Since all the China tweets are causing me to lose followers (🤣🤷🏻‍♂️), let me switch things up and share the #LuxTake on some recent developments in #energy from some of the @LuxResearch colleagues that may not be super active on #energytwitter. Here we go...
#PetraNova goes bye bye, for now. #45Q has made the U.S. one of the hotspots for #CO2 capture, but other sources such as #ethanol plants just continue to make more economic sense for #EOR.
One of @LuxResearch’s 2020 predictions was advanced #solar going mainstream. @TrinaSolarUS unveiling a 600W biracial module is a clear sign that module-level #innovation will be about larger wafers, half cells, and bifacial configurations.
My favorite one is Reliance Industries announcing plans go to #netzero by 2035 and become a full-stack synfuel developer. As if the rise of @reliancejio isn’t one of the greatest corporation transformations in recent history, this is major for #India.
In other #CO2 to #fuel news, @INERATEC_global and @clariant team up. Most importantly, INERATEC now also has @SasolSA in its portfolio and is clearly gearing up for commercial expansion.
Last from @CRobinsonLux is how announcements by @AirResources is really pushing for #electricvehicles and #hydrogen in the #trucking industry. Fleet operators will be making some changes by 2024 when the first phase kicks in.
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