When the #COVID19 lockdown was imposed in India in March, leading public figures & journalists spread the prediction that over 3-500mn Indians would be infected and upto 2mn would die by July. The actuals are 2.5 mn and 0.05mn respectively. So, didn't govt measures succeed? 1/n
Given the huge gap between the predictions and actuals, perhaps the same public figures & journalists should either accept the effectiveness of government policies, or should tell us why they were spreading these forecasts. Meanwhile 1.8m of 2.5m infected have recovered fully
Some will argue that serological tests show much higher infection rates. Fair point. Then they need to either accept very low death rates from #Covid19 or admit that the government's medical response was good. You cannot have it both ways. 3/n
Let me end by saying, the government took the matter very seriously from the beginning, and took difficult measures promptly (including those that were economically costly). It continues to monitor the situation closely. However, there is no case for grandstanding here. 4/n
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