Let's have some fun during two weeks of Luanda quarantine and compare food/service delivery apps.

It will be a good excuse to taste dozens of Angola food flavors in the process.

I'll try to keep from comparing too much with apps like @gojekindonesia which sets a high bar.
First impression: iphone must have very few Angola users compared to android OS. @TUPUCA_LDA had 35 reviews in @AppStore while @ogarcomEntregas had 3.

The former has 50K+ downloads/530 reviews while the latter 5K+/30 in android.

Sadly, apple does not display download totals.
Of the comments in the Tupuca reviews, 63% are English & 37% Portuguese. The majority of complaints mention long delivery times, incorrect orders and excessive adds.

I wonder what the ratio is to expat vs. national usage of delivery apps.
Thanks to @Briter_bridges graphic, how are Angola's delivery services?

COVID hit event services like Ingresso Prático and Bilhetes Online hard. Both services are web only, no apps.

Ingresso's main page carries the banner "stay at home" while Bilhete has only courses & seminars.
Proud Angola product providers:

Soba, founder @cfkappa, is web, android/apple app enabled. Still growing with 1K+ DLs.

@otchitanda, @mariocassinda, is web android/apple app enabled. Growong, with 500+ DLs, users call it Luanda "window shopping", specializing in local products.
Importing from a global market, come the "Amazon"-like of Angola, BayQi & @stekargo.

Former is web, android app enabled with 1K+ DLs but claimed 95K+ users in 2019.

Latter is web only, no apps. Pay by bank transfer. Has a limited Angola product promotion line.
The app dowload numbers overall are not an indication of service popularity as most users buy straight from the websites.

While some services can be more accessible via an app, like ride hailing & fintech, making apps user-friendly and conducive to mobile plans is a challenge.
It could be a boon to new employees, however, @TUPUCA_LDA having to boost drivers by 75 back in May.

Unlike other delivery services ( @gojekindonesia), new drivers need not procure their own vehicle & equipment.

My first tupuqinha, laid off from oil sector, glad for new job.
About the Angola tech culture, @stekargo founder, Sílvio Gougel, says that perceptions, some of them false, on sales taxes, fraud & confidentiality are challenges to online/app e-commerce.

Angolans desire the human interaction as part of the transaction. https://m.soundcloud.com/coachingangola/e-commerce
On challenges to payment options, logistics & transpo, Sílvio said Angola has to use what it has.

If trucks can make it to the provinces on existing roads, why can't e-commerce deliver? Is Angola B2B compatible?

Given COVID & new @stekargo rivals, what would Sílvio say now?
A lot has changed since Sílvio's interview & @Briter_bridges last graphic.

@App_Kubinga, CEO @DecarvalhoPaim, added e-commerce/food to its app in March 2020.

Now with 300 cars (not its own fleet), 10K+ app DLs, Kubinga ("ask" in Kimbundu) enters the fray.
Only launched in Apr 2020, Mamboo has 5K+ app DLs. Delivery service offers 3 payment options: cash, credit, app account credit.

With almost zero written on them, social media picks up the slack as customer facebook/twitter banter become its best advocate; at its rivals' expense.
Vono, once highlighted by @CaipLounge, may be one COVID- era food delivery start-up that never took off

But @LuandaNightlife founder advocated for contact in commerce; app, internet or not: #entregaemcasa

It's basically a phone book compiling all Luanda delivery options.
But it's still just Luanda. What all Angola startups have in common is vision of delivery to the "provinces". COVID is delivering promises of Luanda expansion but barely anywhere else

Like new #Buitanda, with 5000 Angolan products, the drop down delivery option is short: Luanda
The 1st to market @TUPUCA_LDA , made it to Benguela & is even testing its drone delivery options

Despite last year's promises of expansion to Huila, Huambo, Lubango, Namibe by pretty much everyone, it hasn't happened

In many ways, "Angola" means only "Luanda".

Africa challenge
Now to the important part:
@TUPUCA_LDA provided breakfast with a mix of local Ginga coffee in galão form; pão de Deus (coconut glaze); bolo de berlin.

For lunch, Tupuca provided local Mediterranean fare, arriving in under 30 mins!

Don't forget the Angolan-made peri-peri sauce!
If your food choice isn't available on delivery app, there's always #entregaemcasa

Here's dinner from one of Luanda's many pizza options.

Arrived piping hot.
@App_Kubinga @TUPUCA_LDA & #Mamboo all have grocery delivery options. But this time from @ogarcomEntregas we made breakfast from fresh local products, to include a variety of bread options

With still under only 2 dozen motoboys in Luanda area, @ogarcomEntregas gets the job done
#Mamboo means 'thing' in Kimbundu & Kiswahili. In the latter "Mambo" is also a colloquial "What's up?" Kiswahili IS growing in SADC

In Kikongo of N. Angola it can mean problem or private chat, perhaps to work out a joint problem: hunger? 😉

Tech writing is oddly mum on #Mamboo
Odd because #mamboo could already have "mamboys" in the hundreds serving all of Luanda's neighborhoods. Its app is organized & very user friendly.

Here's dinner delivery from #mamboo, a delicious Brazilian churrascaria meal deal.
@TUPUCA_LDA does it again! This rapid delivery brought us a taste of the sea: lobster, grilled fish and shrimp.

Even after the delivery fee and gorjeta (be kind to your tupuquinha, mamboy, motoboy) the meal is cheaper than one similar in the US or most of Europe.
Angola's food delivery apps and their restaurant options tell a lot about customer demand and local supply.

It was still well past time to sample an Angolan dish, and popular street food fare. It was savory, full of flavor.

Grilled goat - cabrité

Thanks to @ogarcomEntregas
Continuing to sample the local options, #Mamboo brought us a selection of Chinese food dishes.

Each app is different to include how a customer tracks the order. Here's a look at how #Mamboo does it; five key delivery moments with time stamps & real-time mamboy map tracker.
Luanda's food delivery apps provide an impressive number of burger & pizza options. In the case of @App_Kubinga, my location is limited to 4 burger joints & 1 sushi (all good ones).

For our first food (not resaurant) repeat, @ogarcomEntregas brought us pizza & homemade hummus.
A fitting final Luanda taste test: dessert. Any app could have done the job but @TUPUCA_LDA brings this thread home, almost.

Luanda has dozens of ice cream options from push cart vendors to fancy shops. But as a metaphor to culteral interaction, it's 1 item tech can't deliver.
Food apps provide fascinating view inside any city's economy & dichotomies.

COVID is changing landscapes but with what lasting tech effects? It's shifting formal & informal job market options with inconsistent access to rural expansion.

Tech apps are resilient but limited.
Food apps are limited by user preference, demand. I would suspect Luanda is not the only city where expats are the main user.

Delivery apps provide only a small glimpse into Angola's cultural richness. Beyond the Luanda COVID fence & app offers, natural/cultural wonders await
One should be asking "but where do the locals eat?". @LuandaNightlife

The only way to find out is to leave the massive malls & apps & hit the vibrant markets & streets.

- end of thread - https://lnl.co.ao/View/onde-que-luanda-come-a-nova-miniss-rie-do-ln
There are those who make the study of Africa/tech contagious, I thank a few here. Thanks for reading the thread.

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