌉 City Unbundling: the allure of the city has been eroded by technology. You can easily spend time there without living there

Cost of living has made them irrational. Modern time-shares for city living, city services being distributed are inevitable in
🧰 Vertical Tools: @NotionHQ @LoomHQ, @zoom_us etc. are incredible horizontal products that do nearly anything

Vertical products that do one thing, operating around a constraint that looks like a feature, will explode to prominence

Meetings, async & culture big opportunities
🟢 Presence: tools that provide an estimate of when you should expect a response will become big

These will measure the tasks your team are doing and use this to set expectations, allowing teams to escalate more easily when necessary
🚐 Remote Living: Work from anywhere RVs will become huge business

Associated business parks and services will spring up. This will happen even more rapidly as self driving tech emerges

Expect a @Tesla product in this space
🏠 WFH Dominance: the majority of workers will work from home a majority of the time by the end of this decade

Employers will be responsible for ensuring the health and safety of teams operating at home
💫 WFH Experience: offices have emerged to provide incredible experiences inside some companies. Lunches, laundrettes, child care

Companies will differentiate in this domain rapidly. The remote culture and experience a company offers will be a massive attraction for workers
⚖️ lifework balance: massive increases in part-time and freelance work

A recognition that we no longer have to sacrifice work for living, we can organize work around our lives
❤️ Family Reconnections: modern living tears families apart. The search for opportunity typically means relocation

Remote will see huge numbers of people return home, leading to more time with friend and family
🧶 Hobbie Renaissance: commuting and city living leave no freedom to do the things we are most passionate about

Working remotely allows us to surf or ski before work, travel more frequently, develop new passions
🤝 Relationships Reimagined: closest social contact decided by your boss’s HR policies is bad

Leads to shallow superficial relationships because the only thing you have in common is your employers bottom line

Tools that inspire deeper new & existing relationships will be huge
💰 Payment Preferences: workers will have the power to shift the currency they receive payment in at the touch of a button

Fractional ownership of their company over salary will become an option
🏇Venture Collectives: communities of founders, makers and operators will find one another and build tools to solve the problems they are facing

These teams will be uniquely placed to do this as they’ll be collections of people operating at the cutting edge of innovation
👨‍👩‍👧‍👦 Community Led SaaS: as no-code continues to grow, tech is barely a barrier

Communities become the most important most a company has
🤖 e-founders: digital CEOs of companies will emerge in the next 3 years

A unicorn within 5, likely a social network
🎫 Remote Visa: small nations coming together in order to attract remote workers at different stages of the year

Huge opportunity to synchronise education to enable families to be more fluid in their locations
🏡 Co-working homes: micro co-working spaces on every street, a decentralized WeWork that comes with all the amenities
✈️ Remote Retreats: purpose built destinations that allow for entire companies to fly into a campus for a synchronous week

Likely staffed with facilitators and educators who train staff of how to maximize effectiveness
👩‍🏫 Democratize Coaching: everyone who want to will have access to a coach. This will help people perform and optimise

Companies will provide these to team, remote focussed coaches will be incredibly
💣 Hybrid Implossion: the worst of both worlds because it dilutes the benefits of remote or office work

The maximisations of the negatives of each mode will mean that hybrid companies are the least successful of the 3 options: remote, office, hybrid
🗣 Synchronous Rejection: for too long we’ve accepted disruption and distraction as an excuse for collaboration and communication

Most knowledge working jobs don’t have to be synchronous, productivity is detrimentally effected when they are
🛠 Tool Experts: VP of Notion, Head of Figma, Firstbase Manager

The tools needed to effectively work remotely will lead to deep specialists inside organization who optimize the use of that product for that teams needs
✈️ Meeting Death: wasting 2 hours travelling to a meeting will end. The benefits of in-person are eroded by the benefits you get of not travelling

Conferences and quarterly networking events will becomes more important for cultivating in-person relationships
😃 Happier Peolple: modern office working has led to the deepening of major societal issues

People will find meaning alongside work by depending on the social relationships of work far less
🌪 Hyper-Turnover: we are about to live through the highest period of turnover between companies in history

Workers will reorganize rapidly, choosing the workplace that suits their working style best
📈 Quality of Life: disposable income will increase. It no longer makes sense to live in a high-cost of living city with a reliatively low quality of life

People will live close enough to cities to go into them 1-3 times a month. Rapid mass transit becomes very important
I’m in a privileged position to see all this emerge in real-time

I talk to companies across the spectrum — from the earliest stages, to publicly tech companies, through to global enterprises

Building anything in this space?

Would love to chat 🙏
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