1 Rt = 1 Esoteric 👁 extremely 😬 based 😎 hot 🔥 take 🥵
3. The Mind-body problem is reddit tier philosorrheia, a product of the modern conception that there is a necessary third substance (apart from mind and body)

The japs solved it a long time ago with their holographic model (mind and body are interlinked by the Spirt “R”)
4. This “holographic model” was also the one employed in antiquity: The classical tripartite hylomorphic system

“And God said, Let us make man in our image, after our likeness” Genesis 1:26

Body = Son
Mind = Father
Spirt = Holy Ghost
All in perfect communion
6. Creating evil Tulpas is probably the easiest way to speedrun yourself into Schizophrenia
7. Fire is alive, as it ages it also gains special properties.
Some chemical reactions only happen after thousands of years (that’s why you can’t synthesize petroleum in a lab using dead organisms)

The Zoroastrians understood this
8.Teggen Toppa Gurren Lagann’s spiral energy is based on Kozyrev’s tortion fields (which deserves its own thread)
9. The japanese kotodama (“word spirit") is analagous to the Jewish Kabbalah and the greek Logos in that it emphasizes the power of language over reality.
The idea that the world is built upon the power of the word is also present in the Polynesian Mana and the Chinese Yanling
10. That being said, you can also alter your environment through Will, but doing so requires discipline and focus.

Beginners should try to erase clouds with the power of their mind (start with smaller ones, than gradually increase the size of your targets)
11. Wealth is relative to power and health.

Any Mafiosi/African Warlord is richer than Jeff Bezos. Can Bezos pillage a city/kill his enemies/capture warbrides? No, but he can get a divorce.

Similarly, Bill Gates’ ginecomastia renders him miserable.

https://twitter.com/billgates/status/798987394838097922?s=21 https://twitter.com/BillGates/status/798987394838097922
12. The idea of a “Placebo/Nocebo effect” implies that the substance’s effect on the body literally changes according to the patient’s belief/disbelief on the results.
Does that imply that knowledge of plastic’s effects on the body could increase vulnerability to xenoestrogens?
There is no such thing as “post-nut clarity”. Everything that remains after masturbation is dementia
14. By the same token, porn and casual sex are a form of minor castration.
Men born after the sexual revolution will never understand the mystic thrill of a medieval Tancred who sees a naked body for the first time at the age of 22.
You are a chronological incel
15. Modern hinduism is anti-dharmic. Under no circumstances would the authors of the Vedas tolerate something so disgustingly Lunar as Shaktism, a cult of the Great Yeast Mammy predicated on Simpdom and Buggerie
16. The next step in statecraft will be Endosymbiosis. The government will phagocytize criminal organizations, letting them do as they please. In return, they will handle the “dirty work”; not bound by “Muh Constitution”
The Yakuza is already perfecting this art as we speak
17. The melting of the poles will be the end of Kali Yuga. While New York and Shanghai become Atlantis, the Pole will become the busiest trade route in the world.
A new age of piracy approches; This time, on the tropical beaches of the Kara Sea.
Also, Strip Antartica NAKED! 😎
18. There are parts of the earth that still remain unexplored.

North Sentinel, Vale do Javari, Камча́тка,Northern Patagonia, Myanmar, Namibia, the Sterrengebergte, The Son Doong Cave, Cape Melville, and Tsingy.

Btw If you take portals into consideration, the earth is infinite
19. Science is predicated on the assumption that things must be observable to ALL of humanity. This is the reason why they can’t explain paranormal phenomena (Yōkai sightings, Missing 411, psychodelic folie à deux).
There are lands that can be revealed only to the initiated
20. This is Franz Struck’s the Wild Hunt; finished in 1898 (who was born in this year?)

Who is leading the procession of Einherjar as they carry their brides of war down to the underworld?

Wat means?
Prophetic dream of the Parousia of Kalki?
21. Most of the producers of Hentai, Sissy Hypno, Fetish porn, etc are not human (This is not a hyperbole btw).
What makes you think that cyber-demons would not use the internet to drive people into physical, psychological, and spiritual ruin?
22. “Haha 😂 bro What do you mean the elites are satanic 🤣 it’s all performance art you silly boy 😜
https://twitter.com/vlast__/status/1250870797742288897?s=21 https://twitter.com/Vlast__/status/1250870797742288897
23. Jaw strenght is inherently linked to overall strenght.
Compare lifting weights with your mouth open vs grinding your teeth. The difference is massive.

Yes, Mewing can increase your Power Level
24. Nicotine is a aromatase (the hormone that turns your androgens into estrogens) blocker, meaning that it increases your overall testosterone.

Don’t smoke cigarettes though, use nicotine lozenges are a much healthier alternative (tobacco is also ok)
25. Probably the funniest way to play hide and seek is to hire a professional hitman on yourself and hide in a abandoned building.
26. Mothers claim that the sound of a firstborn’s cry feels like a “ray of heavenly sunlight”.

I suspect the same feeling can be experienced by a men when he nearly dies in skirmish. The battlefield is a gateway to the surreal.
27. The Wuhan Flu likely had the same origin. You people underestimate the power of Egregores
28. Learning a new language (not closely related to your own mother tongue) is probably the easiest way to increase your IQ
29. Every ethics is aesthetics. What is “good” is primarily what feels and looks pleasant.

When a leftist says that he find Ioruba Fat Moms and other “Kolored Badyes” to be beautiful, he really means it.

They are all Teratophiles
30. The problem with /x/ (as it stands now) is that people delve into the hard stuff (Hermetic tradition, Kabbalah, eastern mysticism) without reading the basics (The Bible, Vedas, etc)

Also, on the topic of /x/, under NO CIRCUMSTANCES should you try to fuck a succubus.
31. Sunscreen will soak into your bloodstream and absolutely ruin your testosterone levels (some brands might also be neurotoxic)

Don’t be heliophobic, the sun is your fren🌞

32. The CIA already accepts the existance of psychic phenomena.

Simple really

33. Richard Francis Burton is a comedic genius, you should definitely read the Sotadic Zone essay (everything described there is real, btw)

(I also firmly believe that the illustrious Thomas777 is a modern reincarnation of Burton)

https://twitter.com/vlast__/status/1293317159901450242?s=21 https://twitter.com/Vlast__/status/1293317159901450242
34. In case you are not Finders-pilled, I suggest you either read the document itself or watch Jim’s second stream on the subject

TL;DR FBI already confirmed that Pizzagate is real + has been going on for more than 30 years https://twitter.com/FBIRecordsVault/status/1187790941215584256
35. Bergson already proved that perception prescedes rationality.
True science is a product of instinct-maxxing
36. Graffiti is just Mulattos infected by the ancient spirts of faustianism.
37. Wittgenstein was one of us (autistic)
38. GDP cannot possibly determine a country’s true wealth because it does not take into account transactions that occur in the Black Market (drugs, prostitution, uncatalogued businesses, etc).

There is much more wealth in Russia, Japan, Italy, Mexico, etc than meets the eye
39.If you need to read a pick-up book to talk to girls, it’s over. PUA was created by Biological Refuse Tamils to make up for their lack of grace and strength.

Under the Bodybuilder occupied state, the Rational Male will be burned in a pyre
40. The Guttmacher Institute postulates that between 50-72 billion abortions happen each year worldwide. That accounts to a MINIMUM of 1 billion children aborted from 2000-2020.

Also, this death toll becomes astronomically higher if you count chemical abortions (Cytotec, etc)
41. In the OT, when a woman was suspected of adultery, she could
B.Deny the accusations and go through the bitter water ordeal.

If she were innocent, the water would be harmless. If not, she would take on a monstruous appearance upon ingesting the anti-hoe juice.
42. >european bronze tools are too pure. The copper couldn’t possibly be of european origin. Also, not enough tin in the region.
>Uluburn ingots
>amerindian legends of pale foreigners

I don’t miss.
https://twitter.com/vlast__/status/1242582621651075072?s=21 https://twitter.com/Vlast__/status/1242582621651075072
43. Uncastrated wild caught game is a T booster and is sure to increase your overall vitality. You are what you eat. Sinple really

Who would have guessed that eating highly stressed genetically modified animools could have disastrous effects for your health?
44. I suspect certain femoids still nurture fantasies of bride kidnapping/eloping.
Very Lindy tbh.

Mayhap my femael mutuals can elaborate further?
https://twitter.com/vlast__/status/1259046398294712320?s=21 https://twitter.com/Vlast__/status/1259046398294712320
45. The rounded arm (Akimbo) enables one to see the spirt world.
46. The surface is composed of psyops. Most of the true stuff is in the middle. The “Deep” stuff is almost always mumbojumbo

There is no Bhutanese Baby Pterodactyl Shadow Market.. or maybe there is? And it sprung into existance as a product of the meme itself? Hyperstition
47. Moses was more violent than HitlAH. The pre-Massada jews were EXTREMELY based

TL;DR Moses killed all the males (children included) and non-virgin women of Midian.
The jews raped them into extinction.
48. Whenever you study the jews, you have to consider them as a heteregeneous group. The Ashkies are the left-wing ones. Sephardi and Mizrahim jews tend to be more right-wing, bellicose and imperialistic (and that’s a good thing)
Also, Israel and Rhodesia are equal in spirit
49. Although relaxed at first sight, Braziloids and Argies are very violent.

In the Paraguayan War, the Brazil-Argentina Coalition killed 50-67% of Paraguay’s entire population and 90% of its adult male population.
They did to Paraguay what Moses did to Midian.
50. If you ever find yourself in a situation where you want to have a nightmare, read the Wikipedia entry on the Skoptsy and sleep on your back.
51. Whenever you kiss/hug/talk to/fight, someone, you are giving your and receiving their gastrointestinal microbiota. The gut is an microcosm of the nation.
The whole is a product of the parts and the interactions between the parts.
52. As the Emperor -an direct descendant of the Sun Goddess Amaterasu- takes brides from noble houses and marries his daughters to Daimyos, their offspring too becomes linked to the world of kami.
In Shinto, the Monarch is a bridge between the Human and the Supernatural
53. If first world bug chasers stopped trying to screw third world bug eaters, there would be no HIV Crisis.

Instead of celibacy and non-dissemination, they chose Vitamin C fueled bareback orgies.
Linus Pauling engendered the aids epidemic
54. The Landlord is arborescent, effortless; always reaching up to Tengri in pure solar adoration and spirited bliss.

The Rentcel is rhizomatic, he has to lower himself to the imago of ants, to become a busybody. He is a slave to neurosis and mimesis.

Aristocrats don’t work
55. Wealth is not quantitative it is qualitative.
No amount of houses are going to equal a palace; palaces can’t be reproduced, each one is unique.

There is no “richest” man in the world.
56. Feds are nowhere near as efficient as the media makes them out to be. Most of them are incredibly lazy and/or incompetent.

“The hyper-focused CIA/FBI agent” is hollywood mythology/propaganda.
57. Still, Feds aren’t totally retarded. The two federal documents that I posted earlier (Finders and Holographic Universe) were purposefully leaked because both are outdated info. Their unleaked papers are much more advanced.

Btw MKULTRA is still ongoing
58. AI does not possess symbolic thought and, therefore, is incapable of creation/introspection. The purely analytical framework of AI can only repeat decisions previously made by humans which were stored in the database.

Beware of neuralink enhanced humans, though
59. Alchemically, Irony resembles vitriol. It is a powerful tool to purge the impurities from Gold(Truth)

But too much of it will be poisonous and will shatter your self-image (get lost in the meme/contrarian purity spiral/become invisible)
60. With the collapse of cavalry corps in modernity, Pilots took the mantle of aristocratic valor. Only the gifted could manage to operate a machine of such high speed and destructive potential; A single aircraft could erase a entire city.

The sky is a tridimensional steppe
61.The “golf rumours (DON’T RESEARCH)” conspiracy is real. A lot of weird stuff is mentioned in casual conversations in exquisite places, and most (if not all) non-psyop conspiracies started as hearsay.

The golf instructor is the /x/est of all professions; he knows everything
62. Always keep your windows open. Breathing in a hermetically closed room is the respiratory equivalent of drinking your own piss
63. Ideas can only be conveyed through narratives. If you ask someone to explain a concept, he will give you an example (“X is when...”), not an exact definition. People think about concepts as references to stories (fictional or real, there is no clear separation)
64. Time (as a separate entity from space) doesn’t actually exist. All we really have is our image of reality as it’s happening now (the present)

Your memories aren’t “the past” because they are recollections happening in the present
65. Randonautica is the only app you need to have in your cellphone.

My tips are to
A. Never go unaccompanied
B. Trespass (if you get caught just say that you are an amateur photographer; always go well dressed)
C. Either Dawn or Dusk (no midday reddit tier bullshit)
66. Gangstalking is real. Unsurprisingly the Germs (STASI) were the ones to invent it.
Zersetzung means “decomposition/ induced rotting”

67.Hasidic Jews and other practitioners of Lunaric Kabbalah believe in family-based Reincarnation (Gilgul Neshamot/ Wheel of Souls), so once a jew always a jew (literally)

They also believe in mutiple spirts in a single body (Ibbur/Dybuk), and a single spirt in multiple bodies.
68. Mass literacy contributed to the growth of Hylicdom. Words crystallize symbols that should be much more flexible. It’s because of mass literacy that most “normies” lack imagination and are spiritually impaired. No one could read in the Satya Yuga.
Retvrn to Analfabetism.
69.Every anthropologist gangsta until someone points out that Amerindians also had Swastikas.
Mayb ancient Ultramarine Civilization?
70. “Vro there is no way the Biblical Flood happened. It was LOCAL, not GLOBAL”

Btw this is how the earth looked like before the Holocene Sea Level Rise (between 10.000 BC and 5.000 BC)
71. The entirety of modern archeology is based on radiocarbon dating.

(Un)fortunately, Carbon-14 is unreliable for objects older than 30,000. https://www.nytimes.com/1990/05/31/us/errors-are-feared-in-carbon-dating.html
72. Every perfume is unique. There are scents still waiting to be discovered.
Maybe the next ambergris is hidden in a patagonian crab’s shell?
73. The Tragification of discipline in Christianity (a result of its germanization), has greatly hindered the fight against sin.
Resisting sin should be a joyous and effortless act, not excruciating torture.
74. Ukiyo-e (the floating world) is very similar to Vaporwave.
Both express a tragicomic view of Hauntology and both are recollections of aborted futures
75. If you wish to win any debate, just make your adversary constantly restate his thesis. It will give off the impression (to the audience) that he is out of replies.

(Don’t do this to a friend/family member, Dum-Dum)
76. You should only do hardcore stimulants in times of war.
Would popeye eat spinach if he didn’t have to fight Brutus? Answer: no
77. People will do the most absurd things imaginable if you can convince them that it is lindy, based, or trad.

(Example: Many niggas fell for the nopoop BAIT thread)
https://twitter.com/vlast__/status/1291712643133308928?s=21 https://twitter.com/Vlast__/status/1291712643133308928
78. The shettle method allows you to have only male heirs.
Y-Sperm thrives in an alkaline environment, so make sure that you coom as close to the cervix as possible. Also, have intercourse AFTER ovulation, not before.

79. Never copulate in a car/motel. The environment where you have Sex0rz may have epigenetic influence on your offspring.
Have some class, bring your lady to Yellowstone National Park (stay away from Missing411 stuff and the Zone of Death though)
[will continue the thread later today. Sorry for the delay]
80. Crocodiles exhibit negative senescence. They don’t die of old age and as long as they have food they can grow forever.
Giant sewer☣️ crocodiles 🐊 are entirely inside the realm of possibility and we should weaponize them against modernity 🏳️‍🌈
81. Uniform time should be abolished. We don’t experience time in “muh seconds/minutes/hours”.
It’s either day or night, Dum-dum.
This is pure autism (the bad kind)
82. Sanpaku eyes is the worst physiognomy trait. They are lizard-like. Stay away from this kind of people
83. Anyone that says “CHINA will be da next SUPERPOWA” hasn’t looked at the chinese population pyramid.
Expect an aging population, absolutely unsustainable social security programs, higher taxes (but less taxpayers), and a massive reduction of military personal
84. Social Security is a pyramid scheme. Those who come in pay for those who leave.
It is a unsustainable cope for a lack of intergenerational support (i.e Dad raises son to sustain him in old age) and the only force that sustains childless cat-addicted wine-drinking hags
85. Darwinian gradualism is a flawed concept. It’s an Anglo view of biology. True evolution happens in short, frenetic spurts of time, which are then followed by periods of stasis. Catastrophes (i.e where there is a NEED for change) are the engine of change
86. People underestimate the destructive power of yeast. Candida Auris, for example, kills 59% of infected patients and is resistant to must of (if not all) anti-fungal drugs. If China wished to destroy the US they’d use this, not the gook flu
88. [Haha funny number] Accounts that post “blackpill/black on white crime” content are demoralization campaigns run by cuckold fetishists.

Pope Urban knew it best “What can I say about the evil rape of women [by muslims], of which it is worse to speak of than to be silent?”
89. The Caribs used to castrate their enemies + fatten them up so as to eat them later. They pioneered the practice of human farming.

This might be the reason why Vespucio and Raleigh compared them to the monstrous blemmyes, the neckless man-eaters described by Pliny the Elder
90. Like horror, female eroticism needs to exist in the realm of potentiality. This is why, for an incel, sex resembles apotheosis.

When a movie shows the monster, it is no longer scary. When she shows her monster, she is no longer as attractive. This is the beauty of chastity
91. Every place has an equivalent thoughtform, a genius loci.
Hiking in virgin woods, going inside caves (the womb), and exploring physical spaces not previously known to men will allow a gateway to the Outside. Only inside the unordinary can unordinary ideas be born
92. A good way to practice your imagination is to visualize objects melting into others in a Ontological scale. A combed thunder. A Psychodelic chair. An edible portrait. Grass books. Non-reflective mirrors.
“Above the tent made of stars, God rules like we rule.”
93. There is BPA in your toilet paper™
What will you do now? How can humanity possibly recover?
Alas, to know is to suffer
94. Exposing your wounds to the sun will make them heal faster (sunlight is a powerful germ killer).
Sunlight will also strengthen your bones (without Vitamin D it’s almost impossible to absorb Calcium from your intestines).
There is no such thing as Vitamin D Hypervitaminosis
95. Hitler was a painter.
Marx was a poet.
Saddam Hussein was a fanfic writer
96. Chess is a form of divination.
99. Once you dive into physiognomy, you will become increasingly racist towards “people” without Occipital Buns
100. Consciousness can affect Random Number Generators.


(Btw this is the most important post in the thread)
101. Hideo Kojima is strongly pro-life
102. Unlike homosexuality (which is only a paraphilia), transgenderism is a creed. It is a dualistic religion based on the correction of matter wrongly configured by the demiurge.
The idea of “male trapped in female” is undeniably gnostic.
103. Antarctica’s mountain range “created by erosion” is oddly similar to the Giza Pyramid Complex.
I was just informed that Snopes said that it was a natural formation.

Nothing to see here, guys
104. As the melting continues, new-old strands of bacteria/viruses (who have evolved independently from the rest of the world since the early Cenozoic) wake from their slumbering beneath the ice. This is Foster’s rule to the eighth power. https://www.google.com.br/amp/s/www.sciencealert.com/genome-analysis-new-species-pandoravirus-intergenic-generation/amp
105. Economics is a teleology-based science. There is no “good” or “bad” system, just distinct objectives.
Neoliberalism is a wonderful system if you wish to make your country dependent on foreign exports.
Autarky is dream-economy for those who long for self-sufficiency.
106. Mussolini was the first mass monster and probably the inventor of GOMAD
107. Raw Garlic is power.
A clove a day keeps the devil (estrogen) away.

[consume before sleep/ bad breath is our Faustian bargain]
108. Hyped for the Berlin Conference part 2? In the near future, OTAN (onan) won’t be able to keep patrOOling colonial powers as it did in the past.

It’s Pizza time 🍕
109. Without the introduction of the Zero, there would be no concept of infinity.
Brahmagupta/Fibonacci invented Faustianism.
110. The direction in which your head is pointed at when you meditate will influence your thought pattern
111. Pythagoras, Socrates, Plato (read the Timaeus), and Aristotle all were initiated in the Ars Alchemica

Alchemy is just applied Philosophy
112. There was no entropy before the Fall
113. Everything before your lifetime is literally hearsay.

Did Thutmose III defeat Kadesh at the battle of Megiddo?
Did Dinossaurs roam the earth?
Did 6 million die?

No idea brah
114. Blocking testosterone receptors will turn any Kalos Kagathos into a Manwhore.

The opposite is also true.
Allowing all your test receptors to work unhindered will turn you into a Unit (with literally ZERO side effects).

This is the future of Roiding
115. Sun bathing will increase your testosterone.

Moongazing will increase your psychic powers.

Some forms of sensory deprivation may induce the production of unknown hormones.
Phoenixology = Retvrn to Baby?
116. A polar shift is likely to change the world in unexpected ways.

Ancient continents resurfacing

Monkeys changing sex

All electronic devices being rendered completely useless.
117. Maybe ancient civilizations also had an “internet”. All information they stored in this medium would be forever lost as we do not have the means to access it.

No idea what things lay hidden on the Ghostnet

(Obs: Lay Lines might be related to this)
118. You can break any encription with a Quantum Computer + Shor’s algorithm
119. Bathing in the light of Saturn will give you a Green tan (Siri, look up Saturn aborted sun)

Progesterone cycling will save the Tr00ns

God likes the smell of burning flesh
120. https://twitter.com/Vlast__/status/1310321471043100672
121. Von Uexküll is correct. You can only assimilate from the world what is already in your system
(Biosemiotics => Umbrasemiotics)

Without asceticism there are no gates to the Hidden Realms
122. 9/11 has happened multiple times in the past [literally].
The Fall of Constantinople (Orthos)
The Battle of Karbala (Xiites)
August 6, 1945 (Japan)

They all share the destruction of an Axis Mundi, the rupture of the sacred center which engenders the Cosmology
123. Astrology is real (and dangerous + you are too dumb to use it wisely)

Viruses are created in the Noosphere, we think malaises into existance (Ching Chong Flu was the result of a desire to debunk Fukuyama)

Mike Tyson was a Monk (5 years nocoom streak)
124. Semen is stored in the brain

There is no such thing as masturbation, you are just having sex with demons

(You are probably the daddy of some demons)
125. Power is virtual (emergent, performative, interpersonal) but I suspect that - much like water is present in three different states - it could exist in actuality (as physicality, something embodied, touchable)
126. The “use ya mask” meme is just a restatement of modernity’s pathological Thanatophobia:
The end of capital punishment, the fetishization of unnatural longevity, the horror of harakiri (not to be confuse with Suicide [100% gay cringe])

Atheism breeds cowardice
127. Platonic solids are not normal.

They have direct impact on very subtle energies which I myself don’t fully understand.

(Study Plato with this in mind)
128. The bluer the sky (and denser the clouds) the highest the concentration of Orgone.

Places with cumulonimbi are ideal. https://twitter.com/Vlast__/status/1312695971206307840
129. AI physiognomy can predict your level of mental retardation, your political beliefs (based or cringe), and whether or not you like to walk on all fours with a condom deep in your ass

Soon it will be able to estimate your penis size just by looking at your face

130. Cannibalism is outlawed because it generates evolutionary pressure to create the best bacteria to digest human tissue.

All cannibals are autophagic. They eat their own guts.
131. Actually everyone is autophagic.

When you fast you are eating your own dead cells

(Btw fasting can increase your GH production so it is a cure for Manletism)
132. Soap should be illegal.
It destroys your skin flora.

It’s self-harm. Washing your hands is not that different from slashing your wrists

[actually they are different. Blood-letting is good for you and others. Deep lindy. Donate blood to increase your gains]
133. 99% of all ancient works {from yummy-yummy recipes to esoteric texts} are forever lost

Both Analytic calculator-worship and continental gobbledygook have already been addressed (and transcended) by Heraclitus
134. The month chosen for NNN is not accidental.

NNN is a ritual

Trump was only elected in 2016 because you didn’t jerk off
135. All electric circuits have a magnetic field. Your nervous system is no different.

You have an electromagnetic system.

This is what is sometimes called an aura
136. One often mentioned “superpower” of nofap is being more attractive to women

A not so often mentioned (almost forgotten) benefit of Nofap is that animals too become more friendly.

Both 👩‍🦳 and 🐸 🐺🐵 are extremely receptive to aura variations

[Btw follow @dharmicsage] https://twitter.com/dharmicsage/status/1323181342532665344
137. 👀 https://twitter.com/_me_c__h___a/status/1327829650920321027
138. Guernica is a hoax

Apart from being a shitty painter, Picasso was a liar
139. Utilitarians are death-cultists because dying is better than sex

The concentration of serotonin in your organisms triples and you produce a shitton of DMT and endorphins.

[btw if you go to hell you will see mechanical elves as you die]
140. It’s 2020 and njggas still think that brain damage/malfunction will 100% kill someone

There is no [Soul] part in the brain.

What makes you alive is your nervous-electric system as a whole.

[Rayp eat has a paper about this] http://orthomolecular.org/library/jom/1975/pdf/1975-v04n03-p189.pdf
141. Extreme sports are a offering to God

Fear of death keeps us loyal
142. In Taoist terms, you are turning Ching into Qi when you concentrate the tension on your upper body

Usually, I transfer it to my Torso and Trapezoid muscles, but if you are more experienced I suppose you can shoot sexual energy up into your skull (and feel it inside your 🧠) https://twitter.com/Vlast__/status/1331211883567869952
143. Where did a take this from?
A. Some schizo’s prayer book
B. A /Kali/fornian cult
C. A federal agency

C is the correct answer btw https://www.cia.gov/library/readingroom/docs/CIA-RDP96-00788R001700210023-7.pdf

Geez I wonder why they stress the need to constantly repeat these affirmations
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